Highlights & time-lapse of BTP’s total rebuild of 5 x CAT 793c monster mining trucks

We had the client, their initial request, was an urgent demand for additional trucks for their fleet, so
it was very much driven around lead time and delivery – of completing the work. From the outset, our original planning
schedule showed was a seven month program The client found that (time frame)
unacceptable. We went back and reviewed – how could we shorten the time frame? We ended up with a with a five month program which we completed on time. In terms of demand in the market for
more earth-moving equipment, (this is) naturally driven by mines and they’re increasing their productivity and their output, so we’ve
seen extra demand for (rebuilds) for equipment, (and due to) very long lead times coming from the new equipment manufacturers, customers are very keen
to look at what we can around rebuilding some of their existing fleet to prolong
machine life, and also to make sure that it’s a low-cost but a very reliable
solution that meets their long-term demands as well. Thinking this rebuild, there was some
challenges there in terms of upgrades that we completed in terms of the trucks,
so it was bringing what we call a -2 model up to to the current model so that
involves some upgrade work in terms of not only through the chassis but the the
engine and performance of the unit. The secret to achieving our deadline was we met every day as a team. We discussed the challenges from the previous day,
challenges coming up in the current day, and we reviewed daily delivery of every
component that we needed for the rebuild for the 5 trucks, so as we could be on
top of everything on a daily basis. I think of the market, particularly today,
for the supply of new equipment – very long lead times coming from (new equipment) manufacturers, so rebuilding or reconditioning current assets is a far
quicker way of getting equipment back to a near-new condition and back to work!

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