Hidden Tricks Our Pets Are Hiding from Us

Here’s all the things you didn’t know about
your pets! 12 – Positions Matter You probably already know this, but dogs are
actually pretty smart. Sometimes, it’s really difficult to notice,
but man’s best friend is capable of doing the most astonishing things. Did you know, there is no other species in
the world that organizes itself with the environment? What are we talking about here? Yes, believe it or not, dogs align themselves
with the Earth’s magnetic field when they poop! But why? A dog’s sensitivity to the Earth’s magnetic
field makes them prefer to do their business in a very specific way. A study was conducted in a two-year period
with 70 dogs. As the dogs were roaming free, researchers
noticed that all dogs would align in the north-south axis right before they do their business. The exact reason WHY still isn’t exactly
clear. There hasn’t been a way to prove whether it’s
because dogs can consciously perceive the magnetic field or because they just FEEL better
doing it. Crazy right?! 11 – Smelling fear It’s a known fact that dogs can be empathetic;
they need us as much as we need them. But what’s amazing is that dogs can actually
perceive emotions in a particular way. Their noses are their center of information! Dogs receive stimuli and process it to know
how to behave. And this is exactly what happens when a dog
perceives human emotion. They smell it. Dogs are very dependent on their human partner’s
mood. So when you’re happy, your dog can sense
it through your smell and act accordingly! When you’re scared, your dog can pick up
on it and get afraid as well! In one study carried out, participants watched
a couple of movies that made them have emotional responses. A sweat sample was taken from each participant. When the dogs were presented with their owners’
sweat samples, the emotions the dogs had were consistent with that of the sample! It turns out, dogs respond to the same stimuli
and stress that are experienced by humans, especially those who are close to them! 10 – The Best Teacher Cats are pretty much one of the best natural
hunters. They’re almost nature’s perfect hunting
machine, and no matter how domesticated they are, they still practice their hunting rituals. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that
all cats do this. But what really baffles cat owners is the
fact that they don’t really do anything with their prey. When cats catch something, it just seems like
they’re just showing off right?! Well, there’s actually a reason why cats
do this. When your cat brings you a mouse, well, it
turns out, your cat is actually showing YOU survival skills! When your cat brings you an animal, they’re
actually trying to be your teacher. Wild feral cats show their young how to eat
and hunt by bringing prey to them. It’s a necessary lesson in survival. And that basically shows us what cats think
of us. Maybe they think humans are dumb, but maybe
not. But hey, at least they’re trying to help
us out! 9 – Right Meow Cats are independent, and have their own personalities. And that means, every meow is different! Literally, each type of meow you hear has
a different meaning. There’s still mystery surrounding the way
cats vocally communicate. While there is no precise number of different
meows, cats can make at least 100 different meows. Cats possess at least 10 times more vocal
chords than dogs. As their personalities are complex, so are
their vocal abilities. Both dogs and cats use different tones to
vocalize depending on whose attention they wanna get. But when it comes to cats, the range of vocalization
seems to be more diverse and points to a richer level of communication. We are in no way saying that dogs aren’t
good at communicating, but cats seem to have an advantage. A cat’s catalogue of sounds seem to resonate
better with humans. 8 – No GPS Let’s face it, commuting on a train isn’t
easy for anyone. But that hasn’t stopped Russian dogs from
using the subway as a way to get wherever they want! Yes! Some dogs in Russia are capable of using the
subway to get around! They get in line, wait their turn, and get
inside trains just like any other Russian citizen. Stray dogs can be found virtually everywhere
around Moscow. These dogs have become a staple of the Russian
capital. And scientists are pretty fascinated by their
wit and intelligence with the civilized way they get around the city. What’s even more impressive is the fact that
the subway system in Moscow is probably one of the most complicated underground systems
in the world. But these dogs seem to master it without any
kind of problem. Scientists haven’t exactly figured out how
some dogs are able to get around. But theories include knowing a station by
its scent, recognition of the stop over the loudspeaker, and an ability to judge the time
spent on a train! 7 – Check the Noseprint Sensitivity and perception are key survival
traits for any animal. Animals we keep at home aren’t that different
physically from animals in the wild. Cats noses are much like their personalities,
which is, complex! Their noses possess patterns and ridges that
make a number of really intricate patterns that are unique to every cat. It’s basically like the personal distinction
each cat has. There are biological traits that are shared
among humans, but of course there’s one thing that’s very unique for each person. And that of course, is our fingerprint. And when it comes to cats, their fingerprint
is located right on their nose! Every cat has a different one. No two cats will have the same nose print! 6 – Who’s the other Dog? Jealousy may seem to be an emotion that’s
exclusive to us, but current studies have shown that that may not be true. While plenty of people experience jealousy,
it appears that this is also true for dogs! A group of researchers took it upon themselves
to study what kind of reactions dogs may have when their owners don’t give them the attention
they want! Scientists used a stuffed dog that remarkably
resembled a real dog. They then studied the reactions dogs had when
the dogs’ owners displayed affection to the fake dog instead of them! Researchers noticed that more than half of
the animals would either touch or push their owner to ask for attention, a clear sign of
jealousy. Scientists also tried the same experiment
with other objects such as books, but dogs would react much more clearly when their owners
interacted with the stuffed animal. Most of them would get between their owner
and the stuffed animal, while other dogs went as far as to growl! Dogs are definitely way smarter than we give
them credit. Maybe they’re evil little geniuses too? Well, definitely not as evil as dolphins,
that’s for sure. Find out why dolphins are evil geniuses in
this video right here! 5 – REM A lot of studies have delved into understanding
how our brains work while we sleep. REM, or rapid eye movement, is the stage where
our eyes move rapidly. At this point of sleep, there’s intense
dreaming and there could also be intense movement. All this happens at various intervals during
a regular night of sleep. And this also happens to your dog! Dogs display the same kind of movements humans
do while they’re in deep sleep. When in a deep sleep, dogs will display rapid
eye and limb movement, just like humans do. The only exception is that there is also some
barking or growling involved. These movements and sounds indicate they are
in fact dreaming. There’s no way of knowing what your dog is
dreaming of, or what makes them react the way they do. But it’s definitely noticeable when your
dog is in the middle of a dream! 4 – No Sweets
Cats are picky by nature. So it’s no surprise they’re picky when it
comes to food as well. Some cats seem to be very specific about what
they like to eat. Some people say this isn’t true because
they hunt whatever they can. But we have to remember that cats don’t always
eat what they catch, and they also like to hunt for display! While human taste buds are complex and kind
of evenly spread, cats aren’t the same. Surprisingly, when you let your cat taste
your ice cream, their taste buds can’t register the sweetness. Scientists discovered that the two necessary
genes to perceive sweetness in food weren’t fully developed in cats. Since it’s just about a lack of sensation
in their taste buds, it doesn’t mean that they stay away from sweet foods. Of course, they just take advantage of other
properties sweet foods may have. Sometimes cats like the food for the texture
and smell! 3 – Secret sounds
The relationship between dogs and humans has always sparked the creativity of artists in
ways that makes us really wonder… what exactly is going on?! We know that dogs can hear sounds that we
can’t hear. But did you know that there’s a Beatles
song that was specially made for dogs? Well, technically it wasn’t a whole song,
but a section of a song. At the end of the Beatles song, ‘A Day In
The Life’ off their Sargeant Peppers album, there’s a high frequency 15 kilohertz sound
put in especially for dogs. That was created by Paul McCartney with the
intention of it being heard by his Shetland sheepdog! 2 – The third eyelid
Our pets came from wild animals, and they’re really not that different physically. As wild animals, they developed certain traits
that allowed them to survive in their environment. Did you know that cats actually have an additional
membrane in their eye that’s kinda like a windshield wiper?! This third eyelid protects the cat’s eye from
debris or dust. It’s a translucent membrane that retracts
toward the inner part of the eye. It helps cats keep their eyes moist and their
sight in tip-top condition. This eyelid isn’t only reserved to cats. Dogs, birds, and many amphibians do as well. However, you’ll most likely never see your
dog or cat’s third eyelid unless you’re trying to. The third eyelid can be seen clearly if you
gently open your dog or cat’s while they’re asleep! However, if you see their third eyelid while
they’re awake, then that means there’s something wrong. You’ll want to take them to the vet as soon
as you can! 1 – No milk
You would think giving a cat some milk to drink is the right move, but no, it’s actually
the opposite. Cats are lactose intolerant! While cats may love to have milk, their bodies
just aren’t not able to fully process the milk. As kittens, the lactose in milk is very important
for their development since it gives them the nutrients they need. But when they reach adulthood, their digestive
system just doesn’t need lactose anymore. When cats reach a certain age, they stop producing
lactase, the necessary enzyme to break down lactose. If an adult cat drinks milk, the lactose starts
fermenting in its gut and it basically causes a stomach ache. Not only that, but it can also make things
extremely messy on the back end! Watch this next video to find out about animals
who are evil geniuses!

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