Hope For Paws Rescue Starving Puppy Too Hurt To Move – PUPDATE!

around the world wherever there are dogs there are dogs in peril wherever there are dogs in peril there are always dogs saviors follow world animal Awareness Society cameras as we uncover heroic scenes from around the world people who can no longer stand by watching and doing nothing as innocent creatures suffer this is the dog saviors got you momma's got you [Applause] here's the thing we're in Houston Texas right now and Houston Texas like a number of other large cities in Texas are really experiencing an awful situation with stray and roving dogs and of this I come over here right I got somebody coming to bring you some food anything we have some help coming I'm gonna stay with this fella a although I'm unable to handle the animals I can't leave an animal like this so we've suspended our current survey work here in Houston and I'm just gonna spend time with this guy we have some food and someone to come to get him off the street and bring him back like until this guy just wants some affection and keeps not coming close to me slightly swat away his flies its rid of some of us my buddy that's about the best I can do I wish you could do more calmed some help get you some food dance about I'd love to give me an option cuz you look like you can use some rum put some salve on you thank you say hello to my little friend I've been calling him buddy guy I don't know why this guy wants some attention so bad and he's so exhausted he's almost killed over a dozen times so where are we gonna go well I got to see him yeah I'm Tom I'm Jenny nice to meet you and as you saw because you were the first leg in this journey you know I'm gonna cry all but it takes a team you know we have networkers we have rescues we have advocates it takes a team you know if this dog would have just been brought into the shelter and there had been no networking no resources and in my friends and that workers an ally and people reaching out to me we would have never found him we would have not been able I live in Galveston how would I have ever known about about buddy guy if you know he hadn't made social media and that that just makes it different I'm the dog intake coordinator and the medical coordinator for second chance pet so I'm very busy I'm not just scrolling looking for dogs to save but my friends started tagging me and this is his post because they knew you know he was my kind of dog he is not contagious my very first dog was a Harris County Animal Shelter through the shelter and she had sarcoptic mange which is contagious but um once I I got through that and the staff here was wonderful and once you get through your first scan maybe you realize that it's it's not as it's not as bad as people think I saw a post that you shared recently about trying to get that pit bull off of Scotch tree and the freeway and Shelby's feedback on it was can somebody get this dog to Harris County or get it to bark because then we go buying time and we're able to get rescue groups out there and hopefully get the dogs adopted which their survival rate is huge so when people think it's better to leave dogs on the side of the road or not pick them up that somebody will help them that's not the case so getting him in here we had time in a networked we had got him off the heat of the streets who knows how long he would have survived out there and then with our resources with my friend Cathy Smith who told me about Shelby we're able to get all this promoted so because rescue groups bring dogs to the county shelter does not mean as a death sentence [Applause] he might squeal Tom I never learned how to do microchips so that I don't have to it may not even hurt he's pretty good even know he's a medicine that my cat foster friends were tagging me all over the place thank you nice to meet you all Papageno you're gonna grow big as he did he need to be her buddy Oh God coming from Harris County so Texas City huh no para Houston this variant has to yesterday oh I don't know they put it in a page over here and I was like and I didn't know I didn't know this this guy's friendly this is some great French for this video oh my gosh okay what you're doing which hey you don't run off with him way to do Inara yes I like CDs you're gonna burn it [Applause] helped save a life today your donation will send the world animal Awareness Society team on our next mission from all of us here at the world animal Awareness Society and W a2s films thank you for watching we'll see you next time

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  2. AMAZING! sooo heartwarming!! Im praying for you buddy guy!!?? LETS FIND HIM HIS FOREVER home!! He deserves nothing but a happy safe long life in a home!?????

  3. Pobrecito, que carita. Para mi es hermoso, mas lindo va a estar ahora cuidado con amor. Después del sufrimiento el amor que no tubo.

  4. How can we let dogs get in this shape? We need to NOT walk or drive by dogs without helping them.

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