Homemade DOG Toothpaste ⭐ ONLY 2 Ingredients ⭐ Natural, Safe & YUMMY!

welcome to another dog vlog edition DIY dog toothpaste addition to ingredients that you likely have in your home right meow and then final step is brush your dog's teeth here we go yep yep yep oh yeah meeow meeow meeow meeow me never use human toothpaste i even highly recommend just using a DIY all-natural dog friendly toothpaste versus even a commercially purchased one just just to avoid chemicals and another thing that I do to make sure that their teeth are always clean and will be clean in the future to avoid having to do dentals and going under anesthesia is feeding them raw meaty bones as a supplement appropriate for their size again raw not cooked and if you have questions on how to pick the right raw meaty bone for your dog comment below and I'd be happy to do a video on that the key thing there is that it's raw and that it's the appropriate size and that you for your dog and they're chewing ability and their size as well as you need to throw it away once the meat and the marrow is eaten but it is an amazing tooth but toothbrush again the wild that's how their teeth stay so clean is chewing and nying on those bones but I digress thank you guys so much for watching this video the dogs are very appreciative and if you love rescue puppies and you want to help us save all the dogs by promoting fostering and rescuing and proper dog nutrition then give this video a big thumbs up and click that subscribe button and I hope that you have a bu oh and don't forget to follow our instagram at dude it's been a lot of y'all are jumping over there and sending me DMS and it's been really awesome to connect with you guys on a more intimate level and have a good day device

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