Horrific Animal Abuse Caught on Camera at One of the Seven Wonders of the World

millions of tourists travel to Egypt every year to marvel at its ancient wonders but when Peter ages eyewitnesses visited they found cruelty that isn't included in the tribal brochures at the Great Pyramid of Giza at Saqqara and in Luxor animals who carry tourists around are abused right out in the open eyewitnesses documented that horses at the Great Pyramid of Giza were beaten and whipped just so that tourists could ride them they're forced to carry tourists in the choking dust and sweltering heat even if they're exhausted and emaciated this horse collapsed while being forced to pull a carriage carrying a tourist so she was beaten and whipped again and again and then despite her severe wounds she was put back to work many other animals also have painful wounds some are hidden by saddles but there's an even darker side to this trade that tourists don't see our witnesses found that camels at the Great Pyramid and sakara come from cruel markets like this one where they're abused and beaten with sticks many are left with bloody faces camels are even struck on the testicles finally when they're no longer useful they're sent for slaughter if you've ride animals you're fueling this extreme abuse please travel responsibly do not ride animals and if you know people who are traveling to Egypt please share this video with them immediately thank you

31 thoughts on “Horrific Animal Abuse Caught on Camera at One of the Seven Wonders of the World

  1. She said “Please don’t ride animals.” I don’t think there’s anything wrong with riding animals as long as it’s done in a humane fashion. But this is disgusting.

  2. Are they dumb they deserve to rot in hell your a sick person IF YOU THINK THIS IS OK AND FUNNY ITS NOT OK???????? I HOPE YOU GET YOUR FACE AND BODY BEAT IN AND I HOPE YOU GET PULLED BY YOUR MOUTH

  3. Isso é infame, triste, grotesco e tudo de ruim. E os turistas compactuam com isso. Não dão a mínima, só querem saber do seu prazer e serem servidos. Isso tudo é ridículo e horrendo. E as autoridades competentes não estão nem aí. ????????????

  4. With their total lack of empathy and disregard for the welfare of animals, I would hazard a guess that they treat women the same way. I have no doubt that most of those men, if not all of them, are muslims with fanatical views of Islam and the disproportionate hatred for nonbelievers. What more can be expected from twisted little minds of people brainwashed since birth?

  5. Do not go to these countries as tourists please!!!!!!!!!Islam religion of piece and respect my ass fuck them all these people i wish they will vanish from face of this Earth

  6. jesus eu sei que o senhor está nos céus no teu trono olha esses seres humanos o que eles fazem por dinheiro crueldade com esses animais quanta maldade misericórdia

  7. Iam not being racist but all the time an animal is abused it's always by an Indian person a hillbilly and Chinese people

  8. can we whipped/beaten these abusers testicles as well? like wot they did to these poor animal.. many times

  9. ?????I coudnt watch it.so horrific…those people shouldn't die a decent death..their souls will rot in hell..curse upon them

  10. If this country Egypt is innately cruel, all showing-off beating Without shame! Don't go there. Egyptians can "dry up" & die!!!! Don't need to see pyramids. In books pictures is plenty enough.

  11. I really hope that poor horse that collapsed and was abused to get back up is now at peace in the next life. No more suffering. I wish death for these animals quickly if they can’t be rescued.

  12. Ishlamic radical pepoles are not kind for animals stop cruelty against animals. Shame On Egypt Country Govt.

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