26 thoughts on “How a German Shepherd and a Kitten Became Best Friends (Part 3)

  1. SOOO much FUN !!!
    This cat is amazing, he really reminds me of our departed BuburAyam who was the king cat xxxxRIP

  2. I can't stand laughing???You have really made my day with your film. Thank you very much for the red devil and the two dogs

    he's just another dog to them that loves to play! He will also be a sweet snuggler I bet he likes to hangout inside your jacket and be carried around!
    Just like my dog Brandy & my cat Tiny ! Watching your videos has me in tears remembering the two playing together and really getting enthusiastic but never hurting each other !

  4. This is a great video ….i love how the Shepard watches the cat anytime it's a distance away. Like a parent or guardian…..or anytime the retrviver runs up on the cat the German shepherd is there to make sure all is ok?

  5. I L?ve how Bleu plays with Beck (that name is ? cool!) & the other pup!! He really believes he's one of the dogs!!??? I've seen such a close, cool, cat/dog relationship like that b4!!! These are among my most favorite videos!!!???? Thanks 4 the new one! Lol!

  6. Thank you so much for this update video. It made me feel really happy. I really think your kitty and German Shepherd get along so well because they feed off the positive energy and love that comes from their humans. Man, I really like your ginger kitty. He or she, reminds me of my best buddy, Jasper. Jasper would visit me every morning to cheer me up and play. Sadly, Jasper was hit by a car and died. I miss him every day. One day I'll see him again. Your little ginger is so sweet. Thanks for this fun video!!

  7. Sir dad stino: amazing, entertaining, fun. Say I am a cat, here comes a running ""German Shepherd"" yikes, no kitty just seems to know this dog is cool, and the other one brown dog and me play I give you the stick you give back. I know the running was s little scary, but they always either run around kitty or stop, or slow up… Germ Shep &kitty have a special bond. Inside the house dog so concerned with kitty, and they never forget their best buds, kitty loves your dogs so much she is imprinted and plays like they do, you sir dad love how you got concerned about sweet kitty dogs are looking too. Wonderful reflection on you, your funny, loving, caring about all three of them and it shows. Trust me the cat really is a dog in a cat sweater. She gets special attention in house from the love of powerful intelligent, loyal friend, why spoil the fun. I truly loved every bit of it. Wonderful job dad. Well done. Pb

  8. The amount of happiness this video gives me should be enough to last a whole month. Thanks for giving us an update it really means a lot!!! <3

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