House Tour! Our New House In Texas!

what’s up y’all welcome back man with my
hectic life that’s where we talk about all things pet and populated so I had a
bunch of y’all out there message me that you wanted me to do a house tour so I
figured by not so welcome to my humble abode so in here we have my living room
it’s very living room like and I’ve got my secret little shoe hiding area for
when people come over I got all my little movie posters over here we’ve got
more movie posters and the TV and all the games and game consoles cuz ya just
can’t live without those things so over here I’ve got some paintings that I did
and my cat tree or one of my cat trees and some cat toys and then in here I
just kind of have like a little book nook and I got some beanbag chairs and
stuff and all my little flowers going on over here another cat scratcher and more
cat toys got to have all the cat toys I had like two baskets of cat toys yeah
not all of that made it in here we got my office I lost my original desk so I
have a card table now super fancy I know I know can you handle it got some
barstools and my husband’s jacket and some tools and up on the bar we’ve got
more tools cuz I got all the tools out he needs all I’ve been hanging pictures
and stuff today I’m a little light fixtures hanging down then my husband
keeps whacking his head on I can walk right under them
because I am short over here we got my kitchen nice big kitchen and Buster’s
dub crate which I don’t know where I want to put I don’t know where it’s
gonna live I don’t know where it’s gonna live yet but right now it lives in the
kitchen got all my little coke stuff cuz I really like any and all things like
fifties or cute somewhere in this tank snowflake is
hiding I don’t know where he is I think he’s hiding behind the filter and then
over here you know the microwave very important and the stove I don’t know how
I feel about this glass cooktop I kind of miss my gas stove but that’s
okay coffee pot very important very important
I got on an island over here and my awesome new water cup that I got for
Christmas you Jack Skellington thank you kitchen table not much has changed I
guess I need to take the snowman down since it’s not Christmas anymore over
here we got a hip up hip is doing pretty well and then we got the dwarf frogs
they’re doing okay and over here we got a killer his tail is looking a little
less crooked today so that’s good that’s hopeful and then back here we’ve got
Freddy Freddy’s fins are looking pretty terrible but that’s okay a couple of
weeks and I think he will heal up nicely got some more paintings and stuffs that
I did and my Kitcat clock gotta have a KitKat clock right and my awesome
calendars sorry not sorry dog shaming yeah gotta love that my other weird
clock was a little girl on a swing and then more coke memorabilia I don’t even
really drink coke I’m wearing a dr. pepper person but I love the coke stuff
I don’t know and in here we have my mish-mosh ala pantry complete with
litter box cuz litter boxes belong in the pantry right I got
some hangers put up so that I can get this stuff off the floor that’ll be
great yeah my pantry is food and fish stuff and cat stuff I even have some cat
bowls in here and all the dogs toys and treats because it’s a big pantry so
everything now lives in the pantry we got a car and we got Marilyn over here
hanging out in the kitchen next we’ve got the hallway and more paintings in
here super exciting the laundry room I know no one’s ever seen a laundry room
before complete with washer and dryer and clothes and in here we got my kid’s
room that it was clean a few minutes ago I swear some sort of crazy YouTube video
and we’ll we you we’re just gonna close that door and forget exists I got my
linen closet complete with all the linens and towels and things it’s a bit
of a mess not gonna lie my old linen closet was a little bit
bigger so yeah storage is a thing in here we got my kids bathroom I don’t
know if you can tell that she likes shopkins yeah she has like all the
shopkins and then in here we have a very dark room even though the light is
turned on I swear got the spare bedroom slash creepy doll room slash reptile
type room multe our is back to hiding somewhere in the dirt I’m kind of Caesar
Rock a little bit poking his head out of the dirt Brax over there hanging out all
my tanks are like super bare right now that’s okay my order should be coming
soon from Josh’s frog so that I can get these tanks set back up properly I got
my cello over here along with some more creepy dolls
and absolutely terrible playing it but I still love it anyway spare bed and some
more paintings that I need to actually like put on the wall still and more
tools and stuff and a pillow and now for the master bedroom we still need to get
some more shelves and things I don’t know um yeah we’re using a chair and
stuff as a nightstand right now that’s cool it’s whatever
my mirror all my Salvador Dali pictures my keyboard that I’m also great at
playing terribly some more stuff that needs to be hung up on the walls and of
course another TV with a million more game consoles we we’re trying to collect
every game console ever made that’s the thing I still have my old Super Nintendo
and NES and all the things some things you just never get rid of you got my
bookshelves with some book things I need more bookshelves because I have like a
suitcase full of books in my closets our closet is a mess so much stuff in this
closet right now like it is ridiculous it is just ridiculous well that’s okay
we’ve got all the shelves and drawers and shoes and things I got to go through
this and there’s the suitcase full of books there is the suitcase full of
books if you’re moving suitcases work great for books because they have wheels
it makes life better well my little Egyptian stuff over here meant off and
lamp over there and here is my bathroom it’s very bathroom II got some sinks
going on here and a basket of junk we we have a lot
more cabinets in our last bathroom so yeah we need all the storage there’s
gonna be a lot of buying of shelves in my future we got a nice little shower
follow the showery things and we do have a pretty decent-sized tub
that I have yet to use yet but there is plenty of space for a nice glass of wine
in here which is fantastic and then out here we have our backyard
it is super plane right now and I lost all my patio furniture in the move so
gotta buy some new patio furniture and I need to do some serious weeding but
that’s okay cuz this is gonna be a huge project out in this corner is where I
want to put the pond and then I want to put a like nice really beautiful garden
around the pond area and then over on this corner I want to build like a mini
permaculture farm area over here so I want to grow some you know grow a nice
vegetable garden and stuff over on this side so I think it’s gonna be really
nice and it’ll be great once I get some patio furniture up in here too so yeah
it’s a pretty plain Jane backyard right now got a lot of work to do a lot of
work to do and here’s a Buster wondering what I’m doing with the camera wondering
why I’m not coming outside to play with him
love you buster I’ll come out soon I promise
and then we got penny hanging out by the back door wondering why she can’t go
outside and be a wild cat there’s coyotes in our neighborhood no outdoor
kitty for you and through this door we have the garage
aka my temporary dumpster yeah we we’ve been doing a lot of unpacking if you
can’t tell this is all the packing materials in garbage bags yeah I foresee
a lot of trips to the dump in our near future like this weekend somewhere under
there is my husband’s motorcycle can you see it it’s like Where’s Waldo where’s
the motorcycle so anyway guys yeah that is my new house and I do need to switch
out a lot of this lighting because it is making me very yellow but that’s okay
I’ve got a lot of things going on a lot of future plans and also there’s a bunch
of aquariums pretty close by me so I will definitely be checking those out
soon so anyway guys that’s all I really have for y’all today thank you so much
for watching love you guys and I will see you in my next video bye

17 thoughts on “House Tour! Our New House In Texas!

  1. You have my #1 addiction. #ddp!!!

    I live in Texas and your house looks like many in Texas I have seen. Both in Little Elm and down by Austin where my brother lives. I know the builder is all over Texas. Enjoy your new home and pets, enjoy your new abode!

  2. You gotta do video tours of the aquariums nearby!! LOVE THE HOUSE! and yeeeeaaaah I'm still unpacking, too….. a month later…. I need a metric CRAPLOAD of shelves. 800sq ft. Isn't a lot of room.

  3. Enjoy your Home Sweet Home! A few fish tanks in a house makes the house into a home! You now need a Texan accent to match! Ha! Ha! Ha! Thank you for sharing your home with us!

  4. Sorry I'm a little late — I took a few weeks off and now I'm incredibly behind!
    Full view and like #42 from Bits of Real Panther!
    I really enjoy living room-like living rooms.
    Ah yes, I do remember you mentioning that you were a video-gamer. And something about you had a habit of buying multiple copies of games so your friends could join with you in playing over the internet!
    Sweet The Lost Boys and Silence of the Lambs posters! I love those movies! (I actually rode the roller-coaster shown in The Lost Boys!)
    Those are some pretty rad paintings — I especially enjoy the one of the cot on the beach!
    I've never used a glass cooktop before.
    In my house, the coffee pot qualifies as "essential."
    Hmmm, how did your fish injure their fins?
    Wow, your laundry room has both a washer and a dryer?! Talk about living large! 😉
    Sweet cello!
    Yeah, I keep all of my old Nintendo consoles too!
    Yeah, that garage is maxed out!
    Also, and I know you're in the process of unpacking, but recently I watched that "Bird Box" on NetFlix. If you like scary movies, I think it would be up your alley!
    Anyway, thank you for sharing. And good luck with all the pains of moving!

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