Here’s what you need to know before adopting a dog

if you tuned into our pregame Superbowl special a little more than a week ago we hosted a Puppy Bowl featuring some playful dogs at Orange County Animal Services Candace and I were there for that fun assignment and as soon as you go into the animal shelter that temptation to adopt kicks in and our executive producer in ended up meeting a dog there named him rogue and she wouldn’t have part of her forever home yes I remember us going should we walk through there I’m it’s dangerous because I just want to get them all there’s usually never a bad time to though adopt a dog and there’s so many there but there are some things you need to know before you commit click Orlando coms for animals joins us with some helpful information to get results for you and your furry loved one yes and I’m very happy to report robe he has a name now yes is adjusting very nicely to Tara’s home and while at Orange County Animal Services she talked with Pio ELISA Chandler and she told us some key things you need to be aware of before you adopt first let’s talk about the adoption process in general adoptions are first come first serve at Orange County Animal Services they upload animals to their website as they come in and typically adoptions are around $55 and include vaccinations microchipping and spay and neuter fees when you find a dog you like you want to make sure you play with the animal outside its kennel their personality may change once they’re let out so you want to get the best picture of what they’re gonna look like at home make sure you watch how the dog interacts with other dogs that’s especially important for people who are already dog owners the shelter does not allow you to bring dogs you already own to meet new ones and if you have kids you want to bring them down to the shelter to meet the dog in the yard so hold on to their hands and introduce them slowly when you get home slow and monitored introductions are best most of those pets are newly spayed and neutered so they’ll need some time to recover after surgery and lastly make sure your pets microchip is updated with your information you can mail the form in or save yourself a stamp and do it all online another thing to remember everyone loves puppies so they tend to go quick and if you can’t adopt the shelter’s always looking for volunteers to play with and help take care of the dogs we have more information on dog adoptions in this Web story on click Orlando comm and guys this is really important because it’s sad when dogs are in the shelter but what’s more sad is when they think they’re getting a shot at going home but then it’s not what you expect when you right in there you know you really want to like check these things out before make sure they’re good with the kids make sure they’re good with other dogs and a lot of the time I told you guys last week they’ll tell you if the dog should be an only dog if it shouldn’t if they get along with other dogs so those are things to look at when you’re considering right you need to listen to that don’t meet the dog so I’m sure it will love my dog or my child yes my hamster whatever listen to what the people who have been around them now yes forget about the cats either their cats are there too and take home Tuesdays tomorrow yes it is have a new puppy you’ll have plenty of new options and we do that every Tuesday so you can check out click or later calm and find yourself a new little friend I love that

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