Help Save These Parvo Puppies!…(June 2nd Perfection patch Winners)

hey as many of you out there know I'm doing a little fundraiser right now for fer friends Animal Rescue I am allowing people to donate ten dollars or more every day to fer Friends Animal Rescue and then out of the people that donate each day I'm giving away 10 of my Glock perfection patches and I'm giving them way because I can't sell them so like I said these are going to be very limited very rare can't make any more because of a cease and desist letter well I decided yesterday that if I'm doing this I should probably believe that her friends animal rescue know because I had realized I had not said anything to them yet so I sent them a text message yesterday let them know what I'm doing and she sent me a text message back saying this is perfect timing because before I didn't know this was will be for anything specific I just thought is going to be a general fundraiser for him but right now she said this is a perfect timing because they are trying to rescue eight parvo puppies no no that's not their breed these puppies were born with parvo now for those of you that don't know parvo is a fatal disease for dogs but with proper treatment which can be a little expensive because it requires lots of fluids etc ninety percent survival rate they go on to be completely clean it is completely curable it just takes time effort and unfortunately money so she's gonna use the money from this to help rescue those eight parvo puppies so now our fundraiser has a face in fact it has eight pretty little faces here especially this one look at this one isn't that not cute and this one this one's adorable but you know if I was going to take one of these they're all adorable but if I was going to take one of these properties here it'd probably be this puppy because for certainly this puppy's looking at the camera like yeah I got parvo what of it you know just I like that puppy's attitude so like I said now though our fundraiser has a face and a mission we are going to rescue these eight parvo puppies now a lot of shelters etc if a puppy has parvo they just put them down because they have limited resources that's the sad truth a lot of people out there probably like why bother trying to save puppies that have parvo well I hate to break it to you I'm a kind of person there's a lot of people in this world like human beings that I am aware of that if I was walking down the street and someone on the other side of the street was beating them to death with a frozen mackerel I wouldn't cross the street to stop them but I have never met a puppy in need that I didn't think wasn't worth saving so I'm a firm believer of help every puppy if you ignore one to help another then you're really not doing the best you can do just the way I feel about it so I want these puppies to all survive and if that means only eight of them or only seven of the eight survived it was worth it so this is what we're doing it for now so if you want to go over to tym P pistol project and donate today to be in the running for the 10 patches to be given away today like I said just go over to tym P pistol project com there'd be a link in the upper corner of this video go to that little splash page they'll be able to pop up and you just click on that go over donate $10 or more you're automatically registered or if you don't have the pop up if you've got pop-up blocker or something there's a little window right in the middle that you can donate through like I said ten dollars or more gets you in the running for today's drawing now if you wanna be registered for tomorrow's drawing you have to donate tomorrow but donating today will get you registered for today's drawing and like I say right now we've been running about 50% just under 50% right now of the people that donate get a patch it's probably more than that of people who donate because some people donated multiple days until they won but of the people who donate on a certain day we've been running about 20 to 22 donations a day and I'm giving away 10 patches so that's not bad not bad odds actually it plus it's not about the patch to be honestly it's about saving the puppies so if you want to be registered to win the patch go on over to typ pistol project com donate ten dollars or more and with that being said it's time to announce yesterday's winners and I had to write this out by hand today so I'm hoping I'll be able to read my own handwriting here but X I wrote it really fast as I was selecting names at random okay he's a random generator thing to select random numbers and the lines are numbered so today's winners are Stephen I don't know if that's angel or angle but Stephen angel angle this one I'm pretty sure is not the person's real name computers dude dude dude I hate that word for some reason I use it all the freaking time but I hate it man was when I was a kid that was what was popular hey man that's what was pop sir now it's dude my kids call my freaking dude don't know why I'm ranting about that ah Tim I don't know it looks like falafel to me but it's Fossum Olive MLG I'm sure you know that's you Andrew esker Benjamin all be Jeff Patterson wife in relation to Pat Patterson you know w w Pat Patterson mr. Feeley hands of the WWE world or uncle feely hands I'm sure as they like to call him Matthew mcCluggage that's a weird name sounds like you bought your suitcase at McDonald's David windy everyone knows it's windy I wonder how many people here old enough to get that reference Sarah cash murus has murasky some Russian name another woman that's surprising another woman women don't watch my channel I don't know although I was bad with that last name that's probably not really a woman that's probably an old Russian man dressed as a woman to infiltrate our government or whatever I don't know what they're over here doing but I wouldn't try keep an eye on oh that's just a shave a lot and finally Joseph Chu so those are the 10 winners from yesterday which was the second which was also every second matters day but so those are the winners from yesterday if you are one of the chosen winners send me an email with the subject line perfection patch and in it just type your address not a paragraph that has your address in it somewhere just your address like you were filling it out on a return envelope or something so go ahead and do that we'll get the patches out to you ASAP probably be at the end of this thing on if I don't know if G webs is going to mail them as I give them to him or if he's going to wait to the very end to mail them but either way the idiot is on the 8th so it's only like five days away so not a big difference so those are the 10 winners for yesterday if you want to be registered to be a winner for today or you just want to help these adorable little puppies for so en you want to go over and donate the fur friends animal rescue just to save the puppies that's great but you also get a chance to win a patch so if you want to be in the running for today's patches go on over and donate before midnight tonight

33 thoughts on “Help Save These Parvo Puppies!…(June 2nd Perfection patch Winners)

  1. Yankee, Bitcoin address brother! Cryptocurrency people are very generous…. perfect way to send an anonymous donation.

  2. Just when i think you cant get any dumber you go and do something like this, and totally redeem yourself!!!!!!!!

  3. My pup had parvo, we saved him with medication and time. It was touch and go for a while. I wish we hadn't bothered, I hate that dog, he's such an ass. My last two dogs were class acts, best dogs ever. Maybe I'm being punished. Those pups look cute. Sad to see dogs sick.

  4. I sent U $50 4 Ruthie so happy she is out of pain, Ill send U $25 4 the Parvo pups if you mach me down here in Austin tx to Austin Humane Society in my name. Deal? TOM BONNELL.

  5. I fostered some puppies and one of them got parvovirus a couple of days after I brought them home I forced liquids and watered food down his throats and saved his little life. Cute German short-hair pointer!

  6. At the Animal Hospital that I work at (Animal Hospital of Huntington Beach) we treat the Animals from multiple Rescue Groups and believe me it is very expensive, so please help theses Pups if you can

  7. We got our corgi from a breeder in Dallas that turned out to be a puppy mill and she had parvo when we got her. Luckily our vet was able to save her and aside from the sickness stunting her growth she is perfectly healthy now. We also reported that breeder and got them shut down. I'm so glad the money is going to help save those poor babies.

  8. Thank you for helping the puppies most people could care if they live or die god bless you and the pups ?

  9. Now if people would just get their damn dogs vaccinated against parvo to begin with they wouldn't have this problem.

  10. We have an outbreak of parvovirus in east Washington and I lost 3 saved 2. Very expensive and it's not easy to cure. Very mean virus.
    Alot like Ebola just saying.

  11. My wife (Sarah Kasmierski) is most definitely a real woman and not a russian man lol. We both had a good laugh cause although people destroy our name all the time, that's the first time I've heard that one. Not that you'll ever have to say it again but it's pronounced "Kaz-Meer-Skee".

  12. Can one of y’all loan me $10 to donate? Or make a donation in my name ? I’d pay you back ?‍♂️

  13. Did you get a cease and desist from Glock, or Kool Aid? Because I can’t for the life of me see how Glock copyrighted the image of the most prolific handgun on the planet, or the word perfection, but I’m not a lawyer either so..

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