Summer offers more opportunities to enjoy
the outdoors with your pet. But it also brings hidden dangers that can prove fatal. Keep
your pet safe with these tips. Make your garden pet-friendly. Azaleas can be toxic to dogs
and cats have ingested, and lilies can be fatal to cats. Also, keep plant food out of
reach in your shed or garage. And talk to your vet about which lawn care products are
safest for pets. Keep cookouts safe for pets. Charcoal briquettes should be put out of reach,
as they can get stuck in the stomachs of pets who ingest them, and requires surgery to remove.
And don’t offer your pet human leftovers, which can cause a range of ailments. Don’t
bring your animal to a fireworks display, as the loud noise, flashing lights, and smell
of sulfur can upset him. Fireworks can make your dog sick if they’re ingested, so clean
up your yard after festivities at home. With just a little prevention, your pet will enjoy
a safe, and happy summer.

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