HL Pet of the Week: Brownie

mr. banks has made his way around Houston searching for just the right home the three-year-old cat spent a few weeks in the home of a family that found him but they hadn’t planned on having a cat so they brought him to the Houston SPCA to find a permanent home as is common with black cats mr. banks was overlooked in the adoption center so he tried his luck with the Houston SPCA’s adoption partners at Petsmart and found him there and decided she’d take him right home she told the Houston SPCA that mr. banks is the sweetest kitty ever and he loves his toys and playtime he’s an adventurous kitty but he’s never too busy for a good cuddle in fact and says the two are blessed to have found each other that is so sweet he got top marks in health and behavior at his first vet visit and his antics keep and laughing all day long that successful adoption story is brought to you by the Houston SPCA and our friend Lisa Tainan with the Houston SPCA joins us now with our pet of the week this is brownie a seven year old cutie something I’ve been calling him a toodle I think I think awawa poodle mix cuz his fur is incredibly soft yes and I understand he has no teeth I don’t want to embarrass him by showing it on camera but his tongue does tend to hang out of his mouth when he’s not paying attention so he does need to be fed soft food but that’s easy he’s so hilarious can you put him over on the couch and just see what he does this dog is a cuddler but he also likes to burrow yes and I think he likes the feeling of his back being scratched he’s not gonna show us no it’s not gonna show us just cuz we asked him to he suddenly got but he was sort of doing somersaults yes what kind of home would he be good at I think he could adapt to really anything he’s super affectionate he just likes attention so anyone who wants to come up and hang out with him he’s perfectly happy to entertain them he also even though he’s seven is still fairly energetic oh yeah he likes to go for walks and he’ll run around and explore so this is not a lazy person’s dog but he does like to cuddle well he likes to cuddle and he has those beautiful eyes Lisa Tainan thank you so much and little brownie good luck I know you’ll find a home somewhere you don’t need teeth to find a good home prove them wrong granny thanks Lisa good to see you if you’d like to learn more about pet adoptions just visit Houston SPCA’s website Houston SPCA org all right still

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