Hilton Minneapolis/Bloomington Hotel Room: Near The Mall of America, Minnesota

what's up guys Peter Brown panda here hey let's check out the room at the Hilton Minneapolis Bloomington in Bloomington Minnesota so the ocean Bloomington here is the standard room after mirror and the foyer here and the bathroom let's just take a look at this it's a marble sink and then what up I like the light ringing the mirror that's pretty cool now all of your standard fare everything is really clean and pretty modern not overly water by any means but just kind of nicely done across the board and then what we have here is the standard king bed and I like we have a little art your own thermostat and nice modern furnishings and everything matches you know dark cherry wood with chrome finishings lots of pillows we've doubled up on pillows double decker definitely get that we do have a couch here with a kind of a nice kind of modern it's houndstooth a cloth pattern and a couple of Ottomans which look like they kind of scoot together to make like a little makeshift table pretty soft blue pleather then we have pretty nice look at the Bell Bank building outside here I'm on the 8th floor and nice looking neighborhood got a glass top desk here to work in and a modern-looking office chair Norm's just kind of nice you don't have to worry about them banging the desk in man actually underneath we also have a separate roll out table here too so you can actually set up a little dinner table or a table in front of your couch here for entertaining and then pretty big TV let me guess 47 inches and your dresser should we have drawers and I'm assuming you there's a fridge banking back here cool empty but keep things nice and cool so pretty cool then closet right here well your normal stuff couple robes and your ironing gear so there it is pretty nice little hotel room I've stayed here a number of times the prices range anywhere from like 175 to 225 a night depending on the time of year and I think that ends up being a pretty good deal Hilton Bloomington Peter from handout

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