Home & Lawn Pest Control : How to Keep Dogs Out of Your Yard

Hi, I’m Jim Harmon, I’m with California Pest
Management here in California. We’re going to talk a little bit today about if you have
dogs coming into your yard and how to stop that. Most of the time the dogs are being
walked by their owners and a lot of times it’s the owners that you have to deal with
not just the dogs to get them to stop letting their dog go up into your yard, especially
your front yard and poop and then they walk away without cleaning it up. Nothing is more
irritating than to walk out to your nice, shiny, clean car and have dog urine all over
the chrome wheels. How to stop this. Work with the people in your neighborhood, they’re
the ones that have to keep their dogs off your yard or simply put a fence up. Now the
dogs that are roaming loose, those need to be captured and taken away. There’s really
nothing that’s going to stop a dog from going in your yard if a dog does go in and start
digging then we have a chance to stop that behavior by putting snap traps for mice in
the loose soil gently covering them, we know the dog’s going to dig there, soon as he starts
digging, it snaps his paws, mind you this has got to be a decent medium sized dog or
bigger to do this, the snap trap doesn’t hurt them enough to cause breakage but it does
teach them a lesson, this is not the place to go. Other than that, your best bet is a
good strong fence. Good luck.

28 thoughts on “Home & Lawn Pest Control : How to Keep Dogs Out of Your Yard

  1. lol snap trap…I totally understand after all the times your dog pooped my yard just sit back and watch the snap trap his paw. That'll teach em! Git er done!

  2. Wow! That was completely useless! This video could have started at 0:45 and ended at 0:47, and saved everyone one minute and sixteen seconds of their lives.

  3. The fence can only go so far!! What about the front of the house where it is not allowed to build a fence? Absolutely useless advice!!

  4. I'd like a follow up video where this guy uses a snap-trap on his hands and then his face to simulate what he intends to do to his neighbor's dogs. I'd also like to watch him continue promoting the use of snap-traps on dogs, without interruption, while they are being used on him.

  5. Points of this vid:
    Fence / barrier best bet. City not allowing fences? Use thorny plants that increase home value.
    "Wild" dogs (abandoned or owners just let roam unattended) digging? Really should call animal control, but for passive aggressive the snap traps is an option.
    Can't be bothered to confront, or confrontation ineffective (belligerent owners)? Use deterrents (sprays, powders, etc) but again best to get city/enforcement involved.

    Vids like this are uploaded to inform you of the myriad of options available and are useful especially if this situation is damaging the value of your home/property (especially if legal recourse is cost ineffective).

    Didn't work for you? Disagree with the methods? Quit keyboard warrioring and add to the conversation instead. What did you try as an alternative? Did it work? If not, what did work, or are you still having this issue?

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