Hot Dogs for Dogs Taste Test

( rooster crows )( lion roars )Woof. Woof. Welcome to
“Good Mythical More.” Does the wheel scare you
a “wittle” bit? Hangin’ out
with the dogs. Hi, puppy. Oh, this is gonna be
complicated. Two man wave. It’s gonna be
a four man. Did you get
Barbara to do it? Get Barbara to do it. Here it comes, Link!
Here it comes! Here it comes! ( bark ) Oh! It’s comin’ back around. It’s comin’ back around,
but it’s comin’ from your side. Oh, yeah it is. – ( bark )
– Oh! Barbara, you’re
doing such a good job. She barks every time.
Do it again. – Every time the wave comes.
– Does she bark? – Okay, here we go.
Here it comes again.
– ( barks ) That’s too early. Here it comes.
Here it comes. Here it comes! – Whoo!
– ( barks ) Barbara,
you’re so talented. It’s like
she’s trained. Well, you know,
Jade’s talented, too. Yeah, just get
her to do somethin’. She can sit in my lap
for, like, a long time. Okay, I’m gonna hand Barbara
off for a little bit because we’re gonna make
somethin’ very special for you. You’re gonna love it, but
you’re gettin’ too restless. We’re gonna make you guys
some treats. Look at that. We’re makin’
hot dogs for dogs. So… Oh, yeah,
you like the idea of doin’ that? – You can let her run around
if you want.
– Okay. – Okay.
– All right, so we’ll
make the dogs and then we’ll
feed it to the dogs. So we’re gonna start. Okay, we’ve got
Wilderness Blend. This is bona fide
dog food cheese. It’s not just
Cheez Whiz. This is the stuff you put in,
like, one of those Kong toys so that they go
nuts over it. This is Venison
Holiday Stew. I might have to steal a
little bit of that for myself. Now, as we make this,
I just want to say, Chris Sullivan was
a great guest, man. What a guy.
What a guy. So cool to meet him. I love it
when a guest comes in and they, like, fully
commit to being on the show. – Yes.
– And, like, you know,
it’s like, “Hey, you’re gonna
pour hot wax on us, then you’re
gonna sniff it.” – And like…
– He was ready, man. It’s like he’d been waitin’
for that all his life. He was hilarious,
wasn’t he? Oh, this is
a chewy, chewy. – Put that in there.
– Hmm, I’m gonna
hold off on that. And, of course, he was Taserface
in “Guardians of the Galaxy 2.” One of my favorite
Marvel movies. But, Rhett,
I want you… I just think this is
the best opportunity for you to tell them
your Taserface story. I mean, because
it’s pretty crazy and I’ve just been
thinkin’ about are the mythical beasts
ever gonna hear it? I think this is
a good opportunity. You made a decision not
to say anything to Chris and I agreed that
that would be weird. I’m glad you
didn’t bring it up. Yeah, I didn’t wanna
bring it up with him, but I want you
to tell the story of how there was
an actual possibility that Rhett could have
been Taserface, seriously. You want me
to tell the story? Tell it. – Okay.
– I’ma put this on there. So we got a call through one of our
representatives and… Look at Barbara,
she’s ready for this, man. And they said that
“The casting director of– like, Marvel’s casting director
is a fan of you guys and she would really like
you to read for a part in the upcoming “Guardians
of the Galaxy 2″ movie.” Now, typically,
we don’t do this. Typically, we don’t
go on auditions, we don’t do things
separately from each other, we’re very, very busier
than we can possibly ever be just doing thing things
that we do together and these things
can be a distraction from the stuff that
we’re doing as a duo, so we typically
just don’t do that, but it was like, okay,
this is a really cool thing. I should at least
go to the audition. If not, just to learn
what it’s like to go to
a real audition, somethin’ that we’ve
never done before. We had to have a
discussion, right? ‘Cause it was like,
you know, I was like, “Well, who do
they want me to be?” But, you know,
you can’t think like that. But, in terms of the things
that we’re gonna commit to– Look at Barbara.
Look at her. ( laughs ) We didn’t even put
a actual hotdog… Just give her a hot dog.
Give her that. I wanna tell the story. Here, I’ll give her
a little bite. Here. I don’t want her to
eat the whole thing ’cause, you know, it can mess
’em up when they get new food. When they’re not used to it.
Yeah, I’m gonna give her a
little bit more and then… Okay, I’ll hold her over
with a little bit of this. So I was like, I don’t
know what this would mean in terms of, like, the projects
that we’re gonna work on and how much time
commitment it is, but I didn’t wanna
be the one to say– Jade is so dainty. If I put Barbara up here, you have no idea how quickly
this hot dog would be eaten and Jade’s,
like, licking. Put her up here,
let’s see. Oh, she just
dropped a piece. – Okay, Barbara.
– There’s more up here. Come show ’em how a dog’s
supposed to behave. Okay. All right. Now, I don’t let
Jade eat off the table or eat food
from the table so she’s kinda
freakin’ out right now. She’s like, “When am I
gonna get in trouble?” Oh, look. She’s
going straight for… No, no,
don’t go for the tray. This is your thing
right here. So anyway, I was like,
“You gotta go for it just to see what
it would be like. You can’t say no
before you even know if there’s an
opportunity.” And then there’s
a decision later– Okay, she just wants a hotdog.
She just wants a hotdog. Okay, there we go. Eat the whole
thing. There you go. So you went in
for an audition. Or what did they do?
They e-mailed you sides, right? They e-mailed me
sides and, of course– So that is a segment
of the actual script. No, they didn’t
e-mail me sides, they sent me an e-mail
that had a password to go in and look at sides that had,
like, stuff written all over ’em because this is big time
spoiler stuff, right? So I knew all that was
gonna happen to Taserface by just reading
these sides. It was three pages or
four pages of the script and then there was stuff marked
out, like, redacted that…. Yeah, and it was the scene
where the raccoon– Rocket. Rocket is just
being a jerk to him, – making fun of his name.
– Right. And they don’t give
you any information. It was just written
like the guy was either a redneck
or, like, a pirate. His grammar was very
incorrect and stuff. So I’m like, “I’m gonna go in
and do my best, do this.” It literally said in the script
that there was a point – where he was, like,
spitting out of his mouth.
– Oh, yeah. Like he got so worked up,
it says in the script, that spits flyin’
out of his mouth and then, when I watched
the scene in the movie, spit was flyin’
out of his mouth and I was like, “Whoa,
I had the scoop on this.” So I go in… Well, first of all,
I talked to my wife about it and I had, like,
this redneck character ’cause I knew he was on
the same team with Merle. We call him Merle ’cause
he’s from “The Walking Dead,” but Michael
what’s-his-name. And so, I was like,
“I could kinda do that thing,” but then I also had this,
like, cottony pirate thing and they were both
very intense and I was doin’ it
for my wife. And then I called
up our friend, Tony, who’s a legitimate, like,
Emmy Award-winning actor, and I was like, “I’ve never
been to an audition before.” And I, like, read it
to him over the phone and he, like, gave me
a couple pointers or whatever. So then I go into
the audition and, again, we’ve been in this
business for a long time, but because we just
do things that we do. Like, traditional way
that Hollywood works is just something we just
don’t have any appreciation for. But it’s interesting
because any actor that would go in
for that audition would probably be
nervous about it. I mean,
that’s a big part. I mean, in a frickin’–
the biggest Marvel movie that would come out
in that time period. And I had no idea
what to expect, but it was the casting
director in a room, very small room
with, like, one assistant. And I, like, walked in there
and she was like,
“Got any questions?” I was like… “No.” And she’s like,
“Okay, go for it.” And so then the dude
in the chair
is playing the raccoon. Rocket.
You’ve seen the movies. Yeah, yeah, I like to
call him “The Raccoon.” And I went into it
and I went in hard. I chose the pirate character.
I spit all over this dude. You spit all over him? Yeah, I got up
in his face. I really,
really went for it and I had no idea
how this went, and then she was like… “Wow, this is
your first audition?” I was like,
“She’s just BS-ing me. She’s just sayin’ this
’cause her kids are fans.” That’s how I got
into this room and she was like,
“You wanna do it one more time?” I was like, “Okay, sure.” I did it
and I went even bigger. And she was like,
“Okay, thanks.” And then you left
and I went in. – Yeah.
– For the Rocket part. But, now,
what we did say– ‘Cause they thought about
replacing what’s-his-name. But what we did say is,
I said I don’t wanna do this if we can’t make it a
Rhett and Link thing. You made it complicated. So anyway, so my manager
calls us back, like, two days later
and he’s like– James Gunn is
the director, right? – Yeah.
– He’s like,
“James Gunn loves you.” And I was like,
“Oh crap.” And I was like,
this could be a problem. – ( Barbara barks )
– Give her some more food. – Give her just
part of a hot dog.
– But there was a call back. No, there wasn’t
a call back. How about some of this? And they said,
“But you would have to shoot in Atlanta
for four months.” Well,
and let’s clarify. You weren’t
offered the part. Specifically
what I was told, and this is
the strange thing, and I’m not gonna
say who it was, they were like, “They’ve
narrowed it down to you and two other people.” Interestingly, they didn’t
mention Chris at the time. And so… But I knew
the other two actors. Then I was like there’s
no way we can do this. It’s gonna be
four months in Atlanta. We talked about is there
some way that, like, Link, we could do this together
and then they were like– as soon as we threw any
sort of wrench into it, they we’re like “Guys,
we can’t accommodate this,” which we
totally understood. I’m the reason that
you weren’t in the– No, but that doesn’t mean that
I would have gotten the part. it just means that there
was a legitimate chance that I could have
gotten the part if we would have said that I was
actually available to do it. But, yeah, I’m not
gonna say that to– First of all,
’cause I have no idea what the reality of it was
and he did an incredible job. How do you feel
about the fact that he did it and
you didn’t do it? I mean, I think I would have
been a little bit better, but… – Oh, gosh.
– No, of course
I wouldn’t have been. No, judging by even
getting to know him here and, like, how great
of a sport he was, – I’m super glad
that he got it.
– Yeah. Not just so that we could
continue to do other things. And I would have
never told that story other than the fact that
we had Taserface himself on the show,
so there you go.

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