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~ Exterminators The whole world is trying to go “Green”, in
fashion or another, and Houston Termite Control can be just as green if you want to take that
avenue. There are a couple of ways to kill wood eating insects, and the man made version
of the chemicals are just as effective, and really do not produce any long half life,
compared to a plastic diaper in a landfill. Pest control Houston service normally use
pre-made bait and poison combinations that are highly effect at what they do, and that
is to kill termites’ dead. Green Peace may be screaming “murderers”, but you let a Houston
homeowner decide between letting a carpenter ant, or termite chew on their home, or get
rid of them, guess what the answer will be in the end. Boric acid is the best natural or “organic”
method of getting rid of termites, and it is precisely the chemical that they use when
pre-treating lumber before it goes into the construction of a home or business. Boric
acid is also known for its fire prevention measures when used with wood as well. People
have been killing roaches with borates since the early 1920s, and if you are old enough,
you may remember seeing your parents by roach tables, or cockroach powder at hardware store
to kill them. This is chemical is from the earth and is
dug out of the desert in California, and for it to kill roaches it must first be mixed
with propylene glycol, a form of anti-freeze that is less toxic than what goes in today’s
modern automobile. It is then applied to the wood, and when it soaks into the fibers, it
creates a barrier of protection. The prevention of dry rotting in lumber can be attributed
to this solution as well. This acid is used in hundreds of products, and is safe for humans,
as there is even a home remedy for washing one’s eyes with the same chemical. Houston Pest Control Sure, you can go the organic method, but you
will also be missing out on the important part of termite prevention and treatment,
that the professional exterminator has from his or her experience. They know exactly where
to layout baits, and poison, and will see hard to notice areas where infestation may
be taking place on your property currently. Since your home is usually the biggest monetary
investment you will ever make it might be wise to preserve all the structures on your
land for the mere fact that will it will help maintain the value of your property. Technical Pest Services
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