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here we come to the judging of the final group of the day the hounds group 31 dogs will be appearing in this ring and the judge will wait for mr. Albert white hound breed of course breeds used originally for hunting either by scent or by sight include scent hounds of the beagle in the Bloodhound and sigh towns such as the with it and the greyhounds many of them enjoy a significant amount of exercise and be described as dignified aloof but trustworthy companions that's about righteousness about right yes our judge has just been introduced to the crowd who's coming into the ring now he's a he judged vesting show here in the hundredths Crufts in 2003 and he's this is his fifth group mr. Albert white in Albert from Edinburgh very experiences it was a breeder of Shetland Sheepdogs but widely experienced across all the groups great eye for a dog that's very important waiting for them to come in for his first view and here comes the first the Afghan hound [Applause] followed by the unique % g first of the Basset family that bus at Vogue de Bretagne and the grand basset griffon Von D on at the smaller version the petite basset griffon vol Jang and the basset hound himself here comes the Beagle the instantly recognizable bloodhound he is the elegance of the Russian Wolfhound they borzoi and from sicily the stern echo del at that the first of the ducks and varieties now it's the standard long-haired accent [Applause] followed by the miniature version here comes the standard smooth of black in tan once again followed by its miniature version here's the standard wire and a miniature wired axon there are the six varieties of the dachshund family there's the elegance of the deer hound [Applause] and a lovely read of the finnish spitz [Applause] here's the Foxhound the Rosary Luka much of these sure rings in the UK nothing new about the greyhound [Applause] from the import register here's the Griffin folk de Bretagne coming from the breed which are developing in the country and the Hamilton stove are the e beef and hound and a magnificent Irish Wolfhound the Norwegian health hound comes next followed by the otter hound [Applause] one of the most ancient of breeds the Faro hound the Portuguese Podengo [Applause] and here's the Rhodesian Ridgeback strong and athletic and the so elegant solutely and quite similar but also very differently slooghi and the final braid in the hurt the very popular with it so there we have this large group made larger really by the six varieties of dachshund al the white now getting his first glance as he walks around the ring taking in we seen them all come in and now he's got the opportunity of getting a closer look at all of them before he gets his hands on and that's the important bit isn't it Frank get the hands on yes because the good presentation can hide a multitude of sins under the coat but that when the judge goes over them he's feeling the anatomy under the grooming he's bloodhound some magnificent dogs there aren't there now line up the dachshunds are trying confessor my favorites I adore these little dogs the three coats the smooth the long head in the wire come in two two sizes that's why we have the six varieties but all sharing the same standard there's a de deerhound looking on Foxhound not many of those here today clean curving lines of the greyhound statuesque Irish Wolfhound taking them all in now what a nice task to be able to look closely now at all of these dogs there's the elegant head of the Afghan hound this is a breed which was developed as its name suggests in the mountainous regions of Afghanistan where it was bred to hunt Fox deer and gazelle it's a sighting that's it's a long legged dog and this really is one of the glamourpuss it pushes of the show ring that very silky codes is a great attraction it was a great impression of strength and dignity isn't they confining speed and power dignified and aloof there's the Afghan this one's come all the way from Austria this is the furthest traveled of all the dogs that crops this year and it's wasn't best to breed over 200 over more than 200 dogs style of a high high order says the breed standard and we see that in the lightness subscride that lift of the tail with his little donut ring at the end that's a breed feature light lifting gait elegance in its carriage loves its job it's very proud and what a day for the Australian Afghan breeders to produce best breeder crafts big crowd of them here to support this dog so this is the Basenji in history tells us that this fascinating little dog was a palace dog at the Pharaohs he's known as the barkless dog that is not mute at all it's a unique characteristic of the breed and his voice actually is a crowing yodeling sort of sound the breed has many unique features it should look like a miniature gazelle short backed long necked and elegant with a long swinging stride fricking its ears there that's one of its features and also a little bit of wrinkle on its skull when it's alert and this high set tail curled over the back and a smooth pliant skin this is a lovely example of the breed it is indeed in the 17th century they were sighted in the Congo it's from there that they've been imported into Britain first pair arrived in Britain in 1936 [Applause] this is the first of the Basset varieties that Basset fove de Bretagne the word foe means fawn and that's the only color in which this variety comes it's a recent arrival in Britain it's a breed that's gaining in popularity is lively and friendly animal handy size suitable for the small house and garden the word Basset means low so it's low set so there were a breed which was followed on foot not on horseback tough little character this ready for all the exercise you can be given and so were beside any rabbits and wise enough to loiter in the area when he's around often hunting in pairs you see a wonderful pack of him at the hunting hunting center in Chantilly in Paris weather hound shows are very famous and well attended and this is of course is the favored breed of our colleague Jessica the grand basset griffon Von D on a chap with a sense of humor and delights in joining in with human activity although because he's a true hound he's got the tendency to be hard of hearing when it suits him this is one of the larger of the Basset varieties longer in the body taller in the leg longer and had a noble head and expression longer ears which were reached to the end of the nose and a rustic harsh wiry top coat and this one has got 27 CCS 13 reserve CCS and has had groups three and four so a good winning dog and a happy breed to a top winner in the breed he's had a great year and topping it with best of breed here see they have to hold the level top line on the move and you need a good forward reach you want economical action striding out well there and here on the table now is the petite basset griffon Vaughn dn it's a rate it originates from it's longer leg cousin the grande which we've just seen and often in the early days both sizes cropped up in the same litter however the breeders got together and separated the two varieties in 1950 to get a smaller type and then the larger type they were separated then and wit but they could still interbreed however now that is stopped it's not just a smaller version of the Grande everything is much more moderate it's shorter in the head Georgia in the ears the same rustic wiry coat and smoked and shorter in the body of course these have become very popular show dogs we've had a Best in Show winner and with Gavin Robertson of course who's actually handling here in the ring so relatively rather in the UK there were 75 of these here today [Applause] who can fail to recognize the basset hound repeatedly bred by monks in France in the Middle Ages to hunt in heavy cover disabled and a dog that's able to hold its nose close to the ground happy to be by the fireside or on the moves this is a dog capable of hunting his natural prey the hair and and this one has become a champion today at gruffs winning its third challenge certificate it comes from a famous kennel the swivel and kennel bred many famous hounds now this the basset is the archetype of the basset family the one we know best the breeders have done great work we get away from exaggeration in skin an exaggeration in weight there should be a flaking and be able to cover the ground they need good ground clearance the long ears it said that encases the scent when they get their head down the long ears encased the center of the hair and helps in their hunting prowess and you certainly recognize the basset hound by his voice possessed of a really deep sonorous bark might suggest is unfriendly but nothing could be further from the truth he hasn't gained his army of good friends without very good cause you see this is drinking the bones strong feet there's a little bit of wrinkle there which gives the skin elasticity for working in sharp undergrowth now the beagle on the table it's the smallest of the British pack hounds and developed for hunting hare and rabbit a very smart hound free of exaggeration soft head and expression given the judge a kind look there the Beagle was bred to hunt with men on foot preferably after the hare but this is a first-class family pet that he really makes his mark with and bustling eager little dogs full of enthusiasm and vigor have already for any activity that involves them sturdy build and active and this one has come from Denmark to take Best of Breed today smart clean action there were 23 bloodhounds today here at Crufts this was best of breed the breed is originally from Belgium have a legendary ability to follow human scent over all types of terrain it's a dog of great size and really imposing dignity it sought that this breed came to the United Kingdom with William the Conqueror in the 11th century and was used for tracking the scent of wounded deer however as they deer dwindled they were used on Fox there's an amazing ability to follow a human scent over all types of terrain after many hours is given these dogs are almost superhuman well not superhuman super canine reputation I've been tracked on snow by a bloodhound intentionally for a film it's remarkable and again it's a it's a it's a breed which carries a little bit of elasticity in its skin but without exaggeration they shouldn't be over wrinkled on the head again they have long ears which encase the scent here's one of the aristocrats of the Kanan word it's the Russian borzoi the Wolfhound of the Russian aristocracy a sighthound long-legged and elegant and with this arched curve over the Lord to give it propulsive galloping power this long head with a slight Roman nose finely veined the head is so fine you can see the veins under the skin his name actually means her swift in his native country where actually this one comes from he's come from Moscow to take part today one best-of-breed the earliest seen here in Britain were presented by the Czar of all the Russia's to Queen Alexandra and the breeds popularity soon caught on there were a hundred eight of these beautiful dogs here today and when they were hunting wolves they used to hunt in pairs with at attacking the wolf from either side and wearing it down the hunting was a spectacular event in Russia with elaborate costumes in elaborate collars on the dogs wonderful glamour but underneath all that beautiful coat there's essentially a strong hunting dog well this is a native of Sicily the chinoco del Etna its origins go back possibly some 2,500 years similar to the Pharaoh hound in appearance elegant square outline sculpted head and those erect rigid ears it gives the breed a very distinctive silhouette it's thought that the geneco delet now shares its ancestry with the Pharaoh Herald a smaller version this lovely wedge-shaped head these large pliable ears an elastic skin great hunter of rabbits and hair punched by sight and sound they're also affectionate and friendly they adapt well to family life he likes the comforts of his home it's a clean breed with a fine coat and skin requiring very little breeding elegant outline which was seen on the tombs of the Pharaohs should also best pitch here at Crufts in 2016 now the first of the ducks ins on the table it's the standard long hair the word dachshund is a translation from the word teeth the standard long-haired dachshund is on the table the first of the dachshund varieties in Germany they're called the tickle the Badger dog and that's what they were bred to go to ground after to truck and go to ground after badger these dogs all dachshund in fact very popular as intelligence and faithful pets goes to town and country dwellers as we said as they came into the ring there are six different varieties of dachshund but basically it's the same dog in three in two different sizes and three different coats around sixth around six varieties and it's a theory that the standard sleuth head variety is the prototype of them and then perhaps some of the breeds were added to get the different coats here the long-haired it's thought that perhaps some spaniel blood or setter blood gave them the long coat and and feathering first of the smaller varieties this is the miniature long-haired dachshund the actions are really very active dogs you know and once they're fully mature they'll take just about as much exercise as you can give them and you're likely to want to go home long before they do the miniature variety has to be preferably under 11 pounds of 5 kilograms this the skill is to get the same type in a smaller version this one is that had a great career best to breed across today but also one the bitch CC last year when she was still under 9 months of age so a prolific winner here for Roy Wood yes she says very sweet tempered and lovely little bitch to live with again the lovely conical shaped head strong under jaw to equip them to see off the Badger and hare strongly boned and the rib cage has to be carried well back to give them a strong level top line now the black and tan standard smooth dachshund again they all share the same standard the same features I wanted it's just the coke which makes the difference they are strongly bone with tightly bunched feet again this smooth air has elastic skin to give it protection when working the sizes in Germany is slightly different from those here they're separated not by weight but by chest circumference with the three sizes being based on what size of hole they could enter when going to ground they really are a wonderful selection of sporting dogs this the smooth version very popular now due to what some may have seen on television it's sad that they used to be known as sausage dogs in this country which is a great insult for them because they should be really athletic not carrying excess weight they have to have some ground clearance [Applause] so here's the miniature smooth hair dachshund as we said we're still talking about basically the same standard but this is the small smooth version of 187 of them here today and this got the Best of Breed from that they're not noted for their obedience taxons but with patience and persistence they can be trained the temperament of the dachshund they really should have a lot of courage and a lot of dignity in their carriage you should be bold and this one full of confidences it struts its stuff here this one winning its fourth CC today still it's still only 16 months of age so a very good career indeed just had a group to lead to the championship show in July this last year the miniature smooth has become perhaps the most popular of the versions they're handy size to having the dog in the house no grooming and great characters though they are excellent house dogs and they'll give a good account of themselves in any circumstance now the judge going over feeling the wire coat of the standard wire a crisp wire coat on top and a protective softer undercoat giving it protection when were working feeling the strong bone well angulated hindquarters looking at the anatomy and type of the dog this Peter I know this is your favorite variety you have some of the Missouri I have I've got three at home this the this particular one was second in the group here at Crufts in 2016 terrific little dog I love the wire coat the best of all that's my favorites but they're all really beautiful dogs and it's the the eyebrows and mustache which gives it a certain look of great character to it don't they like wise old men really they do indeed and they're just as having curled up on your lap snoozing as they are out having exercise but you can't tie them out great stamina on beautiful head and eye and expression on this one a great great example of the breed and I have one of these at home as well the meaning why I had it's just a puppy and absolutely fabulous and this one is a European when it's come from Italy this particular dog it's been a European winner in 2015 and 2016 four and a half years old but exactly the same as the standard one we've just seen in its conformation this one coming from Italy where it typed in Europe is a little bit different from the type we have in the UK just a little bit lighter a little more ground clearance but this one is one a very good entry today under Rachel Barney and really covering the ground well and it's interesting that these little ones the minis that have just as deeper black as the standards you couldn't really tell the difference between them and they'll certainly make some noise and the beautiful curving lines of the deerhound beautiful soft expression it's really like a rough coated greyhound with its curved body its athletic ability in its long legs they have a wonderful long-legged loafing walk they creep up on you I've got friends who have peace you see them on the beach they're quite extraordinary it's a very ancient hunting dog the Deerhound once known as the Scottish Deerhound and it's thought that they probably came to Britain with the Phoenicians or the Romans but mystery surrounds their origins are very ancient breed and used for coercing deer swift and elegant and great hunters but also a very gentle house dog the curving lines and light on its feet is light lifting action this beautiful soft expression this is one of my favourite breeds and this is a beautiful beautiful quality animal and this was the this is the finished spit and this particular one first CCM best breed Crufts back in 2010 because an eight year old dog call Rigsby when it was just ten months old thirty seventh CC today this is a dog a hound with Spitz character which means a wedge-shaped head this sharply prick deers and this high set Bloom tail one of the things about the bridge is this iridescent red color a crisp outer coat and soft undercoat this is perhaps the noisiest hound in the group they were bred to bark when they found there we are an example of barking when it found game very typical and those small pointed ears as well they're quite distinctive of the breed and here we have the Fox hound it's a relatively new breed into the sheron's of England whereas the Fox hound shows of always flourished they're shown in quite a different manner and when the Fox hound fox hunting was abolished in this country it was feared that many of the Fox hound would vanish it's rarely regarded as a household pet it's only occasionally seen ensuring here in Britain its of wealth balance powerful dogs with great stamina endurance with the natural ability to hunt athletic sturdy many different types of Fox armed different packs throughout the country developed their own individual type lovely on the move sound conformation strong bone and feet and good shoulders and hindquarters essential for a hunting hound well the experts many of them not unanimous though consider the Greyhound could have had its origins in the Middle East drawings have been found on walls in ancient Egyptian tombs dating back as far as 4000 BC and dogs of this type they spread through Europe over the years but it was in Britain that the standard was really developed and the show animal is somewhat bigger than his racing cousin which I think everyone knows it's thought that the greyhound is the prototype of all the sight hounds they come from this long-legged curving arch over the line for galloping power yes every country has its own sort of greyhound well this one has come all the way from Prague in Czech Republic to win best to breed today over 52 others [Applause] and now here is a breed which is not one best of breed today but it's one best of the import registered dogs which are classes for dogs which are new into the country and just developing in numbers this is the Griffon fove de prytaneum so it's the first time that they've been allowed to compete in the main competitions here at Crufts this one is a world winner this from last year world club win a Best in Show – so very successful dog and has come over here and won that import register classification today we saw the basset fove earlier this fall Basset type with his noble head and Chris wire coat of this rich fall color well here we have similar characteristics but on a bigger scale longer legs longer body longer head they were bred to hunt wolves and looks absolutely fit for purpose doesn't it good moving ground covering hound so young dog this one just two years old called Dino a very happy one too [Applause] there are many pronunciations of it but I caused a Hammonds Hamilton stove our Swedish hunting dog hunts singly not in a pack named after count Hamilton it was actually the founder of the Swedish Kennel Club the Hamilton comes only in this rich tricolor Coast absolutely unexaggerated as a working hound one of the specific features of the breed is that its tail is not carried above the level of its back many of the hounds carry their tails high not so with this breed an interesting you would say with such what appears to be a very smooth coat there it is a two layered coat with a short closed undercoat soft and especially thick during the winter and the top coat is strongly weather resistant yes the ordered a density of coat for protection but above all this clean economical action striding out well there's the elegant head of the ebee thand hound a very ancient breed which hails from Ibiza and before that in Formentera where the remoteness of the location kept it a very pure genetic breed yes known there for about five thousand years I think frankly – a very very ancient breed and it has some unique features one of the things it has is hovering gauge a slight hover before it puts its foot down it's long-legged elegant and another feature is that it has rather straight shoulders in many breeds you want to sloping well angled shoulder to give it stride here it's a more upright shoulder and a more shallow chest well this is the tallest and biggest of all hounds the Irish Wolfhound massive well balanced throughout the breed almost died out in the 1800s due to there being no wolves left in Ireland to kill it's thought that this is the tallest of all breeds great size muscular graceful muscular thighs moderately large and round feet they give the dog a very distinct gait in the 18th century when the wolf became extinct in Ireland it looked as though the breed would die out but Captain August's George Augustus Graham got the breed together small nucleus to keep the breed going wonderful strong substance but also athleticism the big challenge of breeding giant breeds is to get size with sourness soundness of movement the Norwegian elk on the national dog of Norway an ancient breed and it's thought that this breed has existed for thousands of years and skeletons of dogs of this type were found in the graves of Vikings there's a very solid dog for a hound but he needs to be able to cope to this traditional prey the elk a Spitz type with prick ears and a curly tail friendly dog for his loud voice acts as a deterrent to unwanted visitors and its coat is very important that not only in color but also in density for protection we see the harness markings the shading marks over the shoulders they're known as harness markings a very important breed feature as is the tail a thick bushy tail carried high over the back [Applause] small entry for the otter hounds today just 21 but this one took best of show a breed that's built to gallop on hand but to work in the water truly rugged in appearance again this is a breed which has almost put under the threat of extinction when otter hunting was banned in 1978 fortunately a few breeders got together they had some hounds donated from the packs to keep the breed going and a great blessing that is because they're a wonderful breed they have a very keen scenting ability sent on lance called a dragon in water it's a washing they can follow a drag for up to 12 hours and talking of fit for function they have webbed feet which equips them for working in water and a waterproof qualities of the coat which is a little bit odiferous shall we say [Laughter] now if you want elegance of outline and a beautiful elegant head here we have the Faro hounds the favorite breed of the ruling dynasties of Egypt and the color really is the most distinctive feature of the breed a shiny glossy coat as wonderful erect ears and amber eyes a hound able to hunt with either sight or scent making more than a just a dog of great beauty and he really is beautiful carvings of the silhouettes of dogs like this have been found on the tombs of the Pharaohs right back to the early dynasties let's believe the dough originates in Malta a genuine working hound short coat makes him easy to maintain in tip-top condition but he'd need protection in the cold and look at the elegance in head and expression the national breed of Portugal the Podengo comes in three sizes and this is why I had smooth and smooth head as well but we just see this one the small in Britain as we said the national breed of Portugal the Podengo and at the moment it's only the small to dango that's recognized by the Kennel Club here in the UK but other size are gaining some popularity there's little rabbit hunter from Portugal was brought to the Mediterranean by the Phoenician traders in the 16th century fantastic little hunters but great character dogs and they're hugely popular in their native Portugal as the family pets they established themselves there's great rabbit hunters because the Portuguese word for dango means rabbit hunter or Warren hound and it's in this field that the Podengo gained his reputation as a hunter that could also put food on your table as well as controlled vermin around the house the strength and athleticism of the Rhodesian Ridgeback takes its name from the ridge of hair which runs along its spine from the withers to the croup and it's thought that this was a sign of being a brave courageous hunter yes they're agile powerful and speedy and whose purpose was to assist big-game hunters which couldn't even include lions these days the ridgeback is used as a guard dog and this one has come from Italy in their native Zimbabwe they were bred for early game hunters where they would drive the Lions towards the guns or track the Lions and hold them at bay until the hunters came for them top dog in Italy in 2017 this one's three year old dog called Oscar and has also been Norwegian Danish and is a national champion and Slovenian champion as well again the graceful and dignified salukis always been a prized possession of the Arabs highly developed hunting instinct and speed would actually covers the ground makes him well-suited to working in the Middle East it's thought that the Saluki takes its name from the Arabian town of salute much prized by Bedouins along with their Arab horses and they were often carried out to the hunting fields on the saddle and then released when this game was cited it said that there they're not the ideal family pets easily becoming bored but may also be highly strung and sensitive but they really are a very intelligent breed and could be very affectionate to those that they love one of the features is his lovely lights lifting movement and an elegance in their carriage it's beautiful on the move was traditional to have a festival when the bed winds brought their dogs down from the mountains for a little festival of the dog and all the dogs were decorated with collars of flowers a wonderful wonderful sight and it still goes on today and here we have the slooghi the slooghi is a breed from africa and older although it might bear some superficial resemblance to the Saluki it's quite different in the head this one a fawn male yes sir just missing those fringes isn't it on the tail and the ears which flow so well on the Saluki but it looks wonderful on the moves there now although it looks lean its it's a breed feature that this breed carries no subcutaneous fat that helps them to deal with the heat of the desert so if it looks a very lean dog that is one of the breed features and comes from that it's a natural feature of the breed again strong sturdy but also elegant [Applause] the most numerous breeds here today the Whippet 414 dating with it had the delicate balance of muscularity with neatness power and elegance it suggested that the Whippet was developed by miners in the northeast of England and developed for coursing drink and bred down from small greyhounds they used to be raced often with weights to handicap them to balance them up but again they could bring home the supper for the miner yes it was a dog raced by an awful lot of people in the north of England with it Racing was very popular when I was young in the north what could be more elegant than the action of a whip at the smooth Daisy cutting action elegance personified this one a big winner and so that you've seen all this wonderful group and now we've got to find out about a quarter of them that this lovely group will feel very happy if they're selected into the shortlist so I'll get white is how to walk around this lovely group again a very fine group we had a wonderful terrier group just before this hound group is absolutely magnificent who's he going to pick out the slaw well it's the Afghan hound he's gone all the way from Australia had a great day in comes the petit bastard Griffin Vaughn DN small version yes and the basset hound and he standard long-haired dachshund the standard wire dachshund comes forward as well down the line the Greyhound the elegant curving lines of the greyhound [Applause] the Irish Wolfhound comes forward the faroe hound and a long walk and a big cheer for the whipper with it she's had a great orator ocula with the with it now we have a shortlist of nine here so he obviously thinks this a strong group he's brought nine out a very nice selection could this be the year of the Ducks and I wonder the dachshund with two chances in there so taking in the outlines again again this time he's going to move them again so he will go and take them one at a time and move them along that's a lovely selection he's taken ninth as Frank says he's got a good strong group so let's go give them all a chance and we start with the Afghan hound here you as we said comes from Australia he's sending them round the ring to look at profile gate and top line same for the petite basset griffon Vaughn Jian young dog from a famous kennel and covering his ground well the tricolor basset hound bitch becoming a champion today lovely top-line strong and sturdy and he represented it with the first representative of the dachshunds it's the standard long-haired a big winner in the breed schism Dainius the best breed here twice before and this standard wire-haired dachshund bitch has beat top winner in the breed for several years now beautiful quality great head wonderful coats athletic with a wonderful top line yes four and a half year old bitch called kitty and this is the dog has come from Prague in the Czech Republic four and a half year old dog called James named after James Bond Believe It or Not for strength and athleticism it's the Irish Wolfhound long legs sturdy body wonderful crisp coat the Ferrer Hound covering the ground well big win in Europe magnificent color and last there but not least by any means.the with it very popular here smooth daisy cutting action this wonderful elegance of outline the arch over the line she is looking a picture getting a Hawks underneath a great movement showing really well so Albert wait where are you going to go with this well where you're going teaching yourself I'm not going to commit myself I adore the wire-haired dachshund I don't think it's going to get there but we'll see Irish Wolfhound looking spectacular there this is and the women it's a link and the Whitner anda taking rather a long look at that Africans are you going it's a long Titus to whip it the witnesses on the whole group the Whitley's is two and a half year old dog owned by David an event short from Midlothian in Edinburgh takes the group the whip it and in second place group 2 what a great day for after Gann from Australia and oh why head dachshund gets grew through well chosen mr. white now for 4th place it's going to be the elegant lines of the Irish well the Irish Wolfhound is yes [Applause] there is our winner the Whippet chapping Holloway top new tease junior warrant holder wins the group two and a half year old bitch owned by David and Yvette short and she's gone one better than last year she wouldn't bested read across the sea and the second in the Hound group so she's moved up one place a great win for her that's a happy progression and a very happy oh that events short looking absolutely delighted there she takes that wonderful trophy by where these Crufts trophies are absolutely splendid congratulations event [Applause] well events we were talking backstage before you came on tonight you said you kind of hoped it didn't win because you didn't want to speak to me but you've done it you've won the group with T's she hasn't had an incredible career so far just tell us and tell the audience a little bit about her well she was supposed with her last year she was one of the youngest bitch champions to be ever made up she was only 15 months she's just incredible to live with she's beautiful absolutely beautiful inside and out uh-huh yes and just tell us obviously you're from Scotland so way and it seems that the whip it had a lot of support here tonight yes so have you ever been in the crafts group ring yes last year ago she got group to well and you've gone one better this year how fantastic well I hope this interview wasn't too bad never hooked and there's going to be plenty more interviews to come ladies and gentlemen P hands together for the hungry winner Eva it's auntie's whippet fanclub cheering the winner there the loonie tartan tease and a very happy owner so they're about to go for their laughs Ivana I figure that poor little dachshund having to follow on with these long legged animals in fronts fast moving ones but there they go leading the way the wicked tease one better than last year there she goes the winner of the group followed by the Afghan hound taxi bringing up the rear as they go out but group three for the dachshund excellent so that the Hound group decided we now have four animals wonderful animals through to the Best in Show on Sunday night two more to come tomorrow and one on Sunday to join them the gun dog group on Sunday we've had a fantastic day here today at Crufts 2018 here's a look at what's coming up tomorrow you

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    I love seeing the breeds not recognized by the AKC. We've got the Bluetick Coonhound (and my family has one, too), and y'all have the Bleu de Gascogne. 🙂 And other lovely ones…the Sloughi and Azawakh, the Griffon Fauve de Bretagne, the Hamiltonstovare, the Segugio, etc.
    Thrilled for Tease! Brindle Whippets seem to the winningest ones…interesting.

  7. I total agree with the lady calling herself Susan Lamley its no better than miss world a friend off mine brought a sharpie from a top breeder paying £1800 the puppy at ten weeks had to have a operation on its eyes to turn the eye lids out yet the breeder said it was normal and the mother had had it done .should never have breed from the bitch.There was a program on last week called save the British bull dog its was terrible to see the suffering that breed is going through .the man from the kennel club couldnt give a f–k

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