Her Parents Left Her Alone With The Family Dogs. When They're Back They're Completely Stunned

thanks first presents her parents left her along with the family dogs when they come back they are completely stunned help us spread the word about facts first by clicking that like button and also be sure to subscribe and click the notification bell so you don't miss our future videos when parents bring their new baby home they often wonder how the dog is going to feel about it in many cases the dog is the only baby in the house until the human baby arrives dogs understand more than you might think – there are many dogs who know right away that the baby is a part of the family these dogs are not only caring when it comes to the new baby but they're often very protective to the family supposed to these photos learned very early on the dogs were more than willing to welcome the new babies to their families number 1 staring at a baby the two dogs in this photo are very curious about the baby in the crib but can't figure out why the baby has no hair number 2 keeping watch this dog wants to be sure his new baby brother is safe and sound while he sleeps what better way to keep watched and taking a nap with the baby number 3 seriously the dog in this photo appears to be completely overwhelmed by the idea of taking care of a baby number 4 this is strange the dog in this photo appears to be a bit uncomfortable sitting so close to the baby in time I hope things will get easier number 5 so cozy this dog didn't just get one new sibling he got to rather than getting upset by the new arrivals he decided to find where he fit in which was right between the babies they her one big happy family now number six he can't stop staring this baby is so adorable that his furry sibling just cannot stop staring this is how new parents are expected back to but not the family dog number seven a soft new friend the dog in this photo found something softer than his pillow he seems to love the new baby number eight big and little this picture is absolutely adorable her parents left her alone with the family dogs when they came back they were completely stunned at this they never expected these two to be snuggling up together number nine napping together when the dog saw the baby sleeping alone on the couch he decided hey I need a nap too what is cuter than this number ten they're both wrinkly you had newborns do tend to be wrinkly but so does the dog in this picture these two are definitely related number 11 leave us alone the dog in this picture is trying to take a nap with the new baby but all mom and dad want to do is take photos of the two together dog got it I'm just trying to take a nap number 12 is he staying the – huggy this photo seems to be a bit confused about this new baby after seeing the baby's t-shirt with the picture of a dog on it we figured out the baby is his new sibling hey maybe we should get a shirt for the dog with a baby on it number 13 things sure have changed the dog in this picture it looks like he has a lot on his mind the baby is fast asleep while the dog tries to grasp the fact that the baby is here to stay number 14 fast friends the baby and the dog in this photo look like they have been friends forever they're gonna have a great life together number 15 snuggling with the new baby simply lying next to the baby wasn't enough for the dog in this picture the dog wanted to snuggle with the baby to make her feel safe and loved too cute number 16 napping together just a few days after the new baby came home this dog already feels comfortable there's nothing cuter than a dog snuggling up beside his new baby sister for a nap as their number 17 loving the new baby this picture is absolutely adorable the dog is 10 times the size of the baby and he's making sure that she's safe number 18 she can stay this dog wasn't all that sure about a new baby when mom and dad brought her home but a few days after meeting this dog couldn't be happier with his new baby sister number 19 kissing this dog loves his new baby sister so much he just can't help but stop and give her a kiss the baby seems pretty impressed with her new sibling – number 20 it's time for a diaper change everybody knows the dogs have a very keen sense of smell that's why the dog realized that the baby needed a change before her mom noticed number 21 napping together this baby went down for a nap and her furry sibling just couldn't help but stare at her soon the dog was fast asleep just like baby number 22 tiny baby tiny puppy these two siblings are very close in age it's great because they can literally grow up together number 23 the baby isn't too sure when a new baby comes home it's often the dog who's not sure about his new sibling in this case though it's the baby who is a bit weary she doesn't seem to know if she likes her new furry sibling or not number 24 this baby is great this dog wasn't too sure about his new sibling at first but after a few hours together this dog fell completely in love he just doesn't want mom and dad to see that yet number 25 protecting his sister his dog wasn't so sure about his new sister but after a few days together he's now sitting by her and protecting her at all times number 26 the greatest photo this picture is absolutely adorable the dog is sleeping the baby's wide-awake these two became fast friends number 27 keeping baby company when mommy's busy cleaning up the house baby can depend on her furry sibling to keep her busy these two are the sweetest number 28 she's so cute I can't stop staring this dog wasn't too sure about the new addition to the family at first but now look at him he can't take his eyes off of her subscribe for more you

33 thoughts on “Her Parents Left Her Alone With The Family Dogs. When They're Back They're Completely Stunned

  1. I didn’t have to review the video. All my children, grandchildren have been watched and the dogs have adopted the children, outright! My dogs have been toy poodles, German shepherds, Brittany’s, pitbulls, and a whole bunch of Heinz 57 breeds. Did I ever leave a cat with the children, not no, but h++l no. Never have trusted a cat my whole life. The children have had cats, but I have never trusted a cat. Oh, great video, thanks for sharing.

  2. "Idk how my dog will feel about my baby so why not leave em alone with them" smh what stupid ppl these days I for one do not trust animals idgaf what it is

  3. I hope that's not true. leaving baby alone with the do.The dog don't know how feed Tha baby or change baby diapers.

  4. Cute pics of babies and dogs don't need a gimmicky video title to get views. Neither do they need explanation of the dog's emotional state and intent. Just cut the narration and show us the pics with the some nice background music.

  5. You guys don't understand I think they went away for some minutes to the other Tommy ugh ppl sometimes don't get it

  6. While I understand this was meant to be cute (& the pictures are), it’s foolish to misrepresent what the dog might be thinking and feeling, in this way. Not only was it straight up incorrect to anyone who knows dog behavior, but it could lead individuals who don’t know any better, to act in ways that are dangerous. Not everyone has the common sense to not leave their child alone with the family pet even when you ARE home, let alone to leave them actually home alone with or without a dog, for any reason. We might think “then these people shouldn’t have children “ but guess what- they do. Don’t make matters worse by giving these people reassurance that this is in anyway okay! Some people out there are dumb enough to believe you. ?
    Instead- just show us the pictures … without the misleading commentary.

  7. I love dogs with all my heart.I feed my dogs first. And I eat after I feed them.
    I would not like to see anybody hurting any of my dogs.

  8. Dogs I trust more than humans
    But leaving a baby alone with dogs or any pets I do not recommend ..

    Babies toddlers can pull tail do other anything annoying hurting ..so reaction can be harmless but can sustain injuries to kids ..

    Its things goes bad , its always pets gets hurt
    Authority will take them n will euthanize ..

    Pls stop leaving your kids alone.
    Specially new babies n todlers ..

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