Here’s How To Know If Your Pet Has Really Bonded With You

It’s a question that has plagued pet owners
for countless generations: “Does my pet really love me?” Well, unless animals suddenly figure out a
way to communicate with humans, then there’s a good chance nobody will ever know the truth. Luckily, however, some experts in the field
of animal behavior have been trying to answer this question themselves. Here’s what they’ve come up with: There are a handful of clear signs that your
dog is into you. First off, there’s eye contact: does your
pup stare deeply into eyes, as if gazing upon their first sunrise? Well, that’s a decent starting point. In the wild, eye contact can be seen as threatening,
but a loving gaze from a dog indicates trust and affection. What’s known as “checking in” is also a positive
sign: when you’re out on a walk or checking out a new place, does your dog keep looking
back at you, as if they’re looking for direction or affirmation? That’s good news for your kinship. Additionally, a classic canine freak out when
you return home is a great sign, as is an ability to chill out when you’re spending
time together. In comparison to dogs, cats are decidedly
more difficult to gauge when it comes to affection. Still, there are a few ways to tell whether
you’re in your furball’s good graces or not, with one in particular standing out above
the rest. Being the little sociopaths that they are,
cats tend to display their love by killing things and leaving them in your house or at
your feet. Why? Well, because your cat sees you as helpless
incapable of slaughtering rodents and birds on your own. It’s trying to help — so you’re welcome. For what it’s worth, a cat exposing its belly
is also an expression of the creature’s love language, but experienced cat owners will
know better than to walk into that particular trap. It can be difficult to know whether or not
your hamster likes you or not, especially since they will probably go their entire life
thinking of you as some kind of blurry sky god that brings them treats. Still, there are some ways to measure the
affection of a hamster. The dead giveaway comes when they come to
your voice when called instead of hiding. On the flip side of the coin, a hamster’s
distaste for someone can be seen when they grimace as a human approaches, or raise their
paws in the air — an indicator that they’re about to throw down. Hard. Whether you’re a nautical scallywag or not,
a parrot can seem like a great choice for an animal companion. But feeling the love with parrots can be tricky,
what with their cold reptilian eyes, predilection towards endless screaming, and habit of enthusiastically
tearing at your tender human flesh. Bonding with a parrot is a complicated process,
but it’s easy to recognize when it finally happens. One sign can be when they start to display
a distinctive call whenever you leave the room. Responding to it completes a cycle of behavior
that they would normally exhibit in the wild when checking in with other members of their
flock. A bonded bird won’t be shy about seeking out
physical affection either, and will try to groom the hair and clothing of the person
it digs the most. Horses have been making friends with humans
for thousands of years, and, to this day, are still beloved by spoiled rich kids around
the world. But how can the next generation of one percenters
tell that they’ve got a prancing, heartstruck stallion — rather than a misanthropic thoroughbred
of indifference? Well, your standard pony will display its
fondness in just the way you’d probably hope: through signs of physical affection. These can include nuzzling, as well as attempting
to lean against you. Even something as simple as turning their
head to face you when you’re in the area can be a sign that your equine companion thinks
you’re the bee’s knees. Yeah, sorry. Your bearded dragon doesn’t love you. Go adopt a labrador or something. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Grunge videos about your favorite
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27 thoughts on “Here’s How To Know If Your Pet Has Really Bonded With You

  1. My daughter’s (recently deceased) cat and her roommate’s bearded dragon were close and affectionate friends. The lizard would snuggle with the cat for warmth and the cat would permit the lizard to ride on her back.

    When the cat died, the bearded dragon would roam the house looking for her friend. She finally passed away herself.

  2. The cat one is sort of dumb. Those are obvious ones. If a cat loves you, they'll groom you (wash your face/hands/whatever they can get to, especially hard to reach spots such as the ears as they do this to show affection towards other cats), they will also knead your clothing or sometimes skin (also called making biscuits) which shows that they are comfortable and calm with you. They will also sleep around you, watch you while you eat, and turn away from you when they sit with you (these show that they've got your back and that they trust you to have theirs). Cats like to mimick their friends, so may just sit next to you rather than on you. This just means you're best buddies and they like to spend time with you. Cats aren't as affectionate as dogs but they do openly show they care if you know how to spot the signs. They also like to rub against you with their cheeks, a way to make you smell like them and prove that you're friends.
    And about the belly rubs, some cats genuinely do enjoy them. I have a cat that absolutely adores having her belly rubbed, and another that only accepts them from me because she knows it's a way of me showing her affection. It just depends on the cat and what they're like. Cat affection varies from breed to breed, and individual to individual. If your cat isn't all that affectionate, them sitting on the same couch or bed is a sign that they adore you, whereas for an affectionate cat it could only mean they tolerate you. Cats have a wide range of temperaments and factors that influence them, so don't be disheartened if your cat doesn't do much to show they love you. Even them staying shows that they at least hold you in some regard. They're not sociopaths and if they didn't enjoy your company they'd leave and go find a new home.

  3. My cat Neno can be almost as affectionate as a dog sometimes. When I take my little one on stroller rides up and down my street in the evenings he will trail along right beside us and follow all the way, up and down, and down and back, almost as if he were a dog on a leash! But def without the leash! Try getting a leash on a kitty…? Yeah right! Anyways, but he even looks after my little one. If he fusses or wakes up and I'm down stairs and doing dishes, kitty will come and meow and meow until momma goes and checks on baby! Also if someone that he's not too familiar with then he will lay himself on the floor between that person and us, and if they get up or move around he gets up with them just to make sure they aren't gonna bother us. He looks like he's saying, " hey if you mess with my human… I'll scratch your eyes out!" And he brings a bunch of mice to us, and I always praise him, even if I want to scream cuz I'm petrified of those nasty things, but better he kills them than me seeing a live on or I'll start screaming and freaking out. So he's doing me a favor in reality! Lol!! But the little booger is stuck with us for about 5 yrs and is and always will be a very important part of my family! I love you Neno the ?!!!

  4. My cat is 18 months, and we moved about a year ago. For the last 6-8 months, if not longer, since we (for now, lol) have no live “vermin”, several times a day, a few times a week, she’ll routinely attack one of her “very ferocious and threatening” toys… then, pick it up in her mouth, drag the fluffy tail bit or attached rod around so it trails behind her as she waltzes back and forth in front of me and/or my husband (if we’re in bed or in the couch) making this bizarre meow/moan that sounds almost “forlorn”. Inevitably, she’ll drop it at our feet or the foot of the bed and stare at us with an unwavering gaze, blinking occasionally (like some kind of kitty “Morse Code”) and meow in our general direction approx every 40 seconds or so, just far more “pointedly” this time. Usually, we’ll play with her, taking it as a sign she wants “praise” and/or stimulation. If we don’t, she’ll continue this whole routine for about 20 minutes or so, until she gets bored and huffs off into solitude, lol…

    She’s a Siberian Forrest Cat, and her breed are fairly active with strong hunting instincts. Oh, and this cat can EAT! She practically jumps onto the table or couch or follows us about meowing or even trying to stick her paw in to investigate whenever we so much as have a snack! If she hears anything that remotely sounds like a “wrapper”, she’ll rush over to the room we’re in immediately, even if she was two rooms away! I think she even recognizes the word “food” – she licks her lips when she hears it, or, when she’s hungry, will just stare up at me and lick her lips until I bust a move. If she has to wait too long than she’d like, her meows of demand can grow pretty loud – homegirl’s got a set of pipes on her!

    I say all this, detail her “quirks”, with great love. She’s honestly been a true blessing in our lives, mine in particular. She’s the most affectionate cat I’ve ever encountered. She loves to cuddle and will splay herself horizontally over my lap daily, enjoying a scratch or a session with “brush brush” (she sheds a lot). She’s like a dog, in regards to her demeanor with attention and food. If she’s been left alone for the day, you can hear her meowing as the door gets unlocked! She then will gleefully perform “figure 8’s” around my legs for a while, purring up a storm, and then follow me, like my little shadow, everywhere I go for at least the next hour.

    She makes me laugh every day. I swear, not to sound psycho, but her eyes are unnerving at times – it’s like she’s a reincarnated loved one or something, she’s definitely not a “normal” cat in the slightest! And I love her, eccentricities and all! ???

  5. I am shookith! My Bearded Dragon loves me! Well one does. The other wants to eat me and gives me the death stare, but I have enough love for them.

  6. My cat would bring me small snakes. He wouldn't kill them. He would just bring them inside and drop them. I think he wanted the snake to kill me.

  7. You have to be a complete psychopath if you can't tell if you're dog or cat likes you. Also, if you can't pet it? It's not a pet. Reptiles are Not pets! They are exhibits.

  8. A word of advice from a fellow cat owner.”You don’t own the cat.The cat owns you.”I have owned cats for 20+ years and I already know that.

  9. Me and my cat are best buddies. We love to wrestle, play the peek behind a corner game as he comes flying around the corner to pounce, he likes to play a chase game where he goes flying around the house. And he always sleeps with me and my girlfriend. Hes a good boi. Likes to collect bottle caps.

  10. My Beardie lays on my chest and nuzzles with my beard, at one time though he would bob his head in domination at the sight of my black beard. The only thing I could figure is that he thought my black beard was threatening. Who knows, not even the most trained person knows the answers to certain questions pertaining to reptiles.

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