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[Music] today’s pet of the week is brought to you by the Houston SPCA but first a successful adoption story several months ago the Houston SPCA is 24-hour rescue ambulance was called to check on a dog who had apparently been hit by a car yeah the little brown pup named Maggie couldn’t put weight on her back leg so she was whisked away by Houston SPCA to receive medical care it turns out and leg was completely broken and her best chance of healing will require amputation well that missing leg did not stop Kerry and Scott from falling in love with Maggie six months after the couple got their first dog together they wrote to the Houston SPCA to provide an update they say maggie has a very sweet temperament loves kids and other dogs love this do all the wonderful things that dogs love to do even though she is missing one leg she’s consistent she’s a fast dog she hangs it at the park and she has utterly stolen our heart I mean look at how cute she is look at that dog I love that love a good adoption story and by the way Lisa Tainan with the SPCA is joining us I mean the puppies couldn’t get any cuter no hello I like to try and top myself each week just to see yareta way to continue to push the envelope look without the assistance of Evie here who’s now decided she’s gonna get up and walk around but now she can show you how big she is this is this is a three month old puppy three months three months yes maybe you could adopt her she would look really good prancing along wouldn’t give me the first job within if I didn’t okay fair talk to the wife yeah fair warning there are three other ones just like her so she came in a litter and you know typical story people had some puppies they just couldn’t take what care of all of them but that’s a lot of dog to feed I think she’s got some maybe some of Anatolian Shepherd in her and those are hundred pound dogs okay so if you’re going to adopt this dog she’s gonna get big just he’s like yes take me I won’t get that big family and kids right you’ll be incredible with a family she is so well-behaved she already heals and walks next to you without even having to have a leash on her she’s almost house trained I mean she’s perfect this is the package right and by the way it’s totally the package when you adopt from the SPCA because they are microchipped ready to go home they’re vaccinated she’s already spayed you can’t really go wrong with just adopting today he’s a good lap to lay off he does it’s a heavy lap but it’s okay Lisa pretty dogs so cute okay to learn more about pet adoptions check out the Houston SPCA’s website at Houston SPCA dot org always great to see you

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