Homemade Cerelac for 6 – 12 Month Babies | Super Healthy Baby Food for 6 Month old

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42 thoughts on “Homemade Cerelac for 6 – 12 Month Babies | Super Healthy Baby Food for 6 Month old

  1. Hi Friends, we've made a play list with all single and multi grain cereals. Please take a look here! Thank you!
    https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDLlOkk8ZMnn6gLBXxjIeHrA2ywgOkBGF ???

  2. Kudos to African moms be making these at home since ages ago. It’s good and you know what your kids eat, fresh natural made with love not mass manufactured! I learned this from my mom and I make for my kids since day one of solid foods, even the apple sauce you can make yourself at home!

  3. You didn’t write out the name of the ingredient… pls help write the names, I will love to make for my son. Thanks

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  5. Now that you have made this powder, how do you cook it. It’s very important to know, because dal and rice cook at two different temperature and time in pressure cooker. Dhal takes longer to cook.
    So how much water do u add to make a small cup of serving . How much of this powder do you add?
    Then do u add it cold water n cook or u add it to boiling water m cook. Or like in cerelac u add boiling water to the powder.
    I’m confused please tell me how to make the feed

  6. ৬ মাসের বেবীকে কি বাদাম দেয়া ঠিক? হজমে প্রব্লেম হবেনা

  7. When should a 10-month-old child be given. wht should be given earlier .How often did one day pls reply mam

  8. Well I accidentally stumbled upon your channel and this video made me think what am I waiting for to subscribe. So organized, precise information that is easy to follow, relevant tips, quick videos. I am a new mom and waiting for my baby to turn 6 months to try your recipes . Overwhelmed by the healthy choices available. Keepp up the good work

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