Hindi Animated Story – Ghosla Bana Rahega | घोंसला बना रहेगा | Importance of Bird in Human Life

Ghosala Bana Rahega Maina made a nest in a farmer’s house The sunlight was straightforward on this The little four children of Myna fluttering their flying wings And screams shouting The nest was very dirty, there was garbage in it wooden pieces There were pieces of flax Paper pieces and clothing patchwork This was a dirty nest for the farmer’s wife. It was a cause of trouble for her cleaning choice eyes. But all the pleasures of heaven were for the children of Myna. Myna’s children lived comfortably in it. Children’s movements during the day When the dirt was gathered under the nest Then the farmer’s family would scream, “Where should I broom?” My work increases with nest. I Will not let it stay tomorrow In the morning when the broom started, she asked him to remove the nest, But dear little children are cheering like they are singing. Seeing someone peeping, they became alert. Shouting the sky with a screaming head And farmer’s wife feels that someone is harassing her own children. She would hard to agree with the attempt to remove the nest. His hands slipped. She grumbles. Children shouting from the other side Kiki, Kiki Charra-Charra, Charre Kik, Kik, Kok, Coke. Raising their heads, moves their necks and moves their wings. When the farmer comes to the house, complaints are served to him. His wife says “Today Ramu pushed Shyamu. His mother complained. Ramu does not attend school The bigger the naughty. I do not obey my words. Mouth deformed does. If i scold, it starts to scream and screams loudly.” This tired farmer responds with distraction, ‘you don’t know, what you understand me. Sit down with complaints for getting beaten. Explain the children with love, keep them together and take care. Look at front, how myna is feeding to their children. Little kids are learning to fly. They have been caught trying to catch green locusts. Now they do not feel scared, The first hesitation was gone as well. How has myna taught them? ” ‘Let it be’ Farmer’s wife Screamed, I won’t able to care these devil children.” “The devil is but we have.” Ramu was listening to parents’ dispute. He also thought, “If he would be a child of myna, then he would get more love from her parents. How much with love do they feeding children? Small bugs, sheepbugs, mites and green locusts. Their parents do not fight together. ” Farmer’s wife talked again. “I will not let their nests stay.” All the dirt i would had to broom Due to these I get bitter medicine of your education. ” The farmer, who had seems to feels of getting bread, said, “Do as you like, I have to go to the fields.” The farmer’s wife began to make bread. The farmer was looking outside towards the nest. A crow attack, myna screamed He defended. Both males and females gather. The crow returned. The farmer was thinking how much he cared for his children. Reflect his attention. He appreciated the children whom the parents enjoyed. Children who complain about, children who do not read, suffer parents, The kids do not know it. They are fortunate parents, whose children read themselves and do good work. The farmer was looking at the male and female. How carefully they feed the child, Avoid troubles, How-they teach in ways The farmer got up and went inside. He saw Ramu sitting near his mother. He heard, Ramu asks his mother-mother !, How are male and female of Myna recognized? His mother does not speak anything. The farmer reached the child with great love and said with great love, ” Male and female look alike, But their identities – the females are wide on the shoulder and the head is a bit bigger. ” Ramu ran out. To identify, he started looking at the nest. The farmer was convincing his wife Only then someone reported, The grasshopper group is coming. The farmer came out. His wife came out Locusts were seen locusts in the sky. Crop was in great danger, Suddenly terrible assault. The farmer got scared. His wife was upset. The sky was covered with darkness. The eyes of these two were dark even beyond. The sun of hope was overtaken by locusts. Only then did they see them Male and female myna came out with children. These insensible and neglected creatures, These birds, who make nests in the farmer’s house, kill the locusts. The farmer was happy Ramu was also happy. The battle of mother-father was over. The farmer said to the wife, “Look, they are paying our debts.” The farmer’s wife said, “Myna eats locusts normally, what causes bless to us?” The farmer thought, how do I explain her? He said, “But you will not remove their nest, remove it, remove it now, the dirt spreads.” But the farmer’s wife said, ‘No, no, the nest will remain. The nest will remain (Ghosala Bana Rahega). Maybe she understood that.

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