Hero: 108 – Cat Castle

many years ago animals and humans live together in joyful harmony but then a wicked trickster called high-roller fooled the animals into thinking humans were their enemies chaos reigned until an army of heroes came together to protect the humans and end the war Lin Cheung jumpy Ghostface mystique Sonia mighty ray this is hero 108 so boring I'm sick of waiting around for command rape chili to get in trouble someone needs to liven things up around here and who better than me mr. comedy watch my super compass a thank you see my comedy maybe I should soak my head what's wrong with you people don't you have a sense of humor you guys wouldn't know a good joke if it crawled in your ear in picture my brain being gloomy is bad for you you need to laugh thanks jumpin daddy stuck again Shh the cats who speak human because of the lessons they took with the parent King will punish us if they hear any sound of laughter we already heard you I hate the sound of laughter eliminates eliminates chilli powder firecrackers it's like toothpicks in my face misery loves company their sadness soothes my ears nothing makes me sadder than laughter anyone who laughs must be punished cat King we represent master high roller I command you to attack pigweed I'd have come myself but I'm lazy you're laughing eliminate eliminate misery loves company please be careful commander a truly the humans say the cats have powerful weapons do not fear golden presents we'll always make friends cat King I offer you these golden presents in hopes that you will be our allies and join us at why My heavens it looks like you've turned against eye rollers evil forces already I guess my work here is true perhaps I'll take a cat nap because you see a cat emanate hey lemonade please do that thing you do come first commander April he's in trouble first squad deploy you'll fight hard against our enemies I'll fight hard against my athlete's foot look at the way they twist in the air eliminate eliminate fire it feels like a thousand stead rice women we won't be able to get close to cat castle how can we same commander it truly if we can't get to the castle she'll be Ghostface has an idea it looks as if the laughter has died let's head back to the castle and lick ourselves what is this weird thing a jar sharra will once you sit inside your takeaway from the misery of the world that would be nice turtles cow so we have been tricked what a miserable world hey gloomy is bad for you prepare the hair pops and our stomachs were making us miserable for years and being gloomy is bad for us now that they are gone I feel what's that word again happy let's go free commander a truly happiness is a wonderful feeling I wish I could spread happiness from now on is there a job like that had big green courtiers ate through the ropes looks good let's climb inside this unknown thing manned by big green turtles good idea I am My dear a but you can call me mr. comedy observe my artistry my comedy being gluten is bad for you but laughter is contagious now male has someone to help spread with a sense of humor you you

36 thoughts on “Hero: 108 – Cat Castle

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  2. Laughter is a tourtures emotion that treat others with humiliation on their true comrades anyone that laughs will be punished by cats

  3. Oh man, I saw this show when I was a kid. Been trying to remember its name. Finally found it ? thank you youtube you wonderful thing

  4. Lin Chung: Painting.
    Sonia: Working out.
    Mr. No-Hands: Foot Bath.
    Jumpy: Sitting in the corner by himself while making chittering noises.
    Me: One of these things is not like the others.

  5. Jumpy… Stop being so freaking adorable…! (I like Mighty Ray just basically says Apetrully is always in trouble.)

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