Help rescue dogs find their forever home this National Adoption Day

A pets personality or temperament is a
combination of their genetics their prior learning (or prior experiences) but
also the current environment. So breed can play a role in personality and
temperament. So, for example, pointing and herding – what research shows is that
personality can vary as much within a breed as it can between breeds, so we
know that an individual animal’s prior learning and experience plays a really
significant role in the development of their personality. False breed
stereotypes can be quite damaging to rescue pets and that’s because they can
make some people much less likely to adopt pets of those breed or bread type
and research has actually shown that even a brief exposure to negative information
can influence perceptions. So these sorts of perceptions can result in some dogs
spending longer in the shelter or a pound environment before they’re adopted and
sometimes even not being able to find new homes. so as part of my PhD research I looked at public perceptions of shelter dogs particularly and some of
the interesting findings that came out of my research were that, of people who
had recently adopted a rescue pet, the majority of these people felt that the
adoption process was a really positive experience. They considered their new
rescue dog as a member of their family, they said that they would adopt again in
the future and that their new rescue dog had met their expectations. So in general,
people had really positive things to say about rescue dogs. So in a new pet, some
things to look for are considering the needs of the pet. So if you’re really
busy and you don’t have a lot of extra time, maybe choose a pet that hasn’t got
a high requirement for grooming regularly. Also think about if you have
existing pets it’s important to choose a new pet that already gets along with the
types of pets that you have at home and also keep in mind that not all
big dogs are suitable for apartment living and not all small dogs are great
with kids. It’s super important to look at the individual that you’re looking to
adopt and see how it’s going to fit in with your current situation. So I’d
really encourage people to consider adoption if they’re looking for their
new family member. Some of the benefits of adoption are that you can go in and
spend time with your potential new family member. You can get to know them and you can see if they’re going to make that right fit with your family .When we
adopted Lenny he wasn’t necessarily the kind of dog that I would have thought
was the perfect fit for us but after spending lots of time with him he just
kept ticking all the boxes and it turns out that he was. So to learn more about
adoption I’d encourage everybody to attend their local PETstock on February
9th for the National Pet Adoption Day where you might be able to meet your new family member.

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