[swishy swishy fist times] Oh no! The space cats are invading! Wow! You are so brave and in good shape! Thanks! Time to heroically sacrifice myself! I’m pregnant! Hello. Tom! I thought you were dead! Also I’m black now. So I see. I however have remained completely the same. Well you have gained weight… COMPLETELY THE SAME. Tom, there’s something I need to tell you. Oh baby- Wait! THEY’RE BACK! [MEOWING AND SMASHING AND CRASHING] Quick! Celebrity best friend Batman! Use your psychic powers! Okay! Oh no. Now that cat has Batman’s psychic powers! That’s totally how that works. And it’s using them to control the minds of a profession stunt team! Yes. That also makes sense. Aha! We are stuntmen! Yes! We will punch you now! Urgh! He’s so strong and attactive! Why are the cats here? Remember the Quantum Syntax Crystal of Felinium Five? You mean this one? No. This one. Oh. They need it to open the Astrocat Space Hole! And destroy Earth! Earth?! But that’s where I parked the car! AAAAAAAAAAARRGH! He’s killed me! AAAAAAAAAAARRGH! Oh! I’m dead! AAAAAAAAAAARRGH! Mummy! Oh no! Did you die? Worse. I sold out. DOWNLOAD BATTLE CATS NOW! AVAILABLE IN APP STORES! Uurgh! My integrity! Hey! I had our baby just now! My son… FULFIL YOUR DESTINY! Have you been working out? No. Tom, this script doesn’t make any sense. I AM AN ARTIST!! Hey you! This video was sponsored by the game Battle Cats which you can download for free in the description below. It’s got cats and they’re battling! What more could you want?

100 thoughts on “HOLY SHIT CATS 2

  1. 6 years later…
    Me: wow this vid is actually realistic, the first was made on 2012 but this one is 2017

    Btw I'm watching in 2019

  2. Wait what


    “Wait I just had my baby just now”

    Proceeds to throw new born across the floor

    “My son , fulfil your destiny “

    Totally not every back story of every really popular anime that even people who don’t watch anime know of.

    Throws NEW BORN child at a huge man eating cat in hope of destroying it .

    The huge cat obsorbs the baby and grows larger

    Me at midnight

    “What the shit is this were have you been all my life and why have I never thought of throwing a new born baby at a cat
    Probs because that’s abuse but still”

  3. I don't see her mentioned much but the actress was amazing and her delivery was really on point!
    When she asks "did you die?" really bends me every time 😛

  4. Tomska: You liked the video?
    Me: Yeah
    Tomska: So you like battle cats?
    Me: Yeah
    Tomska: So you’ll get the game?
    Me: No, I don’t think I will

  5. I always wondered why Tom couldn't get Jenny to play his gf again here, I mean, sure part of it was for the I'm black now joke, but I never realised that they were a couple and broke up.

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