House Training – Cafe Noir Week 3 Update

by everybody Claire here from Van Isle
labradoodles and we’re here with the three week update for the cafe noir
litter and this week we’re going to do something a little bit different we are
going do our version of reality TV if you’ll look at these puppies you can see
that they are not sparkling clean we wanted to leave them in their so-called
natural state because they reached a really important milestone this past
week and that is that there started to eat solid food so because they’ve
started to eat the solid food what they’re having right now is goat’s milk
combined with pablum as well as some pumpkin so as you know if you’ve had a
baby in fed pablum it is a sticky business so the puppies
have the pablum and the pumpkin all over themselves and they are quite a mess but
we wanted to show you what they actually look like rather than always just seeing
that the puppies learn to eat solid food sometimes off of one another more than
actually out of the pan they’re all doing really well eating out of the pan
now and in just a few minutes after we give you some of their other information
and milestones we’ll show you what it’s like when they do eat out of the pan so
lots of milestones this week to talk about and then we’ll move into just a
little bit of a short segment on house training tips for you and then we’ll
show you the puppies while they eat out of the pan which is a messy business but
really fun to watch so the puppies are three weeks old now and so many
milestones this week all major ones you’ll see as you watch them here with
me that they’ve really become dogs now they’re a lot more vocal and you can see
they’re all up on all fours and they can walk that’s a huge change for them and
because they can all walk now they have been moved into the doodle den they are
no longer in the maternity ward and you’ll see over here we have a couple of
teddys they’re starting to interact with they’re playing with one another they’ve
really changed so much and matures so much this past week it’s an enormous
difference so that we see that lots of changes with them they also have their
ears open now and that makes a big difference
so they respond now already to puppy puppy you can see that they all stopped
and they look because that’s their cue for meaning that the pan with the food
is coming so I’m going to get Renald to pass me the pan in just a second here
because they’re all getting hungry and then we’ll go through and do their
weight updates so if you can just get me the pan of food there Renald and we’ll
show you how they go about eating what’s here what’s here and there we go as soon
as they find it they’re quite excited there’s always a little bit of a pushing
festival going on and a little bit of shoving to get the best spot in there so
they do all still nurse with Oceana I’m just gonna get pink color cuz she’s
getting herself worked up send me baby here we go sweetheart
there we go baby she’s getting all concerned that she’s not where she’s
supposed to be sometimes they are faster finding their way and sometimes they’re
slow the first puppy by the way who was able to successfully lap out of the
plant town was green collar followed by pink collar so she knows what she’s
doing and just reach over here and get this little one the puppies right now
are not where we have them staying we’ve moved them so that we can shoot this
video for you so they are not normally on the floor which you can see it’s a
bit slippery fourth up so they’re having a little bit of traction there but there
they go they’re all going to eat away and I hope you’ll understand if I don’t
pick them all up individually when they’re all wet but we’ll let you enjoy
watching them and and after they eat they’ll probably do some playing you can
see here on brown earth I’m not sure if this is brown or blue blue collar boy
he’s really mucky who really shows up on the on the white and what you’re really
seeing here that color that’s pumpkin you can see in their food here it’s got
an orange tinge to it and that’s because the pumpkins in there and the reason for
the pumpkin is to help their digestive system pumpkins are a really great thing
it keeps them both regular and provides good probiotics and and they all really
like the taste of it so we feed our dogs pumpkin every day and they they eat it
for life so we’ll just let them eat for a bit there and have some fun and I’ll
just grab my notebook here and tell you about their weights for this week so
you’ll notice that there has been some good weight gains because they have
moved on to follow food rather than just eating the eating from the milk bar with
Oshana so first we’ll start with lake collar
light blue collar so he now weighs one point zero nine kilograms he gained 302
grams this week in the previous week he’d gained 243 so that’s a good
increase green collar boy he is 1.4 kilograms and he gained a whopping 458
grams so he clearly had no problem working the the pan there and as I said
he was the first one to to learn how to use the pan Brown collar boy he gained
418 grams and last week he had only gained 223 so you can see when I was
mentioning before that just because a puppy is one of the smaller ones
initially that doesn’t mean they’re going to stay that way
so brown collar boy was not getting the best position at the milk bar but he’s
able to access the pan and so that way he is able to gain more weight red
collar boy he’s up 462 grams so he clearly also always has no problem with
the pan and he weighs 1.32 kilograms now orange color he is the biggest puppy of
them all now if you just look over there right now you can see orange collar is
wearing some of his food and one of the other puppies is taking it off of them
okay they’re a little bit worked up here that’s green collar boy currently green
collar boy is the squawker of the group he is very very quick to complain and
make it audible to everybody and you’ll see the puppies are doing a little
shiver right now that’s because they’ve just eaten from the pan and because this
is still a new process for their bodies they do tend to shiver a little bit
afterwards it’s room temperature but they are not all hotted huddled together
when they eat so sometimes you’ll see a little shiver from them totally normal
nothing to worry about and you’ll see these ones over here are busy
interacting with the Teddy and having fun and brown collar boy is doing a
little bit of a shiver pink is doing a little shiver but that’ll end in a
minimum so as I said orange collar boy is the bruiser of the group at one point
five four kilograms purple collar boy he gained 310 grams and he’s one point
three two kilograms now pink collar girl she was up 410 grams and she’s at one
point two eight kilograms peach collar girl she gained 400 grams and she’s at
one point three five kilograms and dark blue collar is up 364 grams and he is at
one point zero five kilograms dark blue collar is still the smallest puppy in
the litter so it may be that he ends up being the smallest oh my goodness
there’s some crying over there so that’s their weight gain and those are their
enormous achievements for this week and we just couldn’t be more excited when
when this time comes it’s really fun when they open their ears and when they
start walking around and interacting with each other in toys it’s really just
the nicest time of all for us I particularly like it right now because
they don’t have their teeth yet so they’re lots of fun to sit with and play
with because they don’t bite me yes in a couple weeks from now when their teeth
are a little bit sharper then you have to have long sleeves on and
and a high in debt because they those little teeth cut a really sharp to start
off with so they can hear now and as you saw I was calling them and doing the
puppy puppy there’s a couple of reasons for that first of all so that they know
the food is coming but what we’re doing with that is identifying our voices
calling them to come and food so that way they learn right from the beginning
that people calling them means something good is going to happen it’s a great
reinforcement that starts off easily they respond to it naturally I’m just
gonna go get this one puppy over here again he’s making a fuss and of course
there we go we know who it is it’s mr. green collar boy who likes to
as I said make himself heard all the time and make a big fuss about things
thank you what’s the matter with you the matter you big city boy so you can hear
they can be quite vocal now you might hear one of them bark a couple of them
bark which is really quite cute and a couple of them growl at one another when
they’re playing as well so I’m just gonna leave them to do their own thing
right now and if they start playing and interacting then rental to move their
camera down and let you get a look at that and hopefully they’ll maybe show
some of their barks and growls if not for you families who are on this
reservation list when you come next week for your puppy family visit then you
will experience barking growling and playing all in person and you’ll all be
getting an email from me shortly with some health and safety protocols for our
upcoming visit next Saturday so that’s going to be lots of fun they’re very
mobile as you can see so they’ll be quite happy they interact with you so
that’s the puppies accomplishments for the week
Oceanus accomplishment is she’s going through she gets a little bit of a break
now we have the pen set up for the puppies so that they’re enclosed in an X
pen with a door that has high level on it so that they can’t get
out but Oshana herself can get in and out
and then we have a second expand around that so that there is a private area for
Oshana when she wants to be totally away from
the puppies she can rest she can eat she can sleep and then that also has a door
so she can come in and out and interact with us and and the other dogs but
mostly it’s four at night when she’s overnighting with the puppies and she
doesn’t want to have them constantly trying to nurse she’s able to get out
sleep in her own bed so that’s a big step for her as a mom and it always is a
time when we see our moms visibly go off you the hard part is over now their
demands or the demands on them are starting on the decline as we start to
feed the puppies more and more so that’s a great thing for oh Shawna and we
really want to say thanks to OSHA Ana’s guardians who are Patton Terry they do a
fantastic job of keeping Oh Shawna in tip-top condition she’s a happy girl
she’s in wonderful physical shape and this pregnancy birth and looking after
the puppies has been a breeze for her partly due to their care and we also
want to give a big shout-out to hombres guardians Lawrence and Barb they do a
fabulous job with hombre as well and keep him in tip-top condition which
results in us having these really wonderful healthy happy puppies so one
of the biggest things for everyone and one of the main questions we’re always
asked is how straining what’s the best way to do it what’s the most successful
way to do it is there any tips any shortcuts so it’s going to be the same
as I’ve said in all my messages for training of any sort consistency the
most important thing is consistency the puppies after their family visits
next weekend are going to start going outside they will have full access to
the doggie door they’ll learn how to use the doggie door pretty much in 24 hours
they’re really good at learning it and they’re going to start going outside
once they go outside they learned right away and naturally
that this is where they want to eliminate so your puppy’s gonna come
home to you already with that knowledge that I go to the bathroom outside now
now all of you are going to have a doggie door and probably none of you are
going to have a doggie door but that’s okay that the basic concept is there
that we eliminate outside not inside so they’re already going to have that in
place which is a good head start then after that the main thing is for you to
be consistent and to be aware so if you have alexa serie or any of our
technological assistance or you have a timer on your stove whatever you have
make sure you set a reminder and an alarm and a timer for yourself that’s
gonna go off at least every hour you may need to make it every 45 minutes at
first but at least every hour and no matter what unless your puppy is asleep
you’re going to take your puppy outside to go to the bathroom labradoodles are
super smart puppies they learn really quickly they like to learn so it’s not
difficult to house train your puppy especially when they already come with
the idea that they go outside it’s just consistency and you being
aware of the time and remembering to take them out now last week I mentioned
in the video that you want to choose the door that your puppy’s gonna go in and
out of to go to the bathroom so you want to be sure that that’s the door that you
use you want to be sure that you keep using that door every single time and
it’s a very easy matter to train your puppy to learn how to knock on that door
when they want to go out so every time the puppy wants to go out you can hang
bells and teach your puppy to ring the bells or you can teach your puppy just a
paw on the door to let you know that he wants to go outside now be aware when
they’re little they may use that as the game and be constantly ringing the bells
or knocking on the door so just to keep that in mind if you do use one of those
methods but when you go outside have your spot all picked out and initially
you’re going to want to take your puppy there you may want to carry your puppy
but I would suggest you take your puppy on the leash right to the spot and then
be prepared to wait until your puppy’s gone usually it doesn’t take too long
they usually go right away and then when they do go it’s yeah what a great dog
well that’s the best thing in the world really happy voice and a treat if it’s a
lousy day outside bring the puppy back in right away unless your puppy’s
telling you they want to play if they want to go explore and wander around a
little bit then let them do that after they’ve done their business if they
don’t go and you’ve been waiting forever take them back in but only for a couple
of seconds turn around go back out and try again some people use the pee pads
like we have the puppies on some people put them just inside the door some
people put them just outside the door some people put them on the spot outside
where they want their puppy to go some dogs really relate to that and it can
work really well other people don’t want to have the puppy dependent on the peep
ads so it’s totally up to you how you want to work that the other thing you
want to do is make sure that you’re always able to see your puppy and
somebody is always watching the puppy so if you see any signs of them when they
start to circle they have their nose to the ground you can pick them up and get
them out the door right away so one thing that’s really great for that is a
leash you can buy that has a good length to it and goes actually around your
waist it’s called a hands-free leash and after your puppy’s been house trained
it’s also excellent if you happen to be the type of person who runs or jogs and
you want your puppy to come with you once they’re old enough to do that type
of activity then you can still be running or you can have your puppy
attached to you when you’re walking and if you’re one of these people who looks
at their phone so you have your hands-free or if you’re going somewhere
and you’re carrying something it works out really well for that you can find
those at Petsmart and and most all pet stores you can find them just ask for a
hands-free leash it’s a pretty good investment to have so then if you’re
busy on the telephone on the computer King cleaning whatever you might be
doing and you can’t keep eyes on your puppy a hundred percent that way the
puppy is tethered to you and you’re aware of what your puppy’s doing puppy
can’t disappear somewhere around a corner and pee where they’re not
supposed to now during the night when they’re in their crate sleeping if they
wake up and they need to go out you want to go out that same door but the one
thing you want to be sure of at night is you carry your puppy outside same thing
first thing in the morning don’t let your puppy out of the crate
and walk around pick your puppy up and take your puppy outside right away good
general rule of thumb is every time they wake up outside right away to go to the
bathroom after they’ve eaten outside to go to the
bathroom and we recommend to everybody that you pick everything up around 7
p.m. so that they have a really good empty tummy when they go to bed at night
so those are the main things to keep in mind for for house training if it’s not
as daunting as it sounds and really it is not a difficult task if your dog will
get it really quickly just provided that you are consistent and we to remember to
take your puppy out every hour so that’s your update for this week and that’s
your tip for this week I hope you’re all really excited to come
next week for your puppy family visit we are very excited to see you and we will
give the puppies the bath for that so we won’t have reality quite so much when
you come next week so they’ll be all nice and soft and shiny clean bath thing
of course is a bit stressful for the puppies and and just moving them into
the doodled in and then from the bed they got used to yesterday over to here
to shoot this video that’s enough stress for them in one day so we didn’t want to
add a bath to it as well and we also wanted to show you what it’s like when
they do get covered with their food so now that they you’ve seen that will take
their photographs tomorrow and will give them a bit of a cleanup for that so we
hope you enjoyed the video we really enjoyed having some of the comments with
named selections that people have in mind if you’ve got some names and you
haven’t shared them with us yet post them in the comments below this
video and if you any more questions about house training
be sure to ask those in the comments too if you liked the video give us a thumbs
up and we hope that it was helpful for you and we look forward to seeing all of
our families next Saturday thanks for watching

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  1. Claire it is amazing how much they have grown and developed in one week. Regarding the Xpen, how tall should they be to avoid puppies who may jump or be an escape artist? Oh and what is your secret in looking so good and refreshed after enduring 41 hrs of no sleep!!

  2. Thx Claire. After all the busy January and upcoming months you should try to escape for a full day of pampering at a spa with Renald along with drinking bottles of your favorite vino?

  3. I highly recommend the Scandinave Spa in Whistler Claire. Combination of hot and cold baths, steam rooms, Finish Sauna and many relaxation rooms. Just completed the Serenity Spa package to celebrate my hubby’s 60th birthday. It is total silence, no phones/gadgets. Just complete relaxation.

  4. I was thinking what Annie said. After 41 hours, I don't think I could put together 2 sentences ~ you really are amazing! If I didn't know you had been up for so long, I would have thought it was like any other day at VI. I can't believe it has been 3 weeks! The puppies have grown and changed so much! They are just lovely❤️❤️

  5. Thanks for yet another great video Claire and Renald (nice team work too!). I've never seen the pablum/goat milk/pumpkin mixture, but it's obviously working because they're adorable little butterballs (I view that as a compliment!). I'm so bummed that I have to miss the family visit today, but am looking forward to seeing all the puppies on the video. Thanks for filming these, they're really informative and take us on a great puppy journey. FYI – I'm thinking of naming my puppy "Theo".

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