Hello Neighbor in Real Life!!! Squishy Scavenger Hunt Game in Huge Box Fort Maze!

we're doing home neighbor hello you have to try and grab stuff bring it with you and if you're here I'm coming we're gonna play hello neighbor in our giant box fort we got a surprise for you guys okay so for this hello neighbor girls the hello neighbor has hidden three squishies and we have got to find all three squishies okay okay whose team is who's gonna be on my team All Right girls you ready okay okay okay Trinity so are we gonna win yes could our hurry and find great stuff all right so we're really not against mom and Maternity we're just this is our camera team yeah we got to go find those squishies okay and I can't let the hello never find us okay I'm gonna videotape you all right Madison ready for this yeah what Oh guys like they said this but with her around they should keeps her on a giant T right guys oh yeah don't let hello neighbor find you birthdays let's go out the boys chuckle week under the ground okay so let's go find squishy okay not be very quiet we have to go find our species I sneak past him we hide clearly quick [Applause] Trinity and I got strawberry pizza except with pepperoni there's only one more left to find but Dad mmm found on today yeah let's go I think should be scared of this a lot deeper so you go in understand you so we can win the game train me okay hey we got all the squeegees one catch either that's it I find girl yeah thanks hey hey we won you can come out sure okay we already got all three squishies so we won okay okay Madison's John ago Paul his mask off and see who that is you're just scared train yes do it do it let's see you dare do it I think you're trying to tell Clara not us guys hmm these girls are too afraid of hello neighbor he is scary have you never seen a hello neighbor like that no yes Gary have you guys ever seen a hello neighbor like that if you have tells them comments but you haven't okay Trin you just trust yourself and go for it listen hey can you protect the squishies for us you can do it okay right chin go he's like pointing at me like you know bus go just go pull his face off be brave stay wild brave hey wild go get him train it grab it grab it what yeah Oh Jason did you think it was real hello neighbor you did go be sneaking around in his house trying to find his squishies yeah what do you think about this train was that a good game yes should do it again uh-huh who should be hello neighbor next well you're too little sorry me or mom dad all right Carol it's okay you have to try oh I'm gonna get you medicine no all right I'm gonna be hella neighbor and I'm gonna hide these things really good gonna be gonna be dad can't tell him who it's gonna be well we can we I think we already told him to Christ it is daddy so if we any skirts that we find are gonna get put in the treasure chest at a time you need to bring back to the treasure chest before you can go find another one okay so I'll be ready yep mmm why are you scared because I like it we know it's daddy no hon let's go check me from in okay here let me a help open the door first are you holding my hand because you're scared alright do we see him oh I see turn the tide in here Wow that was close he was trying to catch us anything in there right down there don't run off volume cause that door across the door My Kitchen trap okay he's leaving the kitchen let's go let's go to the kitchen the kitchen okay okay here look in here stay hidden stated they're making a lot of noise out there maybe he'll go find them look for squishy as well he's not in here listen there's an upcoming trinny almost got in there oh you see no no thumbs up yeah yeah girl you want to try this okay here ready all right Judith no Helen aber are you going home oh hello neighbor yeah I'll be scary I'll make you a deal yes 1 million views on this video rubella got crazy scary I'm a little scary too yep yeah hey so who do you think found the back squishy did hello neighbor do a good job party though yeah yeah dad did a better job fighting them yep nice how it oh you're like fucking this here is you know cases my channel bye

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