49 thoughts on “Hope For Paws rescues a mom and a puppy living in a trash can. Please share.

  1. For those who stole the puppies from their mom and left her alone with her last son, just go burn in hell !!!

  2. You guys are so nice and sweet by helping those dogs thank you❤
    Oh and am I the only one that was crying
    Like if you cried to

  3. I mean on one hand I feel bad that the babies got taken and that they left behind the mom and one of them, separating the family. But then again maybe they were really just wanting to help and now maybe those pups are living a great life, just like these dogs are now. Just my thoughts.

  4. Why didn't they take the rest of the puppies away from the neighbors because they are not supposed to take puppies away from stray dogs I think that is illegal

  5. I think that they had should had find all her puppies and tell them that they should neaver take puppies from there mom

  6. Keep mother and her last puppy together please. Those kids should not have stolen the other puppies. No more heartbreak.

  7. Oml YOU DONT JUST STEAL SOME RANDOM DOGS PUPS AND NOT TAKE THEM WITH YOU … HOW ARE THEY GOING TO GROW UP WITH THERE ACTUAL MOTHER !!! ??That can cause a lot of mental pain to the mother . Just think about it , ….. ?

  8. You guys are the best YouTube channel I've ever seen and this video was so happy for me and it made me cry but happy tears????

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