Homeless People Speak About Political Issues in 2012 Election

hi I'm mark from invisible people dot TV and this election season we're hearing a lot of talk but not a lot of talk about homelessness and poverty from either side so I grabbed my camera and went down to Los Angeles mission and Skid Row and also here in Glendale and a homeless shelter called essence' and asked a few of our homeless friends what are the issues that are important in that Catherine you're registered nurse and you've been homeless for a while what should the politicians be focusing on in the armed programs funding for education so future generations don't end up like this what issues are most important there's an awful lot of each important issues education as I said is extremely important they'll make it so hard to pay back loans don't stomp on people for graduating college and put them in a never know paying job come on give the future generation a chance to support us old folks I mean I've worked two and three jobs at a time to support my kids they had to give up grow up and join the military and share their you know future almost lost a son in Iraq twice and now he's having problems getting the government to pay for his education so what are the issues that they're not talking about this year they're not okay I feel like they need to put more emphasis on low-income housing and people people need to have a roof over their head you keep pushing people around into the street taking their homes away from them taking their livelihood day away from them there's not enough jobs and if they are you know you're not being allowed to apply for them for whatever reason then you're being knocked down before you even get there Jeffrey you're living in a homeless shelter but you have a job what should politicians be talking about that you feel they're not the first thing is reinstating the glass-steagall Act to separate the investment part of the bank with the actual consumer part because the wall street is is it's like a big club and it's fixed the biggest thing is putting people to work you know and is there are you know is I think we need to create incentives for American companies to create American jobs Wanda you're living in a homeless shelter you're working homeless working for it you have a job what issues are important to you that you're not hearing politicians talk about medical medical that's a big issue for me because I work part time and it's like I just qualified for medical so I mean you know for people that are homeless you know they cannot they can't get medical anymore you know what I mean it's hard schools you know they got that California has so much resource and we're always helping other countries we need to help California you know look at all the people that are homeless down there sleeping on sidewalks on Skid Row you know it shouldn't be like that Nikki and Scot you're homeless down here on Skid Row what is the issues in this election that you're not hearing we're not hearing anything the only the only thing we hear is when we try to try to ask for for help or or anything it's it's it's just getting turned down time after time after time we hear nothing about no election nothing that's going on in the government nothing so what's the news so you've been on the streets now three days that's a huge issue that people aren't informed and the people that the matter of the monster are I believe are are the people that are on the streets that that don't have anything so that that can contribute the most and and those are the ones that aren't going to vote exactly exactly and you did have to know who to vote for and it seems like you only hear about the good stuff and all the promises which nowadays have more concerned with surviving oh yeah what issues are important to you in the upcoming lecture I will be a homeless pledges on the 31st of this month and trying time low-cost housing difficult here mainly cleaning up our streets and helping the homeless find places to the reportable dinner that can be affordable to them and just helping people in general getting their lives together the most important to me is would be educational with a question for everybody you know more life and because we were education we can overcome any poverty we're here on Skid Row what are the important issues in this upcoming election the economy giveme economy back rights for the for the unfortunate for the poor for the middle class but a class that thought they want the middle class you know furthermore as housing you know helping people keep keep their houses that people that lost their houses and stuff and basically for a lot of these single mothers with kids you've seen a lot more single moms with kids down here on Skid Row yes sir and if something need to be addressed with that issue insurance medical insurance healthy it's important to me and employment not necessarily in those order but those are important issues things what's the most important especially we're down here on Skid Row me employment it's the most important what I feel I should be more about you know more job opportunities more uh no sports and stuff for the kids to have something to do to keep the community more busy you know to keep you know a lot of you know violence off the streets and stuff like that well just come that I think I think job opportunities because coming from the inner city if we have more jobs opening them you know that give you know the youngsters that's coming out of school our opportunity to go get you know a job before the summer time or after the summer time and so you and that not only what a job will be good for the youngsters even for the other people that stop the crime rate you know we don't have to go out there and sell sell drugs or be incarcerated in jail or prison due to the lack of finances to try to feed our families you're a veteran down here on Skid Row yes sir what's the important issues in this upcoming election what they should be or what they are what they should be what they should be is taking care of Oh take care of our own it's not worrying about going to war with other countries and worry about the United States about what's going on here I mean we have a war right here within ourselves in which we should be concerned about instead of worried about overseas and bring our jobs back from overseas and keep our jobs right here because we got more humble people people without jobs I mean if we're worried about other countries when we need to worry about ourselves yeah basically sometimes they wanted they want to talk about the homeless people and their conditions and stuff like that but a person is not going to allow you to help them unless you help their condition first so it's basically their condition that needs to help first so if it's a person that that needs housing these are the people that need housing if there's a person that need health care they need health care and then you can speak to them but you can't speak to a person unless you deal with their housing I mean their condition for have you heard it any politicians talk about any of this well no basically I think basically they're talking about more health care I'm hoping that the talks they speak more about health care more than they're doing that there then there then there are there political there political issues right about now they're trying to tell them tell us how better they are than the other than the other guy instead of just pressing the issues about what's happening now in the United States and basically what's happening now people are using losing their homes you know people are losing their jobs and they're becoming homeless so that's the that's the last issue right now it's on it so after you finished with the homelessness and you didn't with their their conditions and their problems then you can meet the community and say okay well I'm the right guy to elect but if you don't meet if if you don't meet those issues I don't think that it's proper for you to talk about you know that you need to be elected if if you're not helping the people that's trying to elect you what I think is the most important that I learned from trying to produce this segment which is one of the hardest segments that I've ever had to produce was how many homeless people just don't vote and I would assume this not just homeless people it's a lot of low-income people and really probably even a lot of middle class people and the reason is they feel powerless more you know everybody's hurting these days the economy's not better jobs not better and people are like why vote the other big issue that I ran into was many of our homeless friends just aren't informed a street homeless obviously are you know there don't have steady access to the internet or television so many of them just didn't know the issues and sheltered homeless like here in the shelter inocencia you know there's one television for forty people and at night they're watching movies so they're not watching the Republican convention or the Democratic convention and they're not watching the nightly news so they're really uninformed and I think that's something that we have to change I mean people in poverty and people that are homeless are the ones that need change the most they really need their voice heard in this election and future elections but they're so hurting and they're so beat down they just don't care and to me the real crisis and I was shocked I mean during this production I worked on it for about two weeks and interviewed hundreds of people and by far majority of them just said I don't vote I don't care I'm homeless why should I care one gentleman said last time I voted was Clinton and after I became homeless and it doesn't matter anymore so as a society we really need to focus on empowering people that don't have much influence to have more influence you

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  1. It's because if they can't help us yes us cuz I'm homeless also to live in shelter if they can't help us why should we vote for them we're already practically there slaves in life

  2. Oh, and to finish my rant. Given the knowledge that if every country participated in industry/production of goods, there would be an excess of products which would go to waste and thus profit wasted too. Therefore, the global economy is a bad joke. As we become more reliant on technology to do what humans used to do, displacing jobs, a few become so efficient that the many are forced to suffer and be snuffed out. Elites know these truths but their unending greed may be their downfall, ours too.

  3. Those in poverty can't spend their money on the massive service industry we rely on. So in sending jobs over seas, job loss causing poverty, poor unable to spend money at the same places which sent away their jobs, now the very corps which threw away jobs will suffer from the death of the middle class. How poetic.

  4. …In doing so, high school educated and below who are able bodied still lose jobs. Many are forced through the education system (again) and take on loans at criminal interest. Even after graduation they are indebted 10 or more years into the future. Corps, having sent jobs elsewhere, create an opening for poverty.

  5. Agreed. However the industrial process is a world over problem. Example: Each country could not possibly hope to be financially stable if the production of the world were to be shared and the benefits of this as well. Our world leaders recognize this truth but the corporations are winning a battle which will result in self destruction. Corps want jobs over seas because they are cheaper, the lobby congress in this endeavor.

  6. …There will always be those who put themselves in the hole. But in making generalizations that because a few are their own worst enemy, they must all be like that, we peg all homeless as lazy drug addicts who prefer to do the bare minimum. We could also go the lazy route ourselves and blame them for their drug addiction. Or we could come up with solutions and preventative methods so that less educated individuals do not get addicted in the first place. But as I said, it's easier to blame them.

  7. Those are legitimate questions but the way in which you ask them insinuate that you've already come to some sort of conclusion on the matter. A long time ago I was critical of the homeless. I figured it was their own fault. I was much younger then and it was the leanings of my parents who facilitated those ideas. Per my own experiences I realized this was false, misleading, inaccurate generalizations.

  8. Of course they don't care. I wouldn't either. I could give two sh*ts about politics when I'm living day to day like that, no way of knowing where I'll rest my head. How can one even be involved in the forum of debate when one is altogether more concerned about when their next meal is or when they might catch a break? Sure, some of them might not care regardless of their situation and I believe in part this is from a lack of education. Knowing what's important is not always an innate trait.

  9. This is fucking disgusting. In Australia you usually have to have a mental illness to be homeless. Not always the case but you usually find the homeless are those who can't be managed by the system. For just one person who is totally compos mentis to be homeless is a big deal. You have millions. Your system is broken people. I know ours isn't the greatest but WTF???

  10. Why vote? Because your vote truly does NOT count, the whole process is rigged through the Diebold easily hacked voting machines. You as a voter have a right to elect the president of your choice, however, you don't have the right to select one. Our presidents are selected by powerful elites who have neither yours nor my best interests in mind. Obama will unfortunately be the next president. Why? Because the selectors, the puppetmasters, want his puppet self in there. Good luck.

  11. Mark, as always, thanks for your work. Your last statement sums it nicely: we indeed need to empower all potential voters, rich and poor alike, to assert equitable influence as per the ideals of American democracy. I hope this video (and all your others, especially during this and every election time) will reach many eyes and ears and bring some clarity to the issues most important to those in real need.

  12. Listen to these people trying to survive, then listen to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan talk about 47% of the population being unworthy freeloaders who deserve nothing. Something is wrong here. Our government needs to stop sending jobs and aid to other countries and do something for Americans.

  13. Isn't homelessness a result of a bad economy? There was a time when just about everyone had a job; high paying, low paying, and everything in between. Even a person with no education could work, immigrants, everyone. A lot of those relatively decent paying jobs have been phased out or are obsolete. So many jobs have been shipped overseas. To me this is the problem. Solve the problem of homelessness by putting ALL Americans back to work. Keep the jobs here and the problem is solved.

  14. These politicians are always going on about the middle class. Truth is, there is no middle class,only rich and poor. The poor don't have lobbyists or high priced tax lawyers, just vids like this which very few people watch.

  15. This was a realllllly good video. I would think education and low income housing is the most important thing out of all those issues. Especially the low income housing because when it comes to homeless people, once you have a place you can start from then everything else can fall in place. That's why they are called "homeless" and not something else, being without a home leaves you with hardly any chances and changes your priorities to just straight up survival rather than being able to advance.

  16. This, IMO, is one of your best videos, Mark. You hit the nail on the head – these people are so beat down, so busy trying to get shelter/food, that they couldn't care less about the election. Why care? Voting for the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil. When I was out there, I didn't have access to TV, and I didn't know what was going on in 'the world' either. Then again, 'the world' didn't know what was going on with me.

  17. We in the US need to start getting factories up and running again. Please change the Laws that prevent this. Once they have factories to make clothes, etc. then they can afford a home, etc.

  18. There seems to be a lot of older people that are homeless which says to me the system went wrong somehwere decades ago and has only gotten worse. I think most people just expect for older people to be more stable and that's clearly not the case in this economy.

  19. as a struggling 28 year old male trying to get off disability to work, in my eyes bills are much more important than voting for president. 1 out of 2 guys are going to win, and in 4 years things really wont change much. A bill can last forever .. which is why I wont and will not vote for president in my life.

  20. Hello Mark, I've been watching since I guess "Steve in Hollywood" and I'm still watching of course. It certainly looks as though a job (a well paying job) is the surest route to having a home but since even many recent college grads can't get a job, I'm pretty pessimistic. If this country had free health care for everybody, I'd be a lot less pessimistic. I think homelessness, more than anything, damages people's health. And the future of health care in this country is bleaker and bleaker.


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