Hope For Paws – Epic CAT rescue down a 60ft. long pipe! Please share.

is a cat there and there are kittens there yeah she's definitely okay this is the nightmare just be careful wherever you're stepping cuz there many snails on the crown deer I'm sorry in this is pushing puppy yeah for a person who's [Applause] amazing okay all right star driving now we're missing all the duct tape right now okay we got the mom okay so now Kyle I think that if you'll use a thicker boot add another blanket Thor it'll just like a piston you'll just push them but you have to go very slow I think they're at least three there all right dive in one more did to get nothing there's a tail right now no more all right okay okay I think this is good I think it'll work just like a piston all right let's start machine slow wait wait slow slow slow wait you're already in contact with them telling me to be to contact with them yeah go just very slowly go no not yet not yet keep pushing slowly you're good you're doing very well they're only there on leads keep going same speed okay wait no pull out and then push back in pull the car a little bit tiny bit more pull boat car car car car keep going but no no Kevin pokey pushing slowly they're so covered with leaves and it's a complete feel on this whole tube cool car all the way all the way push push all right get ready blanket okay wait wait there we go okay Joanne grab one Lisa grab one Loretta there it is I think we got hey wait don't pull out yet don't pull out dum boom okay but nothing I don't think she's she's a feral cat she meows yeah she's the option we can figure it out cooker you

42 thoughts on “Hope For Paws – Epic CAT rescue down a 60ft. long pipe! Please share.

  1. Thanks for your hard work to them, I am also dreaming to be same as you in my future. I also want to help all the cats and dogs in my country like you. I am from Hong Kong and would like to say hi to everybody who love animals and this channel. Cheers. Jacky

  2. animals are healthy so they don't need to be rescued
    . what was the purpose in this video
    . this videos name should be "fake heroes

  3. The cat didn't need rescue. It had found a safe home in the pipe for its kittens and could have got out withought help

  4. The kittens say were very thankful for your help,food,mommy and our siblings
    And im very ty for you all when i old i wanna safe cats until my life ended

  5. Neko助けてくれてありがとう!涙こぼれました。本当にありがとうございます

  6. Just so you guys know its not always gonna be a happy ending?. Because on 1 of the episode's of Hope for paws….. a little pup named ivy (Female) suffered in pain of some kind of infection?, and it was heart breaking?. Leave a like? and check out that video.?‍♀️

  7. A great no-kill shelter for cats is Cat Adoption Team, they don’t take in strays, sadly, but they take amazing care of their feline friends. My mom and I volunteered there for a bit. They’re very nice and they love helping out with adoption.

  8. 谢谢你们,爱心无限,想捐赠你们,可是这里不准许,看你们的视频也是偷偷的看。

  9. OK, but serious question: if these are healthy ferals in a nice safe nest, why do they need moving? TNR?

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