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Hi, I’m Jim Harmon, with California Pest Management
here in California. We’re going to talk a little bit about moles in the landscape and
in your yard, and how to stop them. First off, the mole is a very small insect eating
creature. They are underneath the grass in the soil; swimming through it if you will,
and as they burrow they’re pushing the soil up. Now, you will see, on moles, small circular
mounds. These conical, circular mounds is where they’ve come up closer to the surface.
But, they don’t come out typically, like we see with gophers, and forage on the surface.
They like to stay below ground at all times. They can’t see very well, but their sense
of touch is incredible, and they’re well adapted for literally swimming through the soil. Now,
when we’re dealing with the moles biggest problem is control, because they don’t leave
an open tunnel that’s verily, easily accessible. Now, if you call a professional be prepared.
A mole control program is very extensive, and it takes three, or four, or five visits
from the service person. There’s only a few new products, but they’re great. Talpirid
is one of them if they call it by name. Make sure you get the right competent company to
do this. They’re going to be probing and making notes where all the new burrows are; then
come back the next day after doing all the marking and see if those burrows have been
closed back up. If they have then we have activity. They’ll put the bait inside, and
that, typically, will knock it out. Make sure though, if you have pets we don’t want the
pets getting the moles and chewing on em’, or trying to eat them because it might make
them sick. One of the other best ways to get a mole is going to be with a trap. The scissor
traps, big, ungainly, and dangerous. They are designed to shish kabob, literally, a
mole underground, so they’re under a spring tension and they shoot spikes straight down
into the soil when they the mole trips the trigger. If you have children or pets this
is definitely not the way to go. So, let’s talk a little bit about one thing you can
do. There’s an old home, old remedy of mixing up some Murphy’s Oil Soap, some cayenne pepper,
and spraying that all over our ground here. Now, I’ll read you the recipe. The recipe
calls for one cup of Murphy’s Oil Soap, with one ounce of Castor Oil, and a quarter cup
cayenne pepper, and that’s all in our nice little hose end sprayer. And what we want
to do, make sure you wear gloves when you’re handling this stuff, cause’ it is nasty and
if you got a cut it will burn, and that’s the idea. We want to spray this all over the
turf and really soak it in so that way it soaks deep into the soil. Water it in afterwards
really good for at least twenty to thirty minutes with your sprinkler system. You want
this to settle down all the way, soak into the soil so as that mole is swimming through
the soil he’s going to encounter it, sense it with his whiskers and turn the other way.
This is one of the better remedies if you don’t want to use traditional pesticides.
The sonic materials; they don’t really do a whole heck of a lot. You really need to
rely on either a professional, or take your chances with one of these. Good luck.

25 thoughts on “Home & Lawn Pest Control : How to Get Rid of Moles in Your Lawn.

  1. Hello Jim, Thanks for the video. I have a problem with the remedy. My end hose sprayer filter immediately gets plugged up.Also what do i set the adjuster rate?

  2. Lol just smash down the tunnels and every hour walk around where the tunnels were smashed. You can see them digging and pushing up soil. Then blast them with a 20 Gage shotgun. Aim right at the spot where the soil is being puhed up. I killed 4 in a day just doin that. Easy and fun.

  3. @grumpypant he said 20 gauge and I'm sure it's kept somewhere safe. giving him the benefit of the doubt of course. Many people use gun safes

  4. @flyinasscritter sounds fun but it doesn't work to well in the a city setting. People then to call the cops and they don't like people shooting guns unless it's them doing the shooting.

  5. Can't I just shoot things like squirrels in my back yard? It's three acres of land and they are kind of annoying. Very loud. If I could just shoot a few? With like a Crosman rifle? It's a pellet gun with enough firepower to kill just about every thing up to a squirrel. I shot birds in Illinois (blackbirds and other pests) without any one being mad at me but I'min California and the people here don't seem to understand the quickness of shot to the head or something. Help?

  6. Our hose end sprayer has a dial for adjusting the number of teaspoons. Where should we set it? Also, we tried using cayenne pepper before and it clogged the end. Can you help?


  7. The good thing is here! it is easy to get rid of your skin moles in a natural way in just 3 days – without the need of operation!

  8. I find it works best if you set the sprayer at 2 tablespoons per gallon. Also to keep the cayenne powder from clogging up your sprayer you can either remove the screen or, heat up enough of just the castor oil in a pot on the stove so that you can dissolve the cayenne power. Then let it cool before adding the entire mixture together.

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