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what do you do? what did you do? hey everybody its Alesha from Graceful Plants and today I’m shopping with Jack! Jack is ready to get out of the car.
he’s definitely over it uh so I’m sorry for all of the plant shopping videos
lately but it’s just been really nice out and it’s almost too nice to be
cooped up in the house so we’re taking advantage of it and we’re gonna go putz
around the Lowe’s in Dubuque Iowa and see what they’ve got so yeah we’re gonna
head on in, get baby boy out of this car yeah! Should we get you out? Yeah! Should we go shop for plants? Yeah! all right they’ve got some pretty big yuccas so it
looks like they just went through and reorganized everything so everything’s a
little different around here some bamboo down there oh it looks so
nice in here now that they reorganized everything and some gorgeous orchid
looks like the little pothos in there with it there 26 bucks I’m not
confident enough with my orchid abilities yet to really dedicate that
much money to a flower. I have one little one and he’s doing okay but uh yeah there’s some nice fiddle leaf figs thirty-six so for the longest time when I was
watching other plant tubers videos I thought that these were called fiddly
figs. I didn’t realize that they were called fiddle leaf figs yeah kind of slow on the uptake. Jack we going
through a jungle? I don’t think he appreciates the jungle.
they have quite a few palms it looks like there’s another fiddle
leaf hidden in there a lot of palms actually these are the teddy bear vines here’s another Hoya everything is so
heavy and wet. So I got one of these a few weeks back and it’s really taken off it’s a really nice of it I think that
one’s a marble Queen. Some ZZ’s. Oh a little baby ZZ see
just a few graham crackers and he loves plant shopping so my best friend Sarah is an admitted
plant killer and we had come down to Lowe’s I believe last week we had
stopped down quick and they had one of these the golden pothos on the moss pole
on clearance and there really wasn’t anything wrong with it it honestly it
was ten dollars and it was huge and she looked at it and she’s like oh that’s
kind of pretty I’m like get it! ten dollars for that!? I’m like get it! she
said well I don’t know what to do I don’t know what to do with it and I was
like I will replant it for you if you get it because if you don’t get it then
I’m going to so she ended up getting it and I repotted it for her because you
know I’m an awesome best friend like that and from what she says it’s still alive Some sansaveria. these are blue
star ferns I believe I mean they’re different but just ferns and I just don’t get
along these are some dracaenas in here ponytail palms Oooh does that air conditioning feel good
buddy? purple waffle plants, African violets. See
these orchids these are my size orchids so where I don’t feel so bad if I ended up
killing it but what’s this? a cactus with decorative flower. That doesn’t
look right so the cactus with decorative flower
that’s different so when we were down here with Sarah the
other day I told her I really wanted to get one of these $10.98 so pretty little arrangements down here I think this is a Lola isn’t this gorgeous? it’s just so pretty!
I really want one. I think these are $10 yep, $10.98 some cactus back there cactus back there look at the size of this quite a few I always look at these but I never get
any of these. agave. I have not tried those yet kalanchoe behartii.
these are really cute these are really nice for fillers this is pretty Echeveria sleepy that’s a new one. so this is a Pearl Von Nuremberg I
don’t know if you can tell but this one is extremely pink the one I have is very
very purple this is definitely pink mimicry quite a few split rocks. They don’t look too happy though Sedeveria lilac mist. I feel like
I always gravitate towards the same types of succulents and then when I go
to do arrangements it’s like oh well um all of my succulents look the same
Of well there we go See I hate when they do this too when
they glue these fake flowers on the cacti like really is that necessary? that and
the painted aloes. I hate that. Echeveria Ramillete look at all the cacti
they don’t say what kind they are. they just say cacti. that doesn’t do
me much good see and this is what it looks like see and this is what it looks
like when that fake flower they glued on their comes off. Ugh I hate that. Crassula campfire variagata and blue giant he’s the same thing yep blue giant Candy cane crassula look at the size of that cactus so what’s this? Looks like pinks syngonium
and an orchid. They honestly don’t look too bad I mean they need to be cleaned a little
bit and trimmed up but look at those roots it’s a nice pot clearance for $13. I don’t know if I’d pay $13 for that though African violets. So it’s probably gonna be a
quick video.Jack’s getting a little bit too warm and he’s ready to get out of
here and go boogie Oh uh-oh Jack what’d you do uh-oh what’d you do?
what did you do? your cheeks are getting red yeah your cheeks are getting red yeah yeah we’ll go home soon
yeah. For about five bucks you get the glass glass terrarium and an air plant
and that one actually doesn’t look too bad. I don’t have any air plants so I
guess I shouldn’t be like oh yeah that looks good
I have no idea I’m talking about but oh they’re glued in there at all yeah they’re all glued in there that’s too
bad So let’s see.. string of bananas lots of ivys what is this? an alocasia elephant ear $10.98 oh you guys we have them back! the
elusive beautiful home decor! sorry, the heat makes me really sarcastic strawberry begonias. So the more and more I see these the more and more they’re growing on me
like I didn’t like him at first but I don’t the know. The more I see him the more I kind
of starting to like him. going through the jungle again Jack! going through the
jungle alright so Jack and I are home now it
was a pretty quick shopping trip. It was very very hot in the lowe’s greenhouse
in there and Jack was very warm and he did really good but I didn’t want him to
stay in there any longer than we had to just because he was getting a little hot
so we came home I did come home with that let’s see the Lola that I wanted I
gave in and finally got it and then I believe a sedeveria and a kalanchoe.
what kind of each? I couldn’t tell you off the top of my head
right now so I’ll more than likely be using the succulents that I got today in
some actual arrangements for tomorrow creeper

5 thoughts on “House Plant Shopping at Lowe’s..Again! | July 2019 | Graceful Plants

  1. This was great, it's like I get to shop at lowes from home, lol. Jack is so well behaved too, what a good baby! Your videos are great, keep up the good work! The last part with your husband was so funny!

  2. Omg! Hello from Aurelia, IA! I’ve been feeling like i was crazy to have my obsession of plants in such a weird climate area, but im so glad im not alone❤️❤️❤️

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