26 thoughts on “Historical Photos of Cats And Their Soldiers in WWII and WWI

  1. at least they had fun be a soldier with killstreak to call
    a feline unit into war see private whiskers bite nazi throats
    out death nazi,s and private whiskers shitting on the beaches
    of normandy

  2. Is it just me or is it strange looking at these photos and realising pretty much all those people are dead, as well as the cats?

  3. The cat being pat at 3:04 spent time on 2 different German ships and an English one (maybe the other way around). What a little traitor.

  4. Cats in Nazi helmets and in Nazi hands – just another 'delicate' attempt to humanize Nazi for the generations with no war experience and poor historical knowledge.

  5. Tiere können nichts für die Dummheit der Menschen… Um die Tiere tut es mir leid aber die Menschen suchen sich ihr Schicksal selbst aus. Aber immerhin kann man mal sehen das der achso böse nazi nun eben auch nur ein mensch ist und genau so fühlt wie jeder andere auch

  6. No me importa si todas Las fotos son de Gatos con alemanes, yo Las coleccionaria Las originales Al menos los perros y Los Gatos Les dieron algo de Paz a esos Guerrero's en la lucha en esos momentos de batallas que termino con la drsyruccion de casi toda Europa,cada soldado teniendo la Esperanza de regresar a casa Al menos estos animales Les dieron un Poco de alegria en El frente tanto como El Ejercito Aleman , como a los aliados

  7. Its sad that maybe the soldiers made a promise he will come back but the soldier will never come back again

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