Homemade Dog Food for Yorkies Recipe

hey guys welcome back to top dog tips my name is samantha and today i want to talk to you guys about making homemade dog food for yorkshire terriers your keys are tricky dogs cookie you know they're a very small breed but they're also very energetic they want to hear to those needs you want to make sure that your dog has the nutrients that he or she needs to get the energy that they they or he has but you also want to make sure that because you're not so small that you're not over feeding and they're getting additional nutrients too much fat extra calories things like that so this is a whole new dog food for your keys of course if you are thinking about something to openly drop the diet the first thing you want to do is people your veterinarian or a t90 Christmas you never want to put your dog to a homemade diet without consulting them and the reason for that is that every dog nutritional needs are different what works for one work sure carrier isn't going to work for all of them nutrition for jobs isn't just a blanket that we can say large dogs needs it small dogs means if this breed needs this kind of nutrition and a different reading this kind of nutrition is something that's really if it's really pinpointed to each individual's things like age weight breathe energy level overall health and well-being you know any kind of health conditions that your dog might have something as small or you may think as small as like periodontal disease is something as large as a heart condition all of those things can be controlled and helps the nutrition has benefit everything from you know weight management to major health conditions so you really want to work with your gut even if you think that you just have your average typical Yorkie I mean want to just have a chat with them to make sure that this diet is going to work so let's jump right into it now that we've gone with a little disclaimer this is my only job for rookies what you're going to need is a medium sized pot and you want to clip your your stove – whoa and then I also have my food processor in here I already have one cup of kale one cup of sweet potatoes and one cup of broccoli these vegetables are broth so I am Telling You just for I need a little bit a microprocessor oh I'm going to go ahead and just pulverize ezel really quickly one thing you do want to make sure before your your key is that everything's bite-sized you want to be doing big chunks of meat or vegetables or anything like that because your Yorkie is a few kilos and digest them easily so these are three types of vegetables here and and I taught so now it's on low heat I'm going to add and you see my videos before you know careful is make an appearance when I'm cooking so I'm going to add one pound of lean ground turkey ground turkey the various new unique opportunity of your TV protein he or she needs without all of that added that that you'll find in meat like ground beef this is our little cat Elsa so she is smelling I have one can of mackerel here so I'm going to add that and you want to strain just dream some of the liquid out of that pan of mackerel so that is one cup of stirring up sorry one can of mackerel dreams no you can just begin I have one pound of chicken liver and I actually buy this it's a little over half like 1.25 pounds and I buy it just like this so that I don't have to I'm at all that this is a very little bit because like I said one point two five pounds so I buy Legba and then you don't have to raise up price it gets in hand we can add our 3 cups of variety vegetable and again I use 1 cup of sweet potatoes 1 cup of kale and 1 cup of broccoli so just one look tonight saris eyes so yeah I use the 1 cup of sweet Sepideh 1 cup of kale 1 cup of broccoli to even use 3 cups of a different vegetable if your dog really likes green beans carrots squash it was substitute squatching so to sweet potato we can do that just 3 cups of vegetables and then 2 eggs I also have 2 cups of brown right and that's dry so that you didn't cook up to be a lot more than that but 2 cups of dry brown rice and you're probably thinking to yourself you know this is not going to cook well because there's no liquid we aren't going to add water I just add water at the very end and you'll see why in a minute so I'm just going to kind of stir it get around and get that rice mixed in a little bit look as I still everywhere you guys are frequently watching my video recipes you know that I am a message cook the last ingredients that I'm going to add a by from the water is about two cloves of garlic and now I'm using chalk garlic but you can use fresh garlic it's pepper so now all your ingredients are and some people do ask me about garlic because they've heard that it's not good for dogs walls are the Kazan good for dogs in large quantities it's actually very beneficial in small business and as you can tell from the amount of food that you're making two cloves of garlic is a very small amount the garlic that I use it's 1 teaspoon equal it's about half a teaspoon equal to close the one teaspoon is where I added to this large amount of food so it's not a large amount it's actually very healthy for your dog again talk to your vet or your seen a nutritionist if you have questions but if you look into their research on garlic for dodged is actually beneficial in small quantities so I know you have all your ingredients added in there you just want cover they put it in here because it is going to be easy to pour and it's actually making it that you're not you just want to cover it with water and then you're going to way to a boil on low heat stir it occasionally let it simmer until you're right in your protein sources because you have lots of proteins versus the ground turkey you have the chicken liver so you want to make sure that those are cooked your vegetables are going to be cooked through their cut into very small pieces now so they should cook through in no time you'll also have that natural in here so lots of different protein sources give everything time to cook it should take between 30 minutes and 45 minutes she's got once it's boiling remember either break to a boil first and just keep stirring it occasionally those things don't stick to the bottom of your pot but it's all going to miss in there nicely and it cook and this is your dog food board or easier homey drops with breweries when you see this you see a half a cup for three and a half pounds that your Yorkie is a 1 cup for 7 pounds if your dogs not he's a new the math on that to get the ratio for your size your key so one cup for seven pounds half a cup per every three and a half pounds if you have any questions on this recipe or dog food for your feet feel free to email me Samiha at hot dogs is calm you can find our information on our website as well and if you're watching this on Facebook or YouTube social media make sure you like us to follow up subscribe to our YouTube channel and you'll be kept up to date with all of the videos that I post every week thanks for watching guys I'll be back next time

32 thoughts on “Homemade Dog Food for Yorkies Recipe

  1. Report this stupid woman think about the people who didnt know about garlic, how many dogs gonna have health issues because this video

  2. Why even add garlic? Aside from the fact that it’s not good for dogs to eat. You shouldn’t be okay that this video is on the Internet. People will use this recipe and harm their animal

  3. If you are going to make a homemade Yorkie food recipe video, you should include a few words of the benefits of each ingredient. What you did was throw everything in the pot type stews and cooked out all the nutritional value of all the vegetables and greens. All the meat should have been cooked in a different pot, the fish cooked separately too. All the vegetables and greens in another pot, this insures that everything is cooked properly, and then mix it all together. You never said how to preserve it nor how long will it keep fresh. It was a good idea just badly executed. Good luck next time

  4. Garlic and onion aware extremely toxic to dogs!! Do not feed them this. I have been studying to be a vet for 3 years and there are so many cases of dogs dying because of garlic

  5. Cheers for the Video clip! Sorry for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you thought about – Parlandealey Pets Yummy Process (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is a great one of a kind product for discovering healthy recipes for dog food minus the headache. Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate after a lifetime of fighting got excellent results with it.

  6. Hmmmmm… Our vet said dogs cannot digest turkey and in particular, small dogs. She says that's one of the biggest mistakes pet owners make and when I spoke with her about making our baby's food she said that turkey and pork should NOT be given to Yorkies. You might want to check with yours if you haven't already. Other than that, fantastic recipe! Thank you for taking time to make it!

  7. I have a 13 pound yorkie and he is actually bigger than both his parents he is more medium sized ..and he is not over fed and very heathy with his normal food..

  8. Here’s a recipe i used for my dog that works really well, they are so much healthier now!

    sweet potato
    Cooked unseasoned chicken
    Brown rice (or white whichever you prefer)
    Turmeric (i just eyeball it depending on how much i make)

    just mix that together! works great for my dogs. And it doesn’t hurt to throw an occasional egg shell in there for some calcium ?

  9. Garlic is extremely TOXIC for dogs. Lovely’s, please do not listen to this lady. for the sake of your pouch?

  10. No one should listen to a woman who uses garlic in dog food or who lets a cat walk and sit on a kitchen counter. You show outlandish ignorance.

  11. Love the video but the cat was the star of the video he had me laughing the whole time! He said oh yea mama's cooking! Lol

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