Home & Lawn Pest Control : Getting Rid of Snakes

Hi I’m Jim Harmon with California Pest Management
here in sunny southern California. What happens when you get a snake and it’s either in your
house or it’s in your garden, but it’s already here? Well first off, make sure you know what
type of snake you’re dealing with. If it’s poisonous or non-poisonous. Most of us, we’re
freaking out anyway and we’re not going to care if it’s poisonous or not, we’re calling
somebody that knows what they’re doing, which is my best recommendation. If you’re not sure,
call a professional. If you know it’s a rattlesnake or any other poisonous snake, call a professional,
let them take it and remove it. This is not the time for how-to’s. Now one of the things
when dealing with snakes is if you think you have them around your house or you want to
prevent them from getting in, is go around, look at all your crawlspace vents, make sure
they’re all sealed up nice and tight and the screen’s in really good shape and any wood
piles, anywhere they could hide, remove those. From a chemical standpoint, the use of mothballs
or naphthalene flakes, which is an old wives tale, but it does actually work, unfortunately
you got to tolerate that odor also. So it may not be the best alternative. Keep them
out, get rid of the food and clean up all the clutter, that’ll take care of 90% of your

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