Hope For Paws tutorial: How to save a dog using a humane trap.

hi guys I'm Lisa Arturo from hopeful paws Animal Rescue and today I am going to show you how to safely and effectively trap a dog first there's a few safety issues if you legal to trap a dog and leave the trap unattended so make sure when you do this that you park about 50 yards away or you check on the trap every 30 minutes also you don't want to get a raccoon or coyote so it's really important that you're attending the trap secondly you want to make sure that the trap is on flat surface it's on flat ground you don't want it to tip over or there's any rocks underneath it you want to make sure it's flat and third don't cover it with a blanket or newspaper the dogs will feel much safer walking into the trap if it can see right through it so this happens to be the medium-sized trap they come small medium large and extra large this is really great for any dogs between 10 and 40 pounds so this is the front of the trap what you're going to do is get the two rings on the side and you're going to slowly bring them up when you get three-quarters of the way up you're going to open up the door I like to put my shoulder on it so secure and right here there's a little lever it has to be exactly perpendicular you can see it's the shape of a cross and the leg is lifted when the dog gets in he or she is going to put their paw on the legs and then this door will drop just like this once the trap is set you want to make sure you put towels or blankets on the inside because the dogs don't really like to put their paws on this grate and you just want to make it comfortable for them this is the back of the trap you want to make sure that this is locked in place so with the dog triceps drift it's tossed it won't be able to open it if it's like this it lifts all the way up you just want to make sure that the back of the trap is lost so now I'm going to set the trap with the food we like to use bacon double cheeseburgers or chicken don't use dry dog food or something weird like sardines or cat food to trap a dog use something yummy and delicious like a rotisserie chicken or cheeseburger now remember the majority of the food needs to go in the back of the trap you want to make sure it hits the mechanism now I'm going to use a couple of little pieces to entice the dog little trail out the great idea to take a few piece eise's and drop it around the trap display the dog can sniff its way around nothing bad is going to happen to it and we feel safe you can steam through the trap it gets curious and wants to step in so this is Milo he is going to be our stunt doggy for the day have you ever been in a YouTube video yeah Milo you did it and that is how you chop a dog laughs green if you're going to trap a stray it's never a good idea to open up any of these doors and take the dog out now there's two handles right here the whole top gets ripped and put into your car and taken directly to a vet's office so the animal could receive medical care and it's an estate closed building a room thanks for watching you

22 thoughts on “Hope For Paws tutorial: How to save a dog using a humane trap.

  1. Good to see that dogs don’t get the cheap microwave hamburgers But the yummy double cheese burgers with bacon.

  2. I’m gonna try using this to trap stray/Feral cats that show up in my hay barn. Then get them spayed/neutered or return to owner. And see if I can get them a home otherwise just release them back into the Wild (far away from my barn so they don’t attack my own cats again or so I don’t catch the same ones)

  3. I have been working with local rescues to trap a dog for over a year she is not your average pooch she is very smart but this gave me some great ideas thanks

  4. Excellent tutorial.
    Lisa rocking her acting skills (check her out on IMDB) to help save more woozles (dogs) and pooties (cats).

  5. I don't know how stupid youtubers have millions of subscribers but people like hope for paws have 3 million subscribers. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT, DONATE !!!! 5 DOLLAR OUT OF YOUR POCKET WOULDN'T HURT!!! PLEASE CONTINUE DOING AMAZING WORK, KEEP SAVING LIVES LIKE YOUR DOING RIGHT NOW. MUCH LOVE TO HOPE FOR PAWS ❤️.

  6. I would love to trap Lisa. Jk she's definitely not my type. I shoot dogs or anything that reminds me of a wolf had a bad experience. So dogs, big cat, coyotes, shaved beavers I gotta eat em sorry, meant shoot em. Love you Lisa. Muah.

  7. I dont like what your doing to those little babies.you cant force the dogs to go with you.probably their mom is looking for food.

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