Hello Neighbor in Real Life! Smashers Toy Scavenger Hunt! Throws Toys in Our Pool!!!

what's up you guys today I'm sorry to do this to you but we got to do another hello neighbor video I'll show you why in just a second but would usually wait like four or five days before the neighbors but we're gonna do a pool is lobby video today but we can't let me show you why okay let's go girls this is what we came home to you guys we just came home why is there something on the door that it says thanks for leaving the house a lot it gave me time to smash a few things from the neighbor oh no yeah we are in a glass house so yeah the owners gonna be mad I think that's all the plan let's get in there and find out yeah okay Casey's here still did you see him anywhere did you the coaches please up let's go in I guess we have to go in the garage was that it's a Smasher wait a minute don't zoom in oh it's a Smasher toy girls dudes that means he didn't smash all our windows we got toys you guys he didn't smash any of our windows looks like everything still intact but he did leave us some smashing toys so that's cool let's go find him okay we gotta find another way in in case how they were sir smashers Oh what do you think messin are these cool toys Charlie respect we haven't even had these toys here huh please level the toilet let's go find some more okay let's go down here anything in there counters okay look for clues passing so we've got two smashers out in the bird cage how's that go again how about we go no it's for your squirrels I don't know what these girls are doing I think you guys are gonna give it away that we're here okay how doesn't me just do quiet shift Oh was he doing what you doing it's like tanning oh you guys see sauce okay neighbor just went over here so let's go this way let's go let's find it after this person why girl see nothing Georgia boy what I don't see nothing tree no what did you see doctor we didn't do Oh [Applause] [Applause] so we've got we saw him drop something over there I can't I'm gonna go to the other side and see if I can see it over here it's something read me see what it is I can't tell but it is read it looks like there's something else in the back of it yeah someone has to go get it well that you have to go get it why me oh thank you dive how's the mermaid guy I'm gonna go get it no I'm already ready I don't know what's up my hair yeah but it took me like hours to do this there's a neighbor okay ready you sitting there watching this guessing okay ready for this let's go something's holding it down like you filled it with rocks or something kadriye cracks you don't wait okay we put rocks in the bottom of this thing rock what if the smashers that's why I'd put it in a baguette so hits seek at the bottom it's crazy we got another one guys it's a little bit for my goodness that was crazy you guys but now we gotta go back inside see if we can find the rest of our toys let's go girls it's a Pokemon who wants to have a Pokemon swashing me what all about instead of turn it on we just get this thing out of here pokémon Charmander I love this little guy I'm gonna take care of you forever yeah how we checked all the way what is it nothing look girls he's leaving keep going I think so he's going my neighbor my neighbor let's go something over yeah alright guys we got the neighbor out of the house we're gonna go up with some of these toys so we'll see you on the inside I've tried on all right guys I've got some toys there's little learning like a calendar Katzenberg no one thanks go so yeah I don't even know what that thing is I don't know if that's calibrated I don't know what that is because there's not a 14th month so no that one is down to football that is some like pancake guy I don't know and that's a dude in a shoe all right and I got this guy got a putz head on the tail trim put that one together dad thinks right we got a Charmander okay well guys we had fun with all these smashing toys you guys if you've ever gotten a smashers toy and you putting them back together let me know down in the comments and I'll see if it's fashions again I guess she's better at smashing stuff than me well guys I hope you liked our hello neighbor in real life sure and it was super fun and a little whatever it is Komodo guy

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