Hilarious!!! Pet Monkey Force Feeds Dad

look what look what daddy got hi everybody Judy my white face capuchin monkey Lillian Louise she's three years old and there's Billy and tonight Billy came in and brought Lillian some treats so she's going to have a late night snack with Daddy maybe she lock it down what you got this right here is fresh pineapple and this right here is mango and which one she likes that's dried fruit yes is dry fruit let's see what it'll take daddy bring you a present see that's the pineapple honey yes bingo yeah we share that baby yeah oh that girl I like that you don't be drinking a whole bunch of water hmm good good do you have one you're so sweet do you see that Dad what you're so should we let her try mango okay good Billy get you something else about mango leave it that's a big old piece yeah he's a lot bigger than he's like that which one do you like better which one you like better you like that they're gonna start bringing you some of that let's see what else I got I think they got Kiwi at their tea you like stuff like that you trying to break him that's candy to her in it yeah it is that's candy don't like that woman this see if you got these other one that's monkey candy yeah Kelly not gonna want that which one you like man she's trying to get the coin which one you like oh you like the pineapple oh yes she shares it if she thinks it's good she'll share it with us hmm until I start crunching Ellen then she won't be back she's watching her kitties down there too Prince Harry mm-hmm it's print hairy down there he's a cutie cat down there Ginger's down there yeah so we have a house full ginger Kelly Prince Harry and print oh yeah even though we're eatin see which girl do not matter which one do you like that one [Laughter] that was a shark or not I'm telling ya borrow you like those better Apple better I may have to get my head to hydrate around yeah yeah we can dehydrate around three brandon mowed the yard today so he's already passed out which although he might be in here eating it to you yeah mm-hmm how about dehydrate squash out of your garden wonder what that would taste like thank daddy been to a whore hard and sharp to share it with daddy cram it in this face yeah I bought that fresh baby today take a back daddy [Laughter] so take a back daddy give daddy a back yes daddy take afine you okay I know how to make her what – manga yeah mangu I don't which one you got better hmm boom you've got a big old foot see folks see a bigger booty as' yeah how much did it measure I forgot bitches from here to here Wow Wow we don't need Nami Bigfoot she loves to share with this but boy she wants to make sure she gets it in our mouths get closer daddy they are yes yes sure – you see yes I need to follow her nails down I'm gonna bring up fingernail power we had I had fingernails yeah we follow her nails sometimes hey are you good look at that foot okay it's gigantic okay give her some more daddy you go you eat I hope that belly full years old not not not two years of sleep okay hey go get her some cashews oh she's so cute she wants like yeah she pulled you forward so she could be yeah no that was cute yes you once you go get some cashews I bet she'll eat those is that good Lilian here he comes here he comes there he is she's asking for him dad hmm there we go that's her favorite night yeah this I've got a stash just what me and Lilian does every night I give her about a hand on that mini cashew there and I you know have one daddy can't you we can't you get daddy one Lilly in querque hmm hear what oh good no you eat it's not that pineapple one better [Laughter] well I can't use you like me like that let's got better are you pulling out your mouth needy if you bout our photo years but you're not gonna put down your mouth good give daddy kisses catchy you get there with yes yes nice meal here too give daddy some more give daddy some there you go keep the heady some more [Laughter] left yeah she like says okay she ate real good today I'm surprised she doing right now these are big ol balls bigger this keep the heat back let Daddy have some what's she trying to break it in there do you see that I'm trying to break in there easy you see game-breaking head look here what see how strong daddy is it's daddy strong keep daddy son daddy's hungry daddy's hungry Lillian I think she wants you to break it again put it in your hand there we go say thank you daddy thank you daddy yeah Fiji Thank You mighty that's all now is that pretty good can you tell daddy thank you say thank you daddy you're welcome my mom got that that's here no dick that is cool they're going back and forth beating you oh oh that was sweet well you can give daddy one too you're so sweet Lillian you're such a good that's pretty good say you did good dad mmm I only lost your hat once yeah she did what's in your pocket daddy pick a shoe in his pocket well everybody if you haven't subscribed to Lillian's channel make sure to hit that subscribe button below and be sure to hit that Bell beside the subscribe button that will notify you every time we upload a new video and we upload videos all the time so we have a lot of really good videos and if you enjoyed the video be sure to give her a thumbs up on your way out and drop her comment below she is really a cool monkey she's super sweet yeah she's super sweet and she's really funny and we have a great time with her so we try to film a lot for you guys so y'all could kind of go along with us on the ride with Lillian we've been filming her since she was a baby and so if you go back to the beginning of our video you can watch her grow up she's three years old now and we adore her she's just a great girl so we know you will enjoy all the videos and we hope y'all are having an awesome day today and we will catch y'all next time let me tell you papa look use the camera can you share your food with everybody can you give everybody some food okay Vic look sure you fade with everybody good girl good girl you so sweet to sharing your favorite everybody you're such a good little girl to keep stuck in there let go did they eat it everybody eat your food you

47 thoughts on “Hilarious!!! Pet Monkey Force Feeds Dad

  1. My husband had a stroke a few years ago, during his morning shower. He changed his life style drastically, Especially his diet. He lost 100 pounds over a couple of years. One of his staples is dried fruits. We have two food dryers and they are on 24 hours a day. One of the things that he likes about it is that he can get so much fruit in his diet that way.I’m not that crazy about the dried stuff myself, but that makes all the more for him!

  2. I just love your family videos, Lilian is an absolute darling she is a very lucky girl ♥️???❤️????

  3. This is a funny video. It's always amazing to me, that she shares her food, but she is a especially girl.It's wonderful, to watch Billy and Lillian when they're together! And when he was speaking to her.Thank you sharing the funny video with us 🙂

  4. That is so sweet of the son to mow the grass. I did that for my parents + clean house without pay,.now days u have to pay them to do anything for u. U guys r great & loving watching ur Chanel.

  5. she is my light at the end of the day, even more so when i've had a bad day. she brings me so much happiness when i watch her, and you guys are amazing people. i forgot how much monkey's share their food. by the looks of it, it looked like she was giving Bill the mango ones while she ate most of the pineapple ones. thanks for warming my heart.

  6. Lillian is such a cutie pie! Her sharing with her daddy is so sweet. Judy thank you for sharing Lillian with us?

  7. Baby Lillian is having too much fun stuffing Daddy’s face!! She’s getting wound up! She’s so sweet and cute. Baby Bigfoot. ???

  8. Hi Judy lillian Brandon an Billy an Kelly an the kittys glad to see everyone is doing well an lillian girl them snacks look yummy I'm going to try those an you sure like give your daddy a bite so cute you make me laugh so much between stealing the hat an pushing the food into your dad's mouth just cracks me up ???? so y'all have a bless day an can't wait to see you in the next video ????????

  9. Not really common for monkeys to share their food ( feeding you is unheard of ) . She's a sweetheart . You guys are lucky to have such an awsome monkey !

  10. So sweet…! Makes me wanna run out and get me one or two… and I mean bags of Sunkist Fruit Chips (they look tasty!!!), not pet monkeys! There is NO WAY I could do what this family does… not to mention my wife would put me RIGHT out on the street! Then I'd be homeless with my pet monkeys… because I'm pretty sure there aren't many landlords who would allow me to rent a place knowing I have pet monkeys!!! Lol! Great video btw!

  11. Hi Judy
    Here is the holy Eid Al-Fitr
    I like to watch your videos you are so good with Lillian. I love how you care with her like this your kids.

  12. She's as adorable here as the doll in the clock is creepy. That thing is gonna give me nightmares. PS: I'd give anything to see Lillian pick up food with her foot!

  13. Well the monkey candy was a hit.Loved seeing her touch Billy,then her mouth!Lillians language astounds me.Then,she has that extraordinary foot,resting on the hi-chair tray,pulling Billy closer,to stuff more food in his mouth Lolol! A family that eats together,stays together.

  14. Lily thinking,”Oh daddy I’ll try this old dried up fruit, but you best not cause mama and I don’t need too hear you toot toot the fruit !” ????

  15. I just love Lillian wish I could have a monkey here where I live. I would love to have one just like Lillian she is so loving and very smart

  16. Lily and she is so adorable I just love her little feet. She looks so funny in her high chair and then her foot on top. I love how she shares her food with her dad????

  17. Good evening my family? Lillian is so precious, so sweet, n so funny?❤ hii Billy ? tell brandon I said hello to him when he wakes up?❤ n hello to my gorgeous prst ?❤continue you all on having a beautiful n blessed night?love you all always❤GBYAA?

  18. Lillian did you like the pineapple better than mango chips my sweet adorable niece. Lillian I also like the fruit chips my self little girl. Those chips are a healthy snack. Lillian, Billy, Judy and Brandon how are you all doing? Lillian, Judy, Billy and Brandon what would all say if my wife and I decide come down by you guys and visit you all? I do not know if it's going to be this year but maybe next year. But what would you guys say? Lillian and family you have a good night.

  19. It looked like she was using her own sign language at the very beginning of the video, when she first saw the bags of dried fruit. She was using her little hand and gesturing to her mouth. What a smart little monkey! I wish I could pet her!

  20. Good evening Judy and Billie. I consider myself to be a monkey connoisseur and that's only because I am familiar with just about EVERY monkey and their family on you tube. I can measure the love the monkey has for the parents by it returning the affection he or she receives from the mommy and daddy. I notice how Lillian ALWAYS shares her foods and feeds y'all. And that tells me that she loves her family like no other . Have a lovely evening …?

  21. Lillian really does love her daddy. She is so sweet and precious, yet very smart too. She has a heart as big as her mommy and daddy. You guys are wonderful people.

  22. She is to cute fit words I love you for sharing her. She makes a bad day and happy day for me many days, I have been very sick and in the hospital so many months this year and last year and Lillian and you Judy have helped me so much thank you Donna from new york

  23. LMAO Lillian & her daddy are to funny. Lol ?? Luv watching Lillian's videos.???? Lillian is so Adorable…

  24. Oh, I got a good look at her foothand…she had it up on the table. That's pretty cool to have an articulated foot with a thumb. It's got to be better than what humans have. I know my feet are always aching. OH, and a Sasquatch foot measures about 17-18 inches in length. I'm a Sasquatch fan as well.

  25. I just love watching her she always makes me laugh and smile she does the cutest things I love her so much

  26. Crunch ,crunch ,crunch, that was too cute, Daddy you will eat what i give you, lol, i thought she was makin sure it got down his throat, i like the way she grabbed the collar of his t shirt, and just drug him where she wanted, I'm sharin dammit, eat it, ha ha ha, she was full of herself this evening, sounds like she aint been sleepin to good, Billy said he wanted her belly full tonight, this was a great video, please keep those videos comin

  27. omg I always laugh in theses video lillian thanks so much i know no when i need a laugh come see Lillian with his daddy love it and she shares too well kind of as she takes it back omg cant stop laughing my hubby thinking what are you watching thanks so much for these lovely videos that i love so much oxoxoxoxo P.S I am Bustung A Gut Laughing So Hard omg amazing

  28. I was laughing hard when Lillian tried to force feed her daddy Billy. You are so sweet Lillian Louise. ???

  29. Judy and Billy, you are a beautiful witness to what marriage is about…so kind and respectful of each other. Wish I could hold sweet LL, maybe in heaven. Thanks for sharing!

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