Home & Lawn Pest Control : How to Prevent Pigeons

Hi I’m Jim Harmon, California Pest Management
here in sunny Southern California, we’re here to talk about pigeon control and how to keep
pigeons off your house. Well we use a good example here of this garage we have right
here behind me, where you see the overlap of the peak of the garage with the front roof
line. Now that creates a couple of nice little pockets, where these pigeons they like to
go inside a little secured niche. Remember the pigeons are originally rock doves, they
started in England and Europe, and these animals are use to living on sides of cliffs, that’s
why they love our houses. Now typically the birds will go to the highest house or building
in the neighborhood if they’re going to be in an area, but for this example we use this
area here. What you want to do to stop them from gaining access into that and get them
off the building, is first eliminate their nest spots. So a professional is going to
have to come in, you can try it if you want yourself, but mind you this is a very difficult
and very intricate work that has to be done. The area has to be closed off where you see
the alcoves of each side of that peak, that way the pigeons have no place to go and hang
out and get out of the weather. How to stop them from sitting on top of the building up
on the peak itself and pooping all over the side? There’s a lot of products out there
that can do that, but you’re not going to be able to scare them away with owls, the
mechanical owls, the plastic owls that just sit there, they don’t really work very well
unless you keep moving them around and you have a population of pigeons that’s not stationary
in the neighborhood.

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