29 thoughts on “HERO DOG! President Trump Honors Conan

  1. Conan is loving on Pence and Pence on Conan LOL He should adopt him! muslims consider dogs to be dirty and shouldn't live in the home.. a FIlthy Cult indeed

  2. Seems to like Mike Pence….maybe he also senses crooks and frauds as well…btw….nice how it got turned into blowing smoke up Dump's ass!!! Nice brown nose, Mikey!!!!

  3. I watched a clip on MSNBC, they cut out the part about attacking the press if they opened their mouths. Made Pres look like a dog hater, immediately closed that video and found this one.. ?

  4. This dog is a hero for helping get rid of terrorist. Perhaps he could help get rid of the terrorists here in America known as Democrats

  5. This dog is not the same as on the picture published by President Trump on Twitter. The brown spot around its left eye is missing and the white spot on its breast looks completely different. A hoax. This is probably also the reason why they couldn't agree if this dog is male or female. We are getting truped once more.

  6. Trump says that Conan is good at sniffing drugs, and Conan keeps trying to shove his nose in Pence's crotch.

    Things that make you go hmmm?

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