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we do a lot of things at earthen arts
we’ve been here for 24 years it’s an amazing resource to the community I
bought the store from my first teacher and High Priestess morning-glory
dragonflies and beautiful and wonderful and my spirit Lama and so what we do
we’ve been John I’ve owned it for 16 years it’s a little bit different things
aren’t prepackaged and ready to go and now all the packaging is the pretty part
it’s the people that are here that are empowering and beautiful amazing so we
offer free herbal consultations to the community because we know we live in a
time where people are really trying to make healthy choices but they don’t have
the resources to do that so now they do especially in the Denver metro area we
have Western medical herbalist be of Western Poker bliss we have midwives
Reiki masters massage therapists we have Chinese herbalist acupuncturist and
while we don’t necessarily have a healing center in the store you can come
in and talk to us about what’s going on at no cost and then we’re going to make
you epi’ tea or an essential oil or a team Cheers something that’s going to
really fit exactly what your needs are to help you feel better help you feel
alive and empowered entity control of your life because every one of us has
the power to heal ourselves without exception we just need the right tools
so that’s one of the special things we do from spiritual healing and spiritual
counseling we do have two row readers and wonderful psychics and astrologers
like most metaphysical stores but every person that works in the store is
someone that you can approach and share with and we spend a lot of time I spend
a lot of time at this counter to hugging people and I’m just letting them release
and do what they need to do and sometimes they buy things and you know
sometimes they don’t and that’s okay it’s okay to just be here is okay to
feel comfortable to bring your dogs your kids can touch everything like please
touch everything you know people freak out oh no
like yes your kids that’s they are going to save the world let’s teach them what
these tools are and what it means and what I know my son walks up to a flower
he says mama it has five petals if it rose the ACA and I’m like I love you
you’re so make of it you know and so we’re here to to teach where nobody’s
guru you know I don’t want to be your therapist I will in a moment because
that’s what we do and I’ll hold you but we want to empower you to find the
information and the tools and to go out and find the skills that you need to
heal yourself the planet and your family so we have 2000 book titles salt like
guys saw thousands of crystals do a lot with crystal healing and then we do a
ton with aromatherapy and everything that we make in the store as far as our
instances are salt in our oils everything’s made according to moon
phase astrological timing is charged with Reiki energy healing grace on the
altar for three days to a year depending on how whiskey we want it to be or
what’s going on you know and then we have a community altar space
not everybody has a place where they can light a candle for themselves or their
family come on in we’ll walk back with you say a prayer
with you and we’ll hold big for you you know the only rule in here is to be nice
to yourself speak to each other to this planet so we take our oils and we take
the crystals and we put crystals in your bottle and we I’ll take empowered women
and accept in some self-love and crystal angels the helps bring clarity of mind
and peace of heart and I’ll blend them together and something that you can wear
you can put in your bath and dress on a candle and I’ll make you a tea that’s
going to help this physical body as well we’re really working physical emotional
spiritual design self and we have classes and workshops and we’re
branching out and we’re doing a lot more of that and we’re working with other
people in the community with their spaces and if you have a special talent
in the Denver area or the metro area bring us your cards bring us your flyers
we have a community board we want people to know what you’re doing because we
might not be the right fit for everybody but we’re going to help you find
somebody that is because that’s that’s why we’re here
right that’s what we do come check us off you

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