Home & Lawn Pest Control : How to Make Deer Repellent

Hi, I’m Jim Harmon, California Pest Management.
Hey, we’re going to be making some deer repellent today. Now, if you’ve got deer coming on to
your property and that’s a nice thing, but if they’re starting to feed on your shrubs
and your small bushes, much less getting into your garden, now we need them to move on and
do their thing some place else. So, like any good cook I got all my items ready to go.
We’ve got one egg, already in our bowl. Now, we’re going to put one quart of water in with
that. In addition to a quart of water, got one cup skim milk. And always make sure you read your recipe
as you’re going along. You don’t ever want to not forget to do that because you’re going
to be screwing up probably. So, as we’re going we have two tablespoons of cooking oil. We
have olive oil around the house so we’ll use that. This just helps get everything and it
keeps it in solution. Then we’re going to be using a little bit of dish soap. One, two
tablespoons of dish soap, so at least now the measuring spoon is going to be clean.
Now, if you have it you can put a little bit of chili oil or any kind of essence of jalapeno,
habanero, something really hot because we want the deer to taste this and just be revolted
by it. So, we’re going to use a little bit of cayenne pepper. Now, be careful when you’re
pouring the cayenne pepper. Don’t get it in your nose because you will be sneezing forever.
So, we’re going to take our nice little mixer and mix everything up real nice. You can use
a blender for this too. Makes it a little easier. Now, we’ve got a nice little mix.
We pour this into our hand sprayer and we go out and spray anywhere you need to. You
can use a hand sprayer. We’re going to use a little trigger sprayer for ours because
we only have a limited area, but if you have a lot of property you could even put this
into a power sprayer and run around and do where you gotta go.

4 thoughts on “Home & Lawn Pest Control : How to Make Deer Repellent

  1. made a similar mix today, i added vinegar and crushed garlic a bit more cayenne and put in sun for a bit to sour up, it should work, stuff u buy is 40$ for mostly water.. this will work.. smells bad lol, guna make some for my pops cuz hes always buyin bobex or deer off.. same stuff as homemade, try it

  2. How often should this be applied? Also, is it harmful to flowers and plants? A deer repellent would be useless if it kills all my vegetation.

  3. Will this stay on plants after you water them? Our deer just ate my hostas and day lillies flowers. Thanks

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