over the past year I have traveled all
over the world and to people’s homes to learn how rabbits are viewed in other
cultures and cared for in various households but most importantly to teach
and create awareness about rabbit welfare this time my stop is in London
England the land of the tea and crumpets kings
and queens fish and chips where I’ll be conducting a house rabbit makeover for a
family that desperately needs help with their recently adopted bunny I’ve never done this in like a different
country. Her name is Malaya and I believe she’s 12
she had two rabbits that have died no I think you need to look look there has to
be a reason why is happening like but not but not me not be like
judgmental about it does happen because every word I mean it’s not supposed to I
know I do need to look into it well Holly but it’s a weighty thing whereas I
think we’re like seven minutes away think we’re arriving now really
was on the train on our so different what I usually do it’s cold guys it’s cold
we’re not an alley we’re not in London a certain
requirements they need to have outdoors just quite home we have money out on top
so you’ll help us hope you get some help that I took fast sorry what they expect
for the reveal what they required so it was quite hard getting this rabbit
through this process it’s not easy to go to shop so no shops are not the best way
but that’s why people probably make mistakes that way because you go to the
shop is easier to get the rabbit but when you adopt them from a shelter
there’s a lot more things to go through which is fine
so our dear brothers think about your but Apollo your your rabbit they like
you feel like I’m carrying like a baby in
here Lorelai here in London you need to have tea please not excited yeah it’s
like we should do to you later I thought that is done and I saw you all
tried before a bit and I was like this seems really interesting rather it’s
quite cool and then I was watching your training for six months and this year I
got my first rabbit for my birthday yeah he died so he was netherland dwarf
rabbit and he was caged aggressive outside and then he died okay so he died
when you came outside yeah we don’t know why and then you
might expect around there yeah he wasn’t eating so cool should the bat and they
said it was probably just restin to meet him so we covered like justification
covered anyway eight hours after he died so when she said when it was her
birthday you know what she’s been wanting an animal for long time I see
the way she kept that fish really go down three oh she’s really good with the
fish so when that one died you may don’t to
have what’s called exhaling again she was so good perhaps I’d like toys and
take Peter so he repeated the hamster so I had to kind of defend a kolache we’ve
been leading to a dog I wanted to interrupt you on that
because that’s a huge misconception and such a common occurrence for parents to
go out and get the kids a bunny a hamster whatever it is because it’s
small and they think oh it’s not as much work as a dog but this is gonna be the
practice animal yes and then that the rabbit dies or the rabbit gets dumped
there’s you know abandoned because people are like oh crap this is actually
like just as much work as a dog right exactly outside was out there for 6/10
between 6 and 8 weeks and it’s only one night almost like this morning people
who felt cold it was this morning the temperatures like that it’s the school
boys that Kenny had been chatting about there and everything it sighs so what I
like to check with him I’ve seen it was just frozen no present comes up any just
little stiff there’s a nice little stiff my job is to come in here and it’s
improved something and within that improvement I have to be critical I know
you obviously feel like you know she’s ready for a third rabbit but I do you
know I have concerns that the two other did die I do find it interesting that I
know that culturally in the UK it’s a little more acceptable to keep the
rabbit outdoors in the United States in the rescue community it’s frowned upon
to keep your rabbit outdoors you keep your bunny outdoors and if a fox does
antagonize the bunny it can die of a heart
it doesn’t even have to eat the bunny you can just scare the bunny and kill it
you know and I know I’m cold when I go outside imagine a little creature this
size but in his skin that’s like way thinner than yours yeah they have their
coats their winter coats but I think it’s important to remember they’re not
wild people get that confused a lot wild rabbits they’re completely fine outdoors
because they’ve evolved to survive the cold winters and the hot summers
domestic bunnies have been bred to depend on humans for their survival
let’s just say you drop the bunny off on the side of the road it’s not gonna know
what to do it’s not gonna know how to find food it’s not gonna know where to
look for shelter it’s not gonna know how to evade predators and that is one area
where I highly disagree with the UK culture because I’ve seen it a lot I’ve
read about it a lot but in the United States it’s much more common to keep the
bunny inside you said the first rabbit you went out you looked at it it looked
frozen and looked dead I think that’s self-explanatory Indians
right and then the second buddy we don’t know what happened I mean I can’t tell
you because I wasn’t there and I’m not a vet but the fact that you said it
stopped eating that’s that’s a clear sign of GI stasis again I don’t want you
to be offended but this is a living being and I’ve traveled very far to come
here I want you to keep up those practices I don’t want to just come in
here fix everything and then I find out that you’re still keeping the bunny
outdoors you know what I mean I know you’re making a commitment to this
rabbit and I know you want to prove to your mom and everyone that you can
actually make work and some and put my trust in you
and we’re gonna try and make this work let’s meet the bunny and show me
everything show me the hutch yes yeah this isn’t
something we can easily pick up and throwing the gun trigger yeah can you
set it on fire that’s really small I thought I’m saying I thought that my
cabbage no that’s missing some shoes he’s very I feel like you’re late you
learning so much yeah like now you’re gonna go get a bunny I’m learning how
hard it is I’m like oh god it’s like gourmet stop it
this is his first fix yes who loves it loves it kind of just sit
down at his level you know pull out a little piece of fruit and you know just
feed him right you can also it doesn’t have to be fruit you can feed him
lettuce you know just as when your hand feeding is when you’re able to like bond
right he’s not a hundred percent socialized with humans he’s probably
been living in a cage do you see this this is really bad that’s very dangerous
yeah but clearly he was still like getting in there
this rabbit cannot live in that hutch that hutch needs to become extinct
defunct dormant retired I don’t know what other synonyms I can use well it’s
not gonna play it doesn’t play in the way that humans play okay it’s not gonna
be like oh this is a cool hat shy kittens I’m gonna play hide and seek
with myself we can’t keep them otherwise we have to make sure he goes outside
exactly they want pictures they’re gonna be assess the situation on Monday any
pictures of the run they need pictures of him outside why meant for us to get
the rebels that we look 11 have daily exercise outside to get to be able to
get the grass that’s the only problem that we have in terms of weight if the
RSPCA her in the u.s. that is not a thing that’s not a requirement do you
adopt a funny from a shelter so if it’s good this intersexual episode because
i’m say the issue that we have some is that they want pictures on Monday of how
the limit men are happy about the cage over and they want pictures of you know
we’re going to be stay in his space and the run basically that’s somewhere that
you can go outside so I need any have a talk with our SBC
this is not good are they open yes and then we’re going to get pied
shopping yeah well just we gotta figure out what you need so like you don’t have
a litter box okay you don’t have bedding but do like a litter what is this hey
man this smells like the only haters over here it looks it’s looks like straw
does the bunny have any toys or anything we’ve got I got bumps in his I didn’t
collect some of the other ones I just washed that’s amazing – he has one bowl
do you just where do you feed his other food in just you just throw it on the
ground you know or deny hey okay so hey me we definitely need that probably
needs so we’re gonna free roam the bunny in this room yeah right
completely so we need to make sure those quarters are protected we can’t throw
out that hutch because it’s too heavy yeah but we can throw out this cage yeah okay what my main cup my only main
concern is just the fact that of the RSP and you basically her heart is with you
but in terms of if you’re method I should say now I mean I yeah well you’re
trying yeah obviously I’m right and they’re wrong I should get a lot of
angry people like what do you mean there’s good to have it’s like it’s nice
to hear how you said it you also we have cats they don’t go
outside it’s the American Way I decided wanted to visit the local RSPCA and find
out for myself why they were telling Malaya and her mother their rabbit
needed to live outside let’s get Lorelei to talk and they were
saying yeah you need a run at the heart you need you need to make sure you take
pictures of the setup and by Monday and we need to make sure that outside needs
to be well basically they’d say it depends on the you just clarify the
information and personally I want to clarify – I feel like you know where you
make the most wait wait do I come with the camera no no the second time around
and her mother joined me so we could gain further clarification of the RSPCA
outdoor rabbit policy the RSPCA ultimately states on its website that it
is not against rabbits being kept inside the home but that the decision should be
based on the rabbits temperament and previous lifestyle they also state that
keeping a rabbit indoors is relatively uncommon a claim which is not proven and
inaccurate with regards to the United States and other countries the house
rabbit society and American SPCA both state that the domestic money should
live indoors it’s important to remember that rabbits used to live very short
lifespans due to their vulnerability and cages outside
it wasn’t until just around 30 years ago when the house rabbit Society started
introducing them as indoor pets that their lifespan was noted to last between
8 to 12 years after speaking to Malaya’s local RSPCA it became clear to me what
sophia had been trying to explain all this time that they did in fact believe
Apollo should have access to the outside because he had previously been an
outdoor rabbit a belief that I found to be problematic
I took my moves too by the way I just I didn’t want to argue it’s like I already
sat in their ways and it’s not my job to educate you know like they have this stuff and I
this little girl from our leg is not just gonna go in here and be sure to
change that system in one visit you know what I mean but it’s like very
hypocritical that they’re like oh they need access to like the grass on your
lawn put that in the paper they can use says don’t give them on me
and the reason for that is because when he voted on the lottery comes
infiltrated with gasoline you’re just getting the money Johnson grass why would why she’s not listening
domestic money is stop being – like don’t need time – applications being
inside that’s the silliest ha so frustrating it seems like they have
different you know sort of double standards for different very different
rabbits yeah even though I was frustrated with the RSPCA stance on
outdoor rabbits I don’t want to give off the impression that I’m discrediting all
the good charity work they do for bunnies and other animals nor do I want
to discourage people from adopting from them in fact I still strongly encourage
adoption this component is merely a commentary on what is likely a cultural
difference and understanding of rabbit housing and why I personally find this
practice dangerous yeah do I not like 3d they look older you
look young I don’t think God everyone says that they always say 20
times like oh really just five years younger like is how much of a difference
I was hoping you’d say it with me that’s a bit of a jump
after visiting the RSPCA I decided it was finally time to embark on our
shopping spree although trying to find all the bunny
supplies we needed in a different country was more than a challenge for me
let’s just say it has a spoiled American I was really starting to miss all the
stores I normally have access to in the u.s. marshalls and stuff would normally
have all that but there’s no such store also there’s just less variety what do
they sell clothes for human alright so this is our our last store yeah
pray to the Lord otherwise so I did have trouble finding certain bunny proofing
supplies thus ended up having to use some creative measures and after hours
of bouncing around to different places I finally bit the bullet and went to a
store I was initially avoiding pets at home the United Kingdom’s
largest Pet Supplies retailer a controversial history pets at home is
also known for selling bunnies in their stores and in the past has been known to
sometimes keep their animals in poor conditions pets at home is where Millea
acquired her second bunny a bunny that died the following day most recently
pets at home has come under fire from the RSPCA over their interactive play
area with small animals which has been known to cause bunny stress it says suitable for one small rabbit
and that is wrong because rabbits joke along punches oh wow that’s gorgeous yeah that’s good right only a crazy
rabbit lady with a killer box what’s in it wheat flour trash Alicia Keys rayj old yes I really listen
tonight I’m like a 90s R&B probably I don’t know Kendrick yeah I like xxx
intention that’s what I see of course you do of course do you like like
practice my English accent with you all say your teas and pronounce the letters
and so I shoulda shouldn’t pronounce that shit so she issues
I should like say shouldn’t more yes okay the funny thing is your English
accent is better than most of the population of English people here that
Steven Spielberg I think the letterbox is gonna be fast
right there right I have gifts for you from everything
that we crunch select is based in the US but they also are based okay we just
opened up okay new to rescue those eggs the bunny
you know he’s recovery yeah look at that don’t know that out America’s most loved
rabbit brush the hair buster the litter box is that not only the best
investment you’ve ever made yeah he went from being at the RSPCA we’re finally done I’m like fast as
usual but yeah that was a really fun project and I’m I’m really placing my
trust in you plan to take your it’s funny I do mean well thank you so much
like how can you do my room I’m not gonna use that cage again like that or
the hatch oh no like do you see a difference between the living conditions
of that touch versus the air room like how comfortable and warm he looks in his
litter box yeah you don’t take that away from them
yeah counting on you to keep everything stabilized okay look out for GI stasis I
mean you know exactly beat him now how to set up the litter box and if he
starts chewing things bunny proof it don’t thank you for saving him for
giving you’re becoming and home of course it was so nice meeting you I mean
doing this in the UK is something to get you do like English smash this is exactly
curlier I was like you Cantonese yeah oh my god this is so cool thank you sir Oh
green tea because you know I got a green see she clearly wises my videos
amazing meeting Malaya and her family taught me that sometimes all that people
are missing are the tools this experience truly moved me because I was
reminded how many hearts Lennon and I have been able to reach even across
different continents I’m touched that Apollo was rescued and now
hopefully with this orientation will be able to live the life that he deserves
well Lenny’s and that’s all for now until next time
ever thought I’d let you but you took me where I had been always pushing me to go ahead

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