Help! My Cat Wakes Me Up To Eat

I have a problem with my young neutered tuxedo cat I added wet food to his diet and now he wakes me up at 6am to feed him
how can I stop this behavior okay I’m not gonna pretend like this is
easy this is tricky training katz’s he can be tricky but you
can’t do it here’s what I would recommend 1 we need to stop the behavior and this can be really tricky cuz here’s
what happens on cats can wake you up at six o’clock in the morning cuz they
won’t get fed and you say no and the next day saying
no and after that you just can’t take it to you get up and feed them that really enforces the behavior
because it teaches them to be persistent because it might take effort but
ultimately they will make you wake up so that’s really hard we got a break the habit that means i gotta not do it I also need to adjust
the bedtime routine to try to make it so that they’re not so aggressive in the
morning think about feeding dinner moving it
later in the evening may be splitting dinner into a couple
meals and and feeding right before bed so we’re not increasing the calories that I don’t want to increase the food amounts but we may be able to get them fed
right before bed I would also work on exercising getting them to play getting them to hunt getting them to wear themselves out there a bit more tired hopefully that will make them sleep a
little bit later and be a little less hungry when they wake up and that will allow us to resist this
push that they put on to try to get you to get think them the
other thing to know is when you start to resist it’s going to
get worse before it gets better they will see this and they will push
harder to try to get you to take on that behavior and then if you
can push through that you can start to break them up the habit and push it back but know it’s going to be
difficult battle the easiest thing is just start it ahead of time
time when your cast are pushing for earlier breakfast it and pushed back if it never happens
then they will give up if it happens every now and then you’re
just encouraging them to try harder. What else you got? Just how far
would you go for a Klondike bar its 3,620 miles from here to Klondike alaska I would go there and
go to a tavern because that would be a Klondike bar

8 thoughts on “Help! My Cat Wakes Me Up To Eat

  1. I wake up at 6 to get ready for school and my cat waits by my lamp everytime. The days I dont wake up at 6 he wakes me up at 6:30. I get mad at first but then I realize he's hungry so I feed and pet him. He's just so darn cute!

    I'm a slave to my cat!!

  2. They are also very routine animals so if you're someone that gets up early everyday for work/school and that's when they get fed then they will expect it on Saturday and Sunday also. Mine is spoiled rotten and totally my baby so I just get up and feed him and then lay back down if I want. Haha! ?

  3. My cat has gotten into the habit of clawing at my arm whenever I don't wake him up to feed him. sigh I guess 5:00 am is a good time to wake up. 😐 I'll feed him later.

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