Home & Lawn Pest Control : How to Build a Funnel Snake Trap

Hi I’m Jim Harman, California Pest Management
here to talk to you about how to make a funnel snake trap. Now, you’ve got a snake in your
house or in your garage, in your basement, and instead of calling in the professionals
you want to try trap it yourself. Well, you can go to the hardware store and buy a funnel
snake trap already put together or if you really want to you can make it yourself. First
thing you do is need to get a nice big piece of hardware cloth, that’s usually 1/4 inch
mesh. It can be just a standard grade. It doesn’t have to be stainless or anything because
you’re going to use it just a couple times and throw it away. You’re going to cut one
piece that’s going to be four feet by four feet and then two pieces of hardware cloth
one foot by four foot. You’re going to take the four foot by four foot piece, make that
into a cylinder. So, you’re going to roll that into a cylinder. You can attach the side
to it using either cage rings or you can also get some heavy gauge wire and weave it like
you’re sewing and that way you’ll close up that side. Then you’re going to take one of
the one foot by four foot pieces and construct a funnel. Of the funnel, the larger of the
openings on the funnel should be a little bit larger than the size of the diameter of
the cylinder you just made. You’ll take that funnel, invert it and put it on the end of
your cylinder. That is the item that would be used to funnel the snake into the trap.
The other piece of hardware cloth that you cut, take that and cut it in a round shape
big enough so it covers the other end of your cylinder. Make sure you either attach that
with caged clips, which you can get at the hardware store or use the sewing method with
heavy gauge wire and just wrap it around so it’s nice and tight. Once the snake is inside
the trap, then you can cover the top of the funnel. Your snake is safe. Then you can take
it and dispose of it. Good luck.

8 thoughts on “Home & Lawn Pest Control : How to Build a Funnel Snake Trap

  1. you helped me catch the copper head in my shed, instead of letting it go somewhere else i smashed its skull with a 2×4

  2. doing a video and you could not go through the effort of actually building one. Showing a drawing is nice but just a hack job of a video. Hope you take this constructively.

  3. that's funny s*** all those comments that make the video worth it all what the haters don't know is that it works very good trap thank you for putting on the video .. but you do have to be smart enough to figure out the picture in the words and put them together

  4. Not even an actual picture!
    My thoughts.
    Well presented video but it was missing the key ingredients. An Actual Demo or at one that's already built to use as a demo while your describing the build & materials.
    Constructive criticism

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