Horn Dog?!

(audience cheers) (upbeat music) (audience hoots) (woman laughs) I can’t wait till its over just to get back in there and have my own pickle chip fest. (audience laughs) It’s time for Ask Wendy, come on…ha…how you doin’? How you doin’? Are you having fun? come on. Yes, I am having lots of fun. What’s you name? Where you from? What do you do? My name’s Vanessa. I’m from Cortlandt Manor and I work for the New York City Fire Department as a lieutenant. What’s Cortlandt Manor? (Audience cheers) Cortlandt Manor is up in West Chester, up… Upper West Chester? Yeah. Okay, how can I help you? You work for the Fire Department? Yes. Do you slide the pole? (audience laughs) Well, my husband’s, not the Fire Department’s. (audience hoots)
Oh, wow. [Male In Audience] Yes! (audience laughs) All right, so, how can I help you? Speaking of. Ha ha. Okay. So, I’m new to empty nesting. And my husband’s become a bit of a horn dog. So he wants sex all the time. Wait, did you just say you’re a lieutenant? Yes, I am. So, lieutenant?
Uh-huh. Okay, okay. (audience laughs)
Yeah. Okay, and what does he do? He does the same thing except I’m the boss and he’s not. (audience hoots) And the kids are out of house? Kids are gone, it’s party time. And so, but, you have longer days than him ’cause you’re the boss? I do, I have longer days. And so you get home draggin’? Yeah. And all he’s doin’ is pushin’. Um um. Nudgin’ at you, yes? Uh-huh. Yes.
Okay, here we go. Which is not a bad thing. Yes. Except I need more energy for that. So I want to kinda like give him what he wants, you know, so I’m trying to figure out, how can I boost my libido? Or, you know, how can I let him down a little gently, maybe tomorrow and not today? (audience laughs softly) What do you suggest? I don’t know, I’m not the doctor, I mean… (audience laughs) I gotta, I gotta tell you something. Dr. Drew was here yesterday and he was talking about talking to our doctor’s about testosterone, if you were watching the show. You know, talk to your doctor about something. But, in the mean time, you and your husband sound like an adorable life. Just, you know, just tell, put him off, check with your doctor, and hold down the fort. (upbeat music)

79 thoughts on “Horn Dog?!

  1. Are u on any artificial contraception ?. Artificial Hormones in your body are horrible for your body. It dries up ur vagina and sex drive. Try NFP ♥️

  2. She’s actually complaining about her husband wanting her ? Honey you better rise to the occasion and appreciate your man’s smh

  3. Vanessa you better get some KY Jelly and give your man what he wants, before a younger thing gives it to him, then you'll be crying !!!!

  4. Let's all come togeather on every wendy YouTube videos and start the "Let's make Norman Teeth Whiter" challenge! Can we all make a comment and help this brotha out.

  5. I think exercise would help…it increases oxygen and blood flow and a multi-vitamin would help. A good supplement to try is maca powder also.

  6. Women's multivitamins over 50 should give you plenty of energy. Walk during your breaks and lunches to build energy.

  7. Wendys implants are contributing to lymphedema and causing her to get that old lady slouch. Its making getting around harder and disproportionate to the rest of her body. New downsized ones would be perfect fit for her size. That 1980s Pamela Anderson flat butt big boobs look is way played out .

  8. If you have a passion for your hubby- Dammit, FIND a WAY ..I wish you the best!🙏👏👏👏 He WANTS YOU!!💕💕💕👸

  9. Why why why, just why would this lady bring this on the world wide web and national tv??? How does she face her work colleagues the next day?? Hahaha Im curious

  10. people put too much pressure on themselves and their partner when it comes to sex. Like, go and find a hobby or something. Figure out a way to make more money. But the corniest thing people can with their free time is have sex.

    'Sex is the poor man's opera. '' — George Bernard Shaw

  11. If I had a husband that doesn't understand no – I would leave, for real. A woman is a human being with feelings, not a porn doll.

  12. Gurrrrlllllll you not fucking him right then…. He should be more than satisfied… AND you should know how to get him off when you need a quick fix and then you can give that and be done

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