23 thoughts on “Hero House Cat Saves Boy From Dog Attack – Today Show – May 15 2014

  1. That Dad has ZERO personality (no wonder they’re separated now, geez), their 4 y/o is still wearing a diaper/pull-up, and I think they need to let up on the pain meds if the kid couldn’t even wake up for a National TV interview (he’s almost 5, not 2). But mostly, a big F-U to the dog owners! Of course the dog has to pay with it’s life when it should be the owners who put down!! They’ll get another dog and it will become the SAME way because they clearly don’t know how to raise a dog or anything about the species! Dogs are ALWAYS a 100% reflection of their environment and the humans who own them. There are about a hundred signs a dog shows LONG before it will ever attack a human… ESPECIALLY a dog that lives with humans 24/7. Both those families are morons.

  2. Cause the dog was small a cat can’t push off rottie or German Shepherd cause they lock on forever

  3. The amazing thing about cats is they are really dominant in a dogs point of view, they dont live in packs like dogs, so she is defending her territory. So this is kinda cool when she doesn't hesitate like this because they
    normally dont. Fighting is the last thing they gonna do.

  4. it annoyed me that he didn’t let the cat go like I understand why but if the cat wanted to leave it didn’t have to be there for the whole interview he could of let it go after like a minute…

  5. A responsible cat always saves their human, gotta keep your pet safe even when your pet is riding his bike

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