Hildy & Her Kittens – Even More Adoption News!

36 thoughts on “Hildy & Her Kittens – Even More Adoption News!

  1. Vážení, zdravím Vás, koťátko bych si hned vzala. Máte krásný vztah ke kočkám a to je velice důležité pro jejich další život. Děkuji.

  2. ❤️?❤️Wishing Hildy were being adopted with one of her babies, and always adopting out in pairs❤️?❤️

  3. Aaaww, so happy everyone has been adopted. Hope there isn't to much kitty crying when they move to their new homes. My 14 mo old kitty still kneads and suckles his blanket. My 12 yr old cat kneads his blanket too.

  4. I am so glad to see that the babies are going as pairs! Hildy will be fine and I am happy she is getting adopted too to a loving home 🙂 Mission accomplished Mt. Doug 🙂

  5. Hildy is being adopted alone ? ?I hope all their families love them and treat them well, they’re so beautiful. You’ve done a wonderful job caring for them ❤️

  6. Awwwww hildy !!!!! U will b missed most of all …you guys are great thank u for helping these furangels once again

  7. Another kit cat family success story. Thank you foster dad Doug and mom for helping Hildy raise all of her fun loving kits ?.
    Yes, it is sad to see them go but, it is a great feeling to know they are going to great homes.
    Looking forward to the next kit cat family.
    Thanks again for all you both do
    it is very appreciated ?

  8. I am so happy that everyone found a home to go to. Could you do a cat patio video please. And the variety of options.

  9. Ah bless! Always happy to see beautiful sweet kittens get homes. I'll miss them, though. Any new kittiens coming in?

  10. ???We all wish the wonderful new adopters the very best wishes! And of course a big thank you to Doug and Sharon ?

  11. Such a BEAUTIFUL fur family moving on to their furever lives. Bitter sweet, but it is the circle of life. You have done a FANTASTIC job. Thank you for all of the love and caring for 9 precious lives and thank you for sharing with us ???????

  12. Yay! So excited for Hildy! Glad she is going to a forever home! Glad all kittens and Momma were adopted!

  13. They are all irresistible and adorable and sweet. This is all such wonderful news!! Will miss them but will enjoy a few updates when we can get them! And so cute seeing Kami and Cupcake in the beginning!

  14. Why oh why is all of this great news making me cry? Of course I’m happy for all the little kitten cuties but Hildy … I am over the moon for! Best news of the day. Good luck all you little crazies … we will miss you terribly. ?

  15. I remember the kitty piles we used to have on the farm in winter. One go so big, I couldn't tell where one cat ended and the other began!

  16. So so happy they’re all going on to great homes! And extra happy for hildy, she really deserves it ? Thanks for giving them so much loving care!

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