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Hi I’m Jim Harmon, California Pest Management.
We’re here, believe it or not, poolside to put together a quick and dirty little chipmunk
trap. This is an old style trap, it’s very easy to put together and I’ll tell you one
thing, if you’ve got chipmunks running around your backyard driving you nuts, turning over
all your freshly planted bulbs and other plants, destroying your garden, remember they love
seeds. They just go nuts over seeds so first thing you got to do is clean up as much as
possible so they’re food is very limited. Then we’re going to use some pumpkin seeds
here. First take a gallon bucket, you can take anything but usually a gallon bucket
everyone’s got one around. Dip it in then we’re going to take our seeds, put a couple
on the surface. They’re going to float, don’t worry they got air in them, but next put a
little ramp to entice our little buddy to come on up and take a look. Take a couple
of these seeds and you’ll spread them on the ramp, I usually use a little bit of hot glue
to put them in place and put a couple down at the base so he gets the idea, hey free
food. They come in, they go for the seeds in the bucket, they can’t get back out and
they drown. Easy pest control and there’s no way anyone can get hurt besides the chipmunks.

53 thoughts on “Home & Lawn Pest Control : How to Get Rid of Chipmunks

  1. I watched a few play at a park once and their only funny at a park but their only ok at a park they must die if in a home and any animal in the rodent family do cause tons of damage

  2. @olivialpslover123 They cause thousands of dollars in property damage. I am dealing with it right now. Traps and BB guns are the only solution.

  3. I hate them because they are in my house,they chew wires and get into the walls,they have been coming in and out of my home for to long I'm happy to drown the fuckers.

  4. I've caught over 50 chipmunks with my 5 gallon bucket and black sunflower seeds. Those rodents are very destructive. Can't use a gun of ANY sort inside our city limits.

  5. I need to put some kind of smell / chemical to scare them off i dont want to kill them and have them die in the ceiling. Any suggestion less than taking a 12 gauge shotgun to them is welcome!! LOL

  6. Anyone, how can i get rid of or keep chipmunk away they are hanging out in thge ceiling above on the 1st floor of my house. They are probably getting in from a hole which I cant find. I hear them or it running from the front of the house to the back. The only openning i can see is a bathroom vent that opens when I use the fan. maybe the hose/ duct is open and they are getting in that way.

  7. How would you get rid of a chipmunks inside of a home, it is eatting thew our walls and everything. we have placed a trap down but it eats the peanut butter without triggering the trap at all, we have tryed alot of things but this one will not die. Any Idea what to do with a chipmunk who wont go away?

  8. ive tried the bottle spray for squirrels and chipmunks. didn't work. the chipmunks are taken care of, but the squirrels are tougher to manage. the squirrels seem to be fearless and act like us humans are in the way. they have chewed up my wooden fence, bird feeders, destroy certain plants, and im afraid they may try to nest in my garage.

  9. We aren't allowed to use guns inside the city. I don't think we have grey squirrels, they look brown. I have watched squirrel trap videos and may end up getting a trap. I may try rat traps first though. If you tie them down to a post, they tend to be effective. Unfortunately, my wife and I have agreed to wait a while longer before we purchase a dog.

  10. I like the idea of a trap door cage, but where I live, you can't transport the animal to another woods. You have to use a critter removal person (is that an exterminator with a conscience?).

  11. I hate it when they start "chirping" incessantly right outside my window. I think they do it on purpose. I send my dogs after them but they can run across the vertical wall of our brick home & dart up into a gutter! I thought there was only one but after several years, there must be several of them.

  12. Great idea.
    I tried it 3 Times yesterday and 1 time this Morning.
    they ONLY went for the Nuts on the Ramp.
    didn't work unfortunately.. Now my front Lawn is RUINED and I want revenge.!

  13. I am going to try that.Thanks for the vid.I have some tunneled under my house and need to kill them before they decide to get in the house and chew my wiring.

  14. For those who think this is cruel and think this is “just a lawn and garden issue”, you are so wrong.

    We moved into our house 15 years ago and have been dealing with these pests HUMAINLY ever since, and that’s about to end. Every year, all summer long, we relocate more than a dozen across a river near a golf course and nature preserve. This takes and enormous effort and the result is that it’s impossible to keep up with. The funny thing is that they are really easy to catch. I can catch one every day by placing a live trap on top of my retaining wall, with NO bait! They run along the retaining wall, thru the trap, and get caught. I’ve even tried catching multiple before I relocate them, by putting them in a bucket, but it turns out they are territorial and it turned into a til-the-death-cage-match and one of them killed the other.

    About 10 years ago we had our driveway and pathways mud-jacked because these rodents have burrowed a network of holes and path under all slab causing them to drop, and all slabs have dropped again and are now cracked, sloped toward the house causing water issues, and are trip hazards.

    It will cost more than $6k to have all of the concrete ripped out and replaced, and there are no guarantees that it won’t happen again, unless I can get rid of them quick enough. Unfortunately, I see no other way.

  15. I was hoping the chipmunks would eat the seeds, then walk away and die from the chlorine. There must be an easier way. May have to do this if they get close to my house.

  16. This works great. However, need to cover the entire surface of water in seeds for it to really work. If they see the water they may no jump in. When we have a problem (trapping, repellent, etc. does not work) I usually have it resolved within 1-2 hours after placing the bucket. Black sunflower seeds work the best.

  17. Tried this with 3 5-gallon white buckets and had NO LUCK AT ALL. Not ONE single chipmunk in the bucket of water, and left them all up for 10 days. Is it because my buckets were white, and the ones the demonstrator used were dark-colored? Would that make a difference in "fooling" the chipmunks into not seeing the water and falling in?

  18. I tried this and it didn't work. They go to the top of the ramp, remove the glued on seed, and head back down without even trying to go into the water. I guess the chipmunks in New Jersey are smarter than the ones in California!

  19. ????? his look of satisfaction at the end ??? I got a few in my backyard. I won't kill them unless they fuck up my house, then they're dying ?

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