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if Carolina's insider and today I am gonna be a zombie hey guys for our VFX studio in LA with Sydney from beat I'm excited I had never been in prosthetics before I want seeing the process and I really see how it'll look and feel on my face it's gonna feel like it's meant to be there all right getting my zombie mordrem on yeah this is the newest fall fashions within these days they left this outfit really compliments my personalities inside I like the swamp look to begin with we're gonna clean her skin as we clean our skin we're pretty much going to ball capper so we're gonna pull her hair back this ball cap does not need to be beautiful because there's gonna be a big weight over it as well I feel like a warm or like a newborn baby it's like you're gonna cut off my ear you did it yeah my ear made it told transformation are you ready well she's ready let's do it I'm ready to get some of that [Applause] doesn't feel as uncomfortable as I thought it would it surprisingly feels so comfortable like an event obviously sitting for makeup definitely makes me more cautious of what I'm doing somebody else because I've had stuff going to be aware of it this is the worst holding the prosthetic pulling hairs out we're moving is a big one I'm always asking questions how am i doing like might we be too rough on you while we move your head too much so you know that's sort of one thing that's good about being in the chair as well as doing makeup that's us getting a facial it's like weird that I'm comparing this to a facial in a field like that it's a dancer so long for Beth the zombie just throw anything down that's why you know I'm going with that undertone of purple we're gonna make it look all bruising and nasty and this is just the other time so how weird does this look right now right it's all purple doesn't make any sense once I put a top coat on this you're gonna be like various so this is going to be her flesh tone basically and this is a technique called dry brushing and so basically what I'm doing you'll see the zombies start to pop right you'll see the color start to just go now it's like it's almost there and you just done two colors on them that's it I'm gonna do like little small dots because when you look at the skin you see all these different colors right and this just helps to start out the flush the oghuz there's some spots I like to do a little bit of usiness changing the color that took a little bit it's better now [Applause] that's like being at the nail salon is zombie world [Applause] I'm just gonna spray a lot of this also it gives it a little bit of Sheen this is just a sealer I'm gonna dry off a little bit of shine add you know more of like a fleshy look to it so it's time for Beth to get a hairdo her makeup done got her nails done beautiful gorgeous yeah it's looking like a good hair day for that as I'm flying beautiful [Applause] [Applause] do I look glam this is all not skin [Applause] [Laughter] coming back to life so right now just use a little bit dynamics and alcohol to try to lift it [Applause] oh my deep [Applause] what's that got to say nothing [Applause] [Applause]

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  1. How long did it take for them to finish the whole makeup? Like…. because, some of the famous actors, like Vision from Avengers took 3 hours, and the crocodile dude from Suicide Squad took 6 freakin’ hours to get his full transformation done.

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