HighTechPet Porte automatique pour chiens et chats

here’s something pet owners can relate to you’re away from home a lot longer than you thought you were going to be and the dog hasn’t been walked for hours well here’s something that might make you and your dog a little happier here’s something that might sound familiar I’m rushing home from work to let the dog out well Cheryl Perez was sick of having her schedule dictated by her canines needs the power Pet door came to the rescue this high-tech automated access is triggered by an ultrasonic dog collar so now Nellie and Nelson decide whether they want in the door open if your furry friend is heading towards it Cheryl has a new lease on life thanks to this gadget I absolutely cannot imagine life without this door it’s given the level of Communion and security that I just never had before with my pet since only the dogs can trigger the door there’s no fear of other animals getting in and according to the manufacturer the bulletproof plastic is powerful protection against unwanted intruders when the doors is in the locked position it has a deadbolt lock cannot be lifted up it can hold me it be operated by it means one is the pet collar and the other is the manual button and more importantly the door is easy on the eyes it looks beautiful it looks like it doesn’t and out but what do Nellie and Nelson think the title of it the door will set you back $300 but that might be a small price to pay for your dog duty emancipation

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